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By the period modelled most of these were in the Engineers fleet, but some were still in traffic. I had a slight snag in that the floor was the tiniest smidgen too long, which didn't become apparent until final assembly - something to watch for in the future. This was the first kit started, and finished, first but I really felt it needed a spray finish.
Built form the kit - but Slater's buffers and couplings used, Slater's also providing the brake wheel and stove.
This is the sole survivor of a pervious modelling endevour, being used as a desk-tidy for many years.

Sadly this one has suffered grievously, but will be used at Soddingham as a static model at the end of one of the roads in Cripple Creek. Looks like a sawn-off Tippler (not surprsing really, as it turns out that's exactly what they are!). Just a pity that it wasn't supplied with the screw couplings that it should have, being passenger freight stock. The badly painted couplings do not count though, as they will be replaced by the correct (for passenger stock) screw couplings when funds allow.
Again being Westbury based having a few of these is a must as they were the most prolific wagon there in the late 70's.

Sometime it will be updated, but until then it's staying in it's box (as it's Network South East livery - spit). It went together perfectly with only small amount of dressing up to remove the tabs from the sprue.

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