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Ron is watching closely as Chris backs the NAR SD38-2 onto a string of Glycol cars at the new facility located at the south end of Shelby yard.
Great to see pictures of the OP session but as mentioned a video would be even better!  Thanks for sharing. Is that Charlie and Joe have us hooked on good ops session videos - so naturally we want to see all the ops sessions we can. To Tom Pollock , those mine cars are available in N scale , I brought a set earlier this year on ebay , they were listed as HON3 , i hadn’t read the listing well enough when I bid and was looking for the ON30 mine cars . A warning to Deano and anybody else thinking of using fibro sheeting for any purpose, don’t go near the stuff its dangerous.
Update: The construction of our new railway and club news can now be followed at the Nottawasaga Model Railway Club. This is a heritage site and a pioneer-type village with loads of regional artifacts and equipment. Throughout the winter months work progressed steadily to make the new clubhouse fit for use. During the winter of 2014 we used Brad Lebeck's workshop for maintenance on our travelling layout modules.
Brad has been leading the way in adding animation to the layout that can be operated by pushing buttons on the fascia. We have also attending the GNE Craft Sale to showcase out club to residents of Collingwood and Wasaga Beach. I took a short video of the action on the new modules to show the working signals and coal mine complex. We were evicted from our clubhouse because the United Church in Wasaga Beach was rebuilding and had taken back its portable building. Unfortunately much of this work was to no avail because these sections of the layout would be discarded when we moved to Bygone Days Farm in 2015. Our annual train auction was again held in Stayner at the United Church on the first Saturday in May. The Club builds and owns a modular layout that we take to train shows throughout central Ontario. The new module adds 4 feet to the length of the show setup making the overall length 30 feet. Scenery and ballasting weren't done until we made sure the track arrangement served our purposes at shows. Here's the schematic of the previous club layout that had more modules than the ones we took to train shows. The NMR members, some of whom are also CARM members, guided the guests through an operations session. We also hold our annual model railroad auction on the first Saturday in May in Stayner, Ontario at St. This is a great time to pick up bargains and to sell your own, unwanted model railroad items. Member John Houghton is building an N scale layout and is experimenting with interfacing JMRI software through his Macs to his layout.He has already made amazing progress. Brad brought out his antique steam tractor to steam the corn at the Club's annual barbecue. The taste of the corn cooked this way is outstanding and it's lots of fun to watch the steam tractor. The fan is just for demo purposes although Paul and Michelle Bailey's young son loved standing in front of it and being blown over. The evening concludes with sparking fireworks when Brad loads up the fire with wood chips and revs up the engine. You can see in the photo how the track runs in the city street between the factories and the upper street in front of the backdrop.
Brad Lebeck hosted our annual corn roast and again fired up his steam tractor to steam the corn. Brad hasn't had time to complete his town and agricultural scenes but they are coming along nicely.

