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Back in 1978 it was mentioned by Alan Garside during the first AGM that the club should model Ramsbottom Station and surrounding area’s. The first thing the members of the club decided was to get an idea of what the layout and area was like. They decided to model Ramsbottom Station to scale with all features of the past and all track work on the O.S Map, this was possible upto a certain point for example there were 50 sidings in Ramsbottom sidings which they decided they would have 9 which with the new extension we now have 15, This gives us more space to store stock ready for the program and other shunting needs. The layout is a giant oval or as other people call it a tail chaser, this makes it a lot easier for running rather than having an end to end. The up line starts in the fiddle yard, heads out of Nuttall Tunnel, past Nuttall Park where you have access into Ramsbottom goods shed, then into Ramsbottom Station, from there it heads towards Stubbins on a embankment that goes up in height, along this embankment you have access to the coal sidings and loops, from there it can either head up towards Rawtenstall or towards Accrington which either way head back into the fiddle yard for another run around. The down line starts in the fiddle yard, heads past Stubbins Station from either Accrington line or Rawtenstall line and heads off down the embankment when you have access to the loops and the joining from Ramsbottom Sidings, after that the line heads into Ramsbottom Station, just after the station you have access to Ramsbottom Station Goods yard complete with paper mill sidings, after that it heads past Nuttall park, through Nuttall Tunnel and into the fiddle yards where there is a point to go into the Accrington or main line parts. Left to Right :- Shows a view looking down Bridge Street towards Ramsbottom Station and a birds eye view of Ramsbottom Cricket Club. All of the buildings on the layout have been scratch built from pictures, photographs, books, ariel views, new maps, old maps and memory. The layout has 5 Gauge Master Controllers that powers 2 front boards, 2 back boards and 1 board for the sidings. Each house, mill and building on the layout included street lights are powered by AC and DC 12v lights. The layout includes the following Streets :- Bridge Street, Garden Street, Peel Brow, Kenyon Street, Railway Street and Bolton Road North.
The design must not be copied or reproduced without Hornby Hobbies Ltd's prior written consent. I was overwhelmed with the number and content of responses to my recent submission on my nighttime LED lighting project. As for the layout itself, the video only centered on the south side of the layout; the valley side. However, the layout, despite its impression of greater size, dimension and depth, is only 8 feet by 5 feet.
As for the vehicles, while I customized the buses with LEDs myself, the cars were purchased from a merchant in China. And again my thanks to you Al for making possible this forum for all to participate and enjoy.

Fantastic Layout, I Love the way the whole Layout is set,I have just started on mine, but I cannot see it getting to your standard, Well done!! Beautifully put together, I particularly like that viaduct, was that a kit or did you scratch build it? Very impressive layout Arnie – Will spur me on the greater heights in completing mine.
Like my son said to me today dad you may be getting older but you still are a kid in side you still like to play with trains. This was agreed by all the members present at that time and this set the ball in motion to create the layout. Apart from most members living in Ramsbottom, They also used old O.S maps borrowed from Ramsbottom library and making a larger plan on paper to put onto the base boards.
Members were able to aquire these items from libraries, Heritage Centre’s, Pubs, The East Lancashire Railway and more. The 2 back boards and the sidings boards have their points controlled by a live probe method. The mechanics to it as so delicate that if the gears slips you sometimes find you have one gate not shut and thats when accidents happen.
But due to the confined space some areas have had to be squeezed up together to make it possible to run.
Most of the model railway layouts atomic number 49 these pages have been built and have-to doe with screens running JMRI Panel Pro now show the track plans and railroad siding status. As I have no way of directly responding to specific inquiries from within your website, I was hoping you would allow me the liberty to address some things on your posting. I am humbled by your comments and the sense of inspiration that many readers feel to go forward with developing their own layouts and projects. With 4×12 working on it for 12 weeks steady and sometimes I think Im not getting anywhere. Is this possible?” ditto John plus city, & maybe an email address so we can ask to visit if we live in the area? The gauge they had decided was to be 00 gauge as it seemed a reasonable size scale and one that was generally most common at the time. Most of the building were built by Alan Garside and members from the past but lately with the new extension, Alan Garside has been making the Mills and Keith Cragg has been making the houses.

The 2 front boards have a different arrangement for their points, these are controlled by toggle switches with confirm buttons.
We have had a few accidents with a few replacement gates being needed as a train vs a level crossing gate is no match. These all use grain of wheat bulbs with the older type needing 100 Ohm resisters where are the newer type already have them built in. Construction What model railway track should I bribe and what should I avoid If you project to practice trains with pantographs you necessitate to besides include the summit of them Eastern Samoa well model train layouts plans uk. This buns very well become an expensive hobby if you are relying on trial and mistake for It is not rocket science as at that place are only rattling a few important things to know before you commencement.
Collecting your woolgather model train layout with whole the pose check gorge you ever desired. There you can see many of my layout videos and send comments, suggestions and questions directly to me. All the buildings you see in our pictures are all made from a type of wood called Balsa wood which in turn is covered with brick, stone and slate paper added to create effect and realism. We also have working signals that  will activate when points are changed with signal lights adding to the effect. Each set of lamps has a transformer to a section these are 230v-12v types and in some areas under the layout are clipper controllers used for there outputs. So I had to separated the bodies from the undercarriage and paint the interiors with flat black paint.
The basic layout from which Arnie’s Empire is derived was published years ago by Kalmbach (I think). Also A Full pose N Gauge Estate Of Houses thats 7ft6ins x 4ft 4ins x 7ins N GAUGE BUCKFASTLEIGH Layout Planning.
And lastly I painted the perimeter of the lights to make the lenses look smaller and more to scale.

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