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Paste the URL into a message by clicking on the little icon next to the locomotive for which you are submitting the location. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Post pictures and information about your own personal model railway layout that is under construction.
As the engine yard was practically done on this board I had been working on for few weeks, I was thinking about what else I may need to do on this board before it goes back into the corner of the room (while I still could walk around the board to do some work) and realised there are one or two things I need to do if I wanted to avoid having to bend over constantly to do some work. While waiting for the sceney bits to dry, I was just having a look at the engine yard and wondering what I could add to make it a bit more interesting. While looking at the engine yard, I just could not help wondering how it would look with the engines sitting on the sidings once I had the boards put together again, but then I thought, I'll do some photo shoots, so I had the engines placed on some sidings for the camera. Great work PaulWhen you painted using the texture paint (yard flith i believe it was called) did you worry about getting the rail sides covered (ie masking them off) or was part of the effect getting them covered as well?
I have had some messages pointing out the byte sizes in my photos were too large and that it can take a while for the photos to be downloaded on your screen. Over the last couple of days I did some more work on creating more grassy area around the river bridges and created another footpath that runs along the main line to get to the engine yard.

I've always liked the idea of having some old rusty wheels lying about etc and I happen to have some spare wheels so I had some spray painted, which took like no more than a hour to dry. As for between the rails inside the track, I wet the texture paint a bit to make it a bit running so that I could paint the central of the tracks but not right up to the rails.
I had some hanging basket liners cut into pieces before glued down on the surface either sides of the coaling stage line, where I wanted grass to be: I wanted the glue to be totally dry before I attempt with tearing away the liner, so I left it overnight to dry.
I glued three sets of wheels on the old siding to give the impression they've been there for rather a long time, and one set on one of the other sidings. The crossing itself recevied its first coat and will need more work to it, so bear this in mind when you see it in the photos below: I then left it to dry for few hours, before I added grass, using hanging basket liners, just like what I did with the coaling stage line. It wasn't long before I realised the footpath going past the river from the engine yard has to go somewhere and that staff working at the engine yard has to get there somehow, so I decided, maybe this footpath could lead to a small car park on the other side of the main line. This photo shows how the layout is looking tonight: I'm looking forward to peeling away the liners in the morning when the glue are dry to see the effect - I should get a good result.
I am thinking of taking some black & white photos soon, so maybe you will see if they can be mistaken for the real thing! This would mean putting down some kind of crossing over the curved main and siding lines, to be used on foot only.

Then I thought, with the old siding having some rails missing, I could have some old rails sitting somewhere in the yard, along with some sleepers, so I had those painted too and glued near the old siding. Also in the photo, you can see i've done a bit of work with adding more grass around the bridges.
I didn't want the ground to be too flat around where the footpath between the engine yard and the proposed car park will be, so I decided to build up the ground a bit just next to the river bank, to give that feeling as if the ground is slope all the way down to the river, but with that footpath running through it. That's just a start, I'll add more details as soon as I can think of something that would work. The embankment over the joint has been painted, but it was still wet by the time I was adding grass elsewhere so had to leave it alone overnight to dry.
So with some of the florist green foam, kitchen tissues, cardboard, plastic card and glue, I raised the ground and added a small crossing.

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