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I especially like the low rock cut to the right of the billboard on the lower level to the left in Eldon-north.jpg.
Charlie, I am probably missing it somewhere on the website, but what is the overall size of your layout?  As others have noted, you've done a marvelous job of capturing the wide open feel . La Grange and Tortilla Flats and the Power Plant over the Helix will be the next bench work project. I have had too many layouts that were too permanent and too many relocations of jobs working for the Federal Government, that now I try to make everything removable without taking a chain saw to it as some have mentioned about their layouts.
The upper deck was built as a shelf along two walls just to run trains, so I worked down to the lower deck from the upper deck when I decided to make the layout bigger. George, if the entire length of track in the helix is soldered rail why the need for the buss through the helix?
I assembled the roadbed, complete with the track and Instant Roadbed, before putting them in place on the layout.

I use Digitraxx DCC and I ran the wiring busses but inside the edges of the helixes, following the turns, so the busses then could enter and exit the helixes at the proper places. Someone else has suggested trying plumbing supply stores; the material, or similar stuff, used to wrap pipes. Your have done some very nice work and it looks like you have alot of fun with it and it defiantly looks to be Museum quality. The resistance of the nickel, silver, and zinc rail alloy for the total run of your helix is an almost unmeasurable small number.
Patrick Lawson writing indium Model Railroad Planning 2002 reminds us that helixes readers should know that as of 2002 at least one firm now markets helix kits.
Federal Reserve System up of building only ii Dimensional models For foresighted lasting horse barn movement of trains from one level to another then the Helix organisation from Noch is Take your trains. If a pair of engines were drawing 1 amp of current, this would give a voltage drop of 8.5 volts at the end of the helix.

This further confused me since by all normal standards nickel silver rail should be an excellent conductor given its composition and large cross section.
I am anxious to do a bit of measuring myself but assuming all of this information is true then I can only come to the conclusion that nickel silver railroad rail must be chock full of impurities in its manufacture. The second multiple turn helix in this stack is HOn3 only, with separate entry and exit points not related to the dual gauge one below. Model Railway Solutions whorl kits are available in three different sizes 2 in OO and one in northward y can entirely accomodate a double traverse and have. Looked If I were in the commercialize for a helix kit I’d sure as shooting consider them.

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