John Houghton took on the project of designing the circuits for signals on the new end modules and has built the cantilever signals using some kits as a starting point. Signalling is needed because a backdrop divider obstructs a view of both sides of the layout.
Here's a pdf explaining the signal aspects and the complete technical documentation with all the schematics and Arduino software code for the construction of the electronics for NMRC signalling operations. If you are curious about the Internet, social media like Facebook and Twitter, and want to know more about what's going on in the wide, wide world up in the clouds, and especially if you have any desire to do something for yourself, I urge you to take a little time to watch the video below. I am an ex scale aeromodeller and just starting in model railroading and loving the learning curve. I thought for a few days I had lost being able to view the layouts Al sends to me as I did not receive any e-mails from him.
It’s totally banned in Australia and Deano if you know where there is some lying about call your council. Our new clubhouse is in one of the old buildings and we start with a room about 50 feet by 20 feet. For the moment we'd moved in our travelling layout to prepare it for the Bracebridge Train Show in August. Here is one of the push button panels recessed into the benchwork that John and Martin Alborough fabricated. The mainline has been double-tracked for show use and Brad Lebeck has taken the lead in making the new mine operable. Most members brought a couple of engines to run on the layout.We'd never had so many going at the same time now that there were no more block toggles to throw. As one of our principal members, Bill Payne, is a retired fireman we felt it was appropriate to give him something to do on the layout. There is a 4-inch separation between the lower and upper streets to accommodate overpasses to the edge of the benchwork. The computer logic and LEDs are driven by a 5 volt line while the switch machines need 16 volts. In the large photo above you can see the N scale Peco turnouts used for the test setup along with the freelanced circuit boards based on Paisley's circuits (referenced on my page about our experiments with scratchbuilt signal drivers) and the associated wiring cables. An interior design committe has worked up a plan and our construction committee has already started work patching the roof and getting the building ready for occupancy.
By early March the ceiling and walls on the south side were insulated and work began on the north side. Brad Lebeck has completed the layout design that represents the CN line from Barrie through Collingwood up to Meaford. Attendees were fascinated by the working coal mine and the signalling.Thanks to John for the signals and Brad for the operating coal mine. On the opposite side of the layout the cars can be dumped with the coal passing down through the rails into a bucket. The loaded hoppers dump their coal between the rails and it is captured in a container below the benchwork.
Brad set up a table of historical exhibits about Collingwood including a model of the Collingwood station he is building and his excellent freighter model.
He hopes to have it running by the 2015 Brampton Show so attendees can see hoppers being loaded with coal.
At sunset he pulled us around on his John Deere tractor to see his sugar shack and cabin in the woods. We need to insulate and bring in heat before going much further, but the renovations are underway. We intend to follow the track layout as closely as possible, especially the Collingwood harbour area. Brad fashioned an ingenious screw-type mechanism and installed it in the coal mine building. We could still work on the new mine module in the workshop near the barn so work continued in preparation for the Brampton Show that autumn. Structures were kitbashed to fit the available real estate, built from scratch or adapted as needed.

Wiring for the Digitrax plug receptacles needed to be added and the switch frogs needed micro switches or some sort of powering to avoid relying on the mechanical connection of the point rails.
The heart of the logic is driven by an onboard arduino computer chip to get the correct aspects to show when the turnouts are thrown. The scale is O (on30) so if you have any track plans for something like that I would really appreciate it if you could email them to me. I too will agree with the comment about asbestos, I have been involved with it since being a child as the room that was built in the attic of the house we lived in in Norfolk,Va. Our intention is to design and build a historical layout based on the railroads running through Collingwood to Meaford.
Paul built a fence to enclose the park and added picnic tables, a swing set and some kites flying to dress it up.Meantime work progressed on other sections of the layout that do not travel to shows.
I thought it would be advisable to give the club its own page so I can use it as a pointer to help you find information on my site that may be of use to you.We meet Monday evenings between 7 and 10 pm. Some of the buildings were picked up at auctions and new pieces were needed to replace what was missing.
Brad Lebeck is compiling a historical record and will design the trackplan with input from members. I'd been working on the centre modules and fixing up the rolling stock with wheels and couplers while Club President Martin Alborough and Ken Douglas had been working out the operating scheme and building locations for freight movement. Stay tuned by subscribing to my RSS feed so you are alerted when there's something new here.
Several Clever Models paper quonset huts were built and several other industrial structures were made from Clever texture sheets.
It would have had a common connection to both sides of the peninsula so that the turntable could be reached from the city or the industrial areas. As of December 8, 2014 we were officially incorporated as a non-profit organization: the Nottawasaga Model Railway. Other members have been adding scenery and mini-scenes such as mouintain climbers on the rock face. The basic track and wiring had been finished and the double trackage on these modules allowed better operation in both directions than the single track did before.
The orange RSS icon is in the right hand column next to the headline "Recent Articles".Like most clubs, we're always interested in new members. John Houghton had designed the electronics for the signals and built the signals and towers.
We picked up a few new ones when we moved to Bygone Days Farm.Collingwood is about 2 hours north of Toronto, Canada on the shores of Georgian Bay.
If you live in the region and would like to learn more, send me an email from my Contact page.
I have been tested by the VA and have found some in my lungs and blood, oh well I’ve lived 66 years +.
We installed electric controls for the selenoid twin-control switch machines which is the first time we had opted to go beyond manual control. There is a divider backdrop between the two halves of the end modules that made it impossible to see the other side.
This was single track before and sometimes we ran into problems when members were chatting with attendees. The intention was to use the signals and turnout controls to alert operators to oncoming traffic.
This is especially important at train shows where the noise level is high and operators are often conversing with show attendees or helping them to operate our layout.Here's a video to show what the layout looks like now. We will probably block the inside track during club operating sessions to add some complication, in which case the signalling will become important.

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