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I was very interested in your recent article about the West Yorkshire layout modelled around Sowerby Bridge in the grimy 50’s. Regarding my waterfall & stream model, it was my first attempt at modelling a water feature and I was very pleased how it turned out. I found however that the scenic realistic water which I paid ?10 for, shrunk as it dried and I needed to apply more to fill the pools both in the stream and the pond at the base of the waterfall.
I list my models on EBay UK where I seem to be getting a good response, which is where I purchase most of my model bits & pieces. I have booked a trade stall at a Model Rail show in November and am hoping my new venture will be a success. I love your emails and wish that I had the space to build a large layout similar to the ones that you have featured in your articles.
Martin I thought my rock formations looked quite realistic but after seeing yours, yours are far superior to mine. Hi Martin, what model rail show will you be attending in November,I will try to look you up. Beautiful water Martin, I must grasp my courage in both hands, then there will be two top water modellers in Yorkshire.
I include a link to my facebook page which shows some more of my scenery & some trees that I ventured into making (not all are home made but the best ones are!).

THe facebook pictures show some very different rock colors to the ones above in this article. Just wad up some old newspapers a€“ one half sheet at a time - in such a way as to make each wad have a somewhat rounded top and irregular bottom. I spent my childhood in that area, skipping school in the afternoon’s to visit the loco shed (depot) and a few years on sleeping in the rail station waiting room because I had missed the last bus home at night. My friend and customer David from South Wales sent me an email with this link on it which shows my scenery pieces I sent you in 2011. Although I did attend 6 model rail exhibitions in 2012 and am booked ito 8 for 2013 accross the north of England.
I has to apply some more ‘water effects’ mixed with white paint onto the fall to try make it effective. In my openion, no amount of theoretical knowledge will work, unless one uses his imaginations.
I think that I added too much white to the mixture which I need not to do in my next water model. But in the end my 1st attempt looked super and the buyer remarked “how realistic “ the model was.
This year I have introduced LED lighting strips, Static grass & applicaters as well as the tree making kits.

So I am exited to start, my first show is in March at Heywood , Lancashire followed by Sheffield & Bradford then Shildon National Rail Museum.
However, if you are a beginner, dona€™t worry, here are 3 tips that will help you in the process!1. There are fans of American West that have set up their railroad map entirely based on the late 18th to the early 20th century.2. Budget a€“ Some themes are expensive compared to others (a rural landscape with several tunnels is a great example) while others are relatively cheap.
Then take plaster cloth (which is a gauze material coated with dry plaster; ita€™s usually readily available at hobby shops) and cut several 6 or 8 inch lengths so that ita€™s easy to work with. Watch the video now.Railroad Technology Breakthroughs Learn how to use micro controls to add life, interest, new features, and efficiency to your railroad. You can tilt the shape to make it look like layers of rock that have been disrupted by glaciers or b earthquakes.

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