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ECOS2 with RR&Co Traincontroller and a load of other electronics so i can sit back and watch the trains go by.
That code 75, John, does look good its C&L track, a pity I just could not afford to use their lovely point kits.
I did experiment with some Peco code 75 cutting and spacing out the sleepers and it certainly gives a better look to that track.
What I do love about it is, I can really spread out the various aspects of a railway town, From the station platform area,s to the MPD and on to the corridor where I plan a fair sized goods yard layout. Doing a little track reworking, Decided to single one stretch of line, The track leading off the MPD onto the mainline and running down the corridor. Although the end return loop is tight 26" radius curves, I added a strip of ply to the baseboard as it was 22" far to tight for my planned 0-8-0 loco,s . Also busy with my point templates trying out A5 points in the station area, They work out well to my plan, Just may give the B6 turnout templates a try, Also I have drawn lines across the baseboards where the cross supports lurk, I want to miss them at all costs. Just a little update, Playing with point templates and track plus my usual chunk of timber  trying to get a decent station layout organized. Another update, Phoned richard Johnson in AUS about his track making jigs, No luck he will not have any for a couple of months.

So I will have to forge ahead without them, Useing the templots for the Vee and crossing angles, File them up in the vice, Put some double sided clear tape on the templot, Match the filed rails, Stick them to the tape and solder. A couple of photos of a B6 point Vee I made up this evening, needs a little fettle work, but its accurate.
All, Started on point construction, Will take awhile to get back in the swing of it, Going to try various methods, But I think I will settle on soldering the V rails first to the sleepers and work from there.Just a question, On the switch blades whats the best average length to leave the rail unsoldered to the sleepers to give a nice easy throw! Derek, re switch blades left unsoldered - I worked on 50% of the overall length left to move. Sol wrote: Derek, re switch blades left unsoldered - I worked on 50% of the overall length left to move. The problem with the wide island platform is providing believable passenger access from the streets. Not sure where your roads will run but, in your pic., the travellers will already have at least two lines to cross to access the platform.
The program allows you to design your dream layout using electronic templates of Atlas O's 21st Century Track® System, Atlas N scale and HO scale Snap-Track and Super-Flex Track, HO True-Track, switches, bridges, turntables, buildings and electrical controls. Not living in the UK like yourself things tend to be more expensive with exchange rates and postage.

I don't know if its an age thing, but everything seems to progress in slow motion apart from birthdays! This gave me a little more room to fit in a scenic Tunnel and ease out the curve a bit, So the main circuit will be mostly double track with an interesting single section to add to the excitement when useing DCC. I have been studying my old Lanky Branch line booklets, Found a station layout that may just suit with the usual model licence. Going for a wide Island platform rather than 2 platforms , The L&Y seemed to like that setup. There are even templates for structures from Walther's Cornerstone Series, Railway Design Associates, DPM, Life-Like, Lionel and Atlas. Ordered some Marcway point kits and some packets of C&L EM track bases to convert my exsisting Track to the wider gauge sleeper,s, Just need to get a few EM axles now for my small stock of Markit loco wheels.

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