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What other complaints or mutterings did you hear Phill as information like that is good feedback to try and make sure we dont make similar mistakes. I heard people mutter about the lack of space to actually see the layouts, due to the amount of people its to be expected. What i did se and maybe a good idea was someone had built a Loco from scratch usng card and you had to guess the weight, this was free to do and if you won you got a gift voucher. When we arrived the parking was in a field across the road but we noticed loads of cars going out of it more than going in. Also some of the guys on the exnibits where asking people to move away from the layouts as they where being knocked. We stayed in a place called Leysin and one of the best trips we had was to Montroux on the train.

Anyhow off i went and saw a Marque in front of the building and a sign saying BBQ and 2nd Marque at the rear. First we traveled down the mountain on the rack railway before changing to the mainline for a run along the shores of lake Genieva. Not alot of info written up on the exhibits as well, so you had to ask and some just where not interested in answering. It was packed but i think that was mainly to do with the fact the marquise where not that wide or long for that matter.
Also a big problem was kids running riot, thats a no no for a start, lot of sweat and tears, not to forget money tied up in these layouts we do.
Loads where leaving quite quickly muttering about there being a lack of something but loads of others?.

I did hear one guy say that his layout had been running for a few hours and thats why he would not run anymore for a while, .
Said he had been testing for a couple of hours before it opened and his controls where getting hot. No disrespect to those who do N on here i find them interesting and love reading and seeing how you do the layout etc but why did they not put a even amount of OO on display. Now i am no David Baily, more like Peter when he has had a few, wobbly and unable to focus .

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