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Model Buildings in Software Form that can be printed out and built up to 3d model buildings.
Model railway track plans, reviews, tips and techniques for creating the best model railway layouts. Here we run through the various options, and point to some great places to get free buildings, as well as list some handy model making accessories. Scalescenes downloadable kits are a great alternative, but you will have to supply your own cardboard.
Another good source of free downloadable card models is the Wordsworth Model Railway collection. There are a number of useful things that you will need, whether scratch-building, building from card kits or building plastic kits.
Pictured here is the Humbrol Workstation, which is a moulded tray with space for paints and glue. There’s also a smaller tool set, that has fewer items, which would also serve a beginner.

Finally, it’s always worth having a collection of weathering powders on hand to touch up and personalise the buildings. For more information, there are some interesting videos on YouTube that show various ways of making model railway buildings; from scratch built to card and plastic kits. Model Buildings have many uses Model railways, Wargaming, Model Villages,or simple as a created pastime for both adults and children. The advantage of card kits is that they tend to be pre-painted and pre-weathered, and can be substantially cheaper than the equivalent plastic kits. The latter is a concern for modelers building an exhibition layout; card built models will take less abuse than plastic ones!
If you would like to test them out, they also have some free models (Low Relief Warehouse, for example).
On a personal note, I like to use Metcalfe for the buildings, Dapol and Ratio for the lineside stuff, and Knightwing for things like walkways and finishing off interiors.
It is designed to be used with a self-sealing cutting mat, and provides a great way to make sure that you don’t lose anything.

The cutting mat is a must-have, and while any A4 mat will fit, I like the Humbrol ones, as they have a good collection of reference information on them. Don’t forget to also use a fixer to make the powder stick, and consider an airbrush to apply an even coat of paint as a base colour when building plastic kits.
For a list of recommended kits, we also put together an alternative to the kits provided as part of the Your Model Railway Village magazine collection.
The book goes through the entire process from measuring the prototype through to choosing the right material for building the model. For example, there are rulers in the major modelling scales, which are very useful when scratch-building models. Pdf files keep a constant size when printed which keeps the scale where ever it is printed.

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