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Then I am looking to add another level to it but that will come whenever time is available and that means at least another year. This is something that I have wanted to do for the over 30 years at least, but I had thought a couple or three years ago after going to different Train shows and seeing how things are done I thought that I would give it a try before I am too old and am unable to do things this small. It is “N” scale and it is in its’ own case 32” X 48” with a plexiglass top and front so that no dust gets into it.

A while ago we had a little accident with the train that accompanies the book (a rather excited boy who dropped his train in the loo then flushed it) and so I contacted Usbornes to try and get a replacement.
Structure Projects for Your Model Railroad Realistic structures are an essential component of any successful model railroad layout, so hobbyists will appreciate this collection that guides them step by step through various structure modeling processes. I was soo pleased when not only did they organise for one to be sent, it came immediately and at no cost, what fantastic customer service!

It is an interactive book which encourages imagination, reading and playing, wind up the toys, letting them run along the track and making up a story as they go!

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