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Modular is the market leader in providing powerful information management solutions to meet the needs of both open pit and underground mining operations worldwide. Avoca Resources announced that it commenced placing cemented tailings (paste) into underground stopes at its Trident mine, Western Australia’s third largest underground gold mine, following the successful construction and commissioning of its paste plant. All too often, a mining agreement that is vital to a country’s development and that will boost economic opportunity and job creation is an occasion for vilification by NGOs. Ventilation has always been a concern in underground mines.  For many years, there was very little understanding of how ventilation could be used to remove harmful contaminants from the air, or how to control airflow and isolate worked-out areas. Today, ventilation schemes typically consist of a complex network of open and sealed areas that provide fresh air to working faces while pushing dusty and gaseous air out of the mine. In addition to the new 3-day cure for Tekseal®, Minova also unveiled new packaging that allows bulk handling of its standard-setting Tekseal® products. The new Minova bulk bags, constructed of a reinforced nylon material with a heavy-duty plastic liner, are tear- and water-resistant.
The company has developed comprehensive documentation for the 3-day cure for Tekseal® and new bulk packaging systems.
TM, designed to enhance mine site safety.  The system was developed after extensive research by Caterpillar showed that 70% of haulage truck accidents at mine sites occur during initial machine startup and low speed movement. The system has been purpose-built to integrate with Cat large mining trucks-models 785, 789, 793 and 797-and is intended to aid an operator when starting to move a truck and during low speed maneuvering. Using a combination of short range radars, medium range radars and four cameras, the system monitors and shows the operator the areas immediately around the truck. Unlike basic camera systems, the Cat Integrated Object Detection System provides the operator with multiple types of warnings, both audible and visual. The system is wholly contained on the machine and does not require any off-board infrastructure. Of course radar detects both moving and still objects, and camera views are available at all times.
The Cat Integrated Object Detection System will be available for many current models of large mining trucks in early 2010. I'm sure someone mentioned using coroggated card from a craft shop to do a shed roof..scale was pretty good apparently ? Or to reply to an individual post, or to include images, attachments and formatted text,click the Quote or Reply buttons on each post above. I started coupling N gauge rolling stock using `experimental' home made hooks & fine chain to give a more prototypical look to some of my goods stock without chunky `standard' couplings filling the gaps between & below the wagons. I purchase the coupling chains as a 1 Metre length which is already chemically blackened and very close to scale. I am looking into the possibilities of mechanical and electro-magnetic means of controlled uncoupling of chain link couplings, my findings will be added here `as they happen'. I have already fitted most of my locomotives with chain couplings on the front bufferbeam, retaining the standard coupling on the rear, this will allow both standard and converted chain linked wagons to be hauled by each locomotive. For further information on Scale Link couplings and other detailing goodies currently available in N gauge contact Maurice Pearce at Osborn's Models. The loco area is to be all rebuilt with an ash pit, coal stage etc & the track re-ballasted with ash. Apart from what must be a very steep gradient on the branch down to the docks I DO like that layout plan and look forward to seeing it develop.

