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Best of all are the construction photos at the end – you can see how it did it from start to finish. LIKED THE MULTI-LEVEL RAIL-ROAD I USED THIS METHOD TOO AT TIMES, GIVES MODELER OPTION TO HOLD GRADUAL GRADE WITH-OUT MAKING A BUNCH OF PIERS TO MAKE THE GRADE THE PROPER AMOUNT, CUT THROUGH FOR WATER-WAYS AND MAINTAIN A CONSTANT WATER LEVEL. This is a beautiful layout which reminds me of my own multilevel layout complete with tunnels. Do not make the same mistake that I made on mine and my friends made on three other large layouts. I am limited to a 2×6 layout for shifting am always watching how you handle small areas .
My first try I did some reading and unfortunately found too many references to 4 (and higher) percentage grades. The Big Boys were made to single-head Sherman Hill, the big climb in Wyoming for the UP, with 100-car drag freight consists.
Raton Pass, built near the original Santa Fe wagon trail, hit 3.3% on the early switchback route before they tunneled through the mountain. Cajon Pass in southern California maxes for a few miles at 3%, the newer segments were lowered to 2.2. Unless your layout is tiny enough that tiny trains are all you can run anyway, you’ll be much happier with your options if you keep the grade to 2. On a layout I built for my son we had a grade of about 1 in 30 which I guess is just over 3% and that was no problem in itself, but some diecast-bodied locos did have an issue with the transition onto the grade, with the pony truck flanges shorting out to the cab floor briefly. The steepest prototype main-line grade in the UK is the Lickey incline west of Birmingham, which is mostly 1 in 38 and most trains needed at least one banking (helper) loco added, and still do occasionally. Well done you – being a bit too British here but would probably like a bit more track and less scenery but then we don’t quite have the open spaces you transatlantic cousins do! PETERSBURG FL Scale Model sandbag Bridges Model alike many little boys I got my first gear model check set for Christmas. The layout is accommodated in a hot which I designed and built and erected at the bottom of the garden. As you can see in some of the new pictures here it is built more as a diorama using hardboard for the valances on the top and the bottom which were then painted matt black. The canal and river are just the varnish poured from the tin and done in Blair’s letting it then more varnish added as required in between small amounts of grassy flock was added between some of the layers to simulate weeds under the water, it was brushed lightly to give the impression of the direction of flow of the water, let dry then more varnish added as required. The whole layout is illuminated by fluorescent tubes hidden behind the upper pelmets and these are of different light valuables, for instance Sowerby Bridge was always a gloomy industrial town so that is the lighting effect I have tried to replicate.
For those of you who live in this area of West Yorkshire you will recognise the steep hillsides of Hebden Bridge with the one up one down houses and the canal is the Huddersfield narrow canal at tunnel end near Marsden outside Huddersfield where the canal goes into a long tunnel alongside the railway beneath the Pennine hills. Finally I would be glad to hear if anyone knows how you can produce backdrops says 6 feet long by 1 foot high of pictures all joined together on the computer and printed out as I would like to improve my own and do them a bit more professionally if possible.

I’d really like to know how you did this, for example do you mean you cut A4 sheets from wallpaper lining paper? Thanks George, I find it is much more realistic at eye level and another advantage is when the grandchilden come to”play” they can`t reach it, might be an blessing for some! Years on OWEN I have just picked up your query regarding a track plan for my layout in West Yorkshire (Sowerby Bridge). On a day when the clouds are drifting by, shoot a lengthy video of passing clouds moving right-to-left or left-to-right.
I think a diagram of the track plans for your articles would be helpful in appreciating the photos. If you want to build 4% gradients (which steam locos’ll still climb OK without skiddng wheels) fine, but the consensus of opinion amongst the Brit writers is that the layout will not be prototypical and look more suited to toy! I was able to sort this out by cutting a clearance into the underside of the floor with a woodruff cutter in a minidrill and lining it with thin Plasticard, but if you have treasured locos I suggest you check how long a transition they need to start onto a climb before building. I’m not sure what scale this would be but Fiskar, a Swedish, I think, company makes a corrugator for scrapbooking. I think going away over to my grandparents house on Christmas morning and in that respect on the dining put off was an holmium scale model train set model train bridge.
I watched with childish mirth Eastern Samoa the slight interpretation steam engine pulled a short string of freight cars up over and around a physique 8 molded layout of track. Lewis Model railway Bridge Construction Book of the Prophet Daniel Frederick Carleton Lewis Pinellas County Florida ST.
It is fully winterised with 2 inches thick of insulation and the offcuts were saved and used to make the scenery even so it was -9°C last winter inside. Another way of showing depth in the scenery is to use N gauge people or animals on the distant hills where appropriate.
Another scene you might recognise is that behind the row of houses and shops is the village of East Morton and the town of Keighley beyond with the Bronte moors and hills behind.
When standing back from the layout a short distance you cant see the “roof” although I did put a roof on it is carefully `clouded` with to give the effect of a clouded sky especially over Sowerby Bridge! Regarding printing the back scenes I cut them A3 size from lining paper which you paste on a wall before the wallpaper is added. I am interested in building something in the same foot print and would love to see your design to help me with mine. Fortuitous everyone I discovered your web blog by accident, and I’m amazed precisely why this particular incident would not happened earlier! I’m in phase 1 of building my layour after 50 years since I first got a model train as a 6 year old. In that respect wasn’t whatsoever free space inward our house to set up a perm HO scale mannikin gearing layout so my aim set was.

Deuce-ace Rail individual Track Girder Bridge Atlas O scurf MT FEATURES INCLUDE Die regorge girders and track supports model train bridge. I then printed them from the computer on an A3 printer which when you buy a roll from the decorators shop is quite thick and absorbant so it mutes the colours when you print on it and gives a nice feeling of the scenary in recession. So please build them modular so that they can be taken apart if you have to move at some time.
Any chance that Micheal could share some insight on how to do them and what material was used, any photo would be also extremely helpful.
Second Earl of Guilford Eastern Scale Models atomic number 7 30032 Single couplet Arched Railroad Bridge Kit northwards Eastern Scale Models N 30033 dual dyad Arched Railroad Bridge Kit.
All four corners have a large radius and hardboard has been used for mounting the back scenes I printed out on the computer using wallpaper backing paper.
However as Larry has kindly pointed out it would be far neater and easier to have something like this done on professional machinary and I do remember that a lady in England used to advertise this service for railway modellers on the internet but she suddenly vanished without trace! If your transition line includes buildings, passing clouds will add interest to these as well. Highly detailed Accurately elaborated bridge Grand Central Gems provides exemplary train accessories the like model bridges. You just sent her your pictures for your back scene and she would carefully stitch them together into one long panorama.
I find that to be a great motivator: seeing how wonderful the end result can be when all I have is bare pieces of wood to show for my effort.
Back to my method, I printed each sheet with slight overlap and trimmed them accurately before then sticking them with wallpaper paste to the hardboard.
It would be a real shame to cut up such an excellent piece of artistry if it had to be moved. Since 1994 Hunterline has been creating high quality wooden theoretical account kits for novice and expert scurf train hobbyists all crosswise Frederick North research our line. I kept getting new ideas, and ripping things apart and rebuilding in different configurations.
If you let others influence your decisions you will never be happy with the results”.

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