A view showing a 57xx pannier tank behind the small coaling stage next to the concrete surface of the goods yard. I have fitted the small tension lock couplings to some Ratio kits that had three link couplings, not a practical proposition with my eyes. 48xx no 4869 and a second hand B set with repainted very dark grey roofs and the bogies painted a very dark grey with a little brown colour added. BR class 3 standard with second hand con flat container wagon this would be the late fifties. I have just completed the excellent Metcalfe card kit of Bradford on Avon station building, it's not the main building but the one on the west side to Bath. I think these are a most attractive locomotive and can remember seeing them working empty carriage stock into Paddington Station on a spotting trip when I was a lad.
I treated myself to a model I have long admired and rather fancied for working on the plank.
It was at the Hemel Hempstead show I did some time ago with Two Sister's Farm and it was on a second hand stall at a bargain price. On Sunday morning I cleaned the wheels and found that under the grime the wheel treads look as if the model has not had a lot of use.
However, World Growth International and World Growth Mongolia are clearly NGOs of a different cut - NGOs with people at the forefront of their considerations and with no hidden agendas. But even in the most controlled environments, mined-out areas continue to generate dangerous methane gases.  Continuous ventilation of these areas can strain fan systems and is not practical for continuously monitoring mines in operation for 30 years or more. The bulk bags can be placed above the placer unit to provide material previously contained in individual 45-lb bags. The radar information is processed by a new on-board touch screen display, which alerts the operator with a visual indication followed by an audible alarm if the truck is put into gear.
Three different levels of alarms indicate the proximity of an object or the urgency of taking action to avoid an object.
The system is scalable, allowing miners to start with just the four cameras and add radars later. Additionally, any critical zone warning that has not been acknowledged will trigger an audible alarm.
Radars used include both short range radars, which detect objects as far away as 23 feet (7 meters), and medium range radars, which have a range of 66 feet (20 meters). This cost approximately 40 pence per wagon and worked well, but I had to use 5 links instead of the prototypical 3 links used by the real railways. I cut each 4th link of the chain to produce 3-link coupling chains, these are simply hooked onto each wagon and fixed by applying a small amount of slow setting super glue on the end of a track pin to the bottom inside face of the coupling hook, dropping the chain in and lightly pushing the chain into place with a cocktail stick or track pin. The locos have a `Scale Link' coupling hook fitted with a screw coupling hanging from it (swinging freely).
Repairing that missing chunk should be no problem, from the looks of what you have accomplished already. The top layer is an oversize piece of card placed face down on the track that has a coat of acrylic paint on the rail top. It is pretty large and fills my small platform very well, it gives the passengers protection from the rain as they get into the carriages as well.
The locomotive is a Bachmann class 8 0-6-0 shunter again seen shortly before the line's closure.

The stall holder ran it for me, it didn't run very well, but as it was a low price I bought it. I cleaned out the perished traction tyres, they are not needed as it will only be pulling a single box van or horse box. These two have applauded the Government of Mongolia for signing a landmark mining agreement to develop Oyu Tolgoi. A display screen in the cab provides visual confirmation of the objects detected by radar, which enables the operator to make informed decisions when moving a truck. When the audible alarm is active the camera view will switch automatically to the zone that has a detected object.
I was then told of proper etched brass scale coupling hooks & dummy screw couplings by Maurice Pearce, I purchased one fret (70 hooks & 70 screw-couplings) of `Scale Link' couplings (SNF030) for a little over 5 pounds and a 1 metre length of `near to scale' chain for just over 3 pounds from Maurice. Using slow setting super glue allows time for positioning of small detail parts before the glue `takes hold'.
The screw couplings are purely aesthetic as all chain coupled stock have 3 links of fine chain with which to make the connection for hauling the train. With gentle pressure downwards the paint marks the rail edges and the card is cut to the inside mark. With one brake end coach of the B set one can run a short mixed train, as with the real thing into the early 1960's.
The GWR pagoda has been moved to the end of the platform, neither building is glued down but merely resting temporarily. I also removed the body and did a thorough lube job on the motor and bogies and re tested it again. The system is integrated with VIMSTM and other on-board computers, enabling it to switch into camera-only mode when the machine travels beyond 66 feet (20 meters). In the event of multiple objects, the camera view will toggle between camera views in zones with objects. These have made a vast improvement to the look of the vehicles & locomotives I have converted so far, and only cost a few pence more than my `home made' couplings which did work but looked far to `chunky' I think I'll use the home made ones on my OO models instead. I have retained two locomotives with standard couplings on both ends for workings requiring the loco to `run round' a train of `standard coupled' stock.
A Minova bulk bag contains the equivalent of a full pallet of individual bags and requires no manual handling.  An added safety feature is the significant reduction in airborne dust and waste material handling. The chains on `old stock' are also brushed over with a couple of different shades of brown acrylic to simulate rust, which will come off as the couplings are used, so the most used wagons will simply have more black chain showing than those that have been on less workings. Once I get the controlled uncoupling hooks working I will be able to haul a train with chains to its destination, Uncouple the chain link coupling and run the loco round it's train, using the standard coupling to re-couple to train, using the standard coupling for hauling the train on its return journey back to the `fiddle yard' where I will `run the loco round' it's train again and manualy recouple the loco on the Chain coupled end of the train ready for it's next working.
The Minova bulk system also reduces the time and labor required to install a seal and helps to ensure a consistent mix.

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