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Contact The American Eagle Railroad Group For Custom Model Railroad Construction Services at (859) 577-5007 Today! The Kato UNITRACK Master (M) and Variation (V) sets are the ultimate expansion track sets, perfect for beginners who are looking to get started in the hobby, while also providing complex structures for those seeking to create more complex and advanced layouts!
I bought this, liked it so well I added more double elevated track to make a Dogbone layout about 10 feet long.
FUNTRAK‘s usual interesting layouts were the center of attention again this year at the annual Valley Rail Sights show in Ilion. The N-trak layout was downsized somewhat this year to accommodate the larger T-trak layout, which was a huge success. Choose from our gallery, of allow us the pleasure of custom designing a track layout plan that works for your space. Starting with the base Master Set, you can expand to create any layout you desire by adding as many Variation sets or individual unitrack pieces as you like! In addition to the layouts this year, FUNTRAK also had vendors with trains and supporting equipment for sale.

The main T-trak layout consisted of five loops including a large over three scale mile long mainline along with the double bubble. Most of FUNTRAK’s trains are set at a level that allows the youngest visitors to see the trains without having to find some means of rising up to a higher level to observe the trains.
Everyone had a great time.  See video below and check back for photos and details from our event. Attendance was up, manufacturers were available, food was plentiful, and trains of all sizes were up and running. This kept everyone fascinated with the trains as they made their way around this complex arrangement. This makes it much easier on parents and grandparents since they do not have to pick up the children. Food vendors will be on hand for snacks, retail vendors will be on hand for train enthusiasts.
Much of this success is attributable to the club’s efforts at advertising the show this year.

Hopefully, these little things will help keep the smaller visitors interested and influence their decisions later to join a model railroad club. This helped promote better attendance and more interest from the community as well as other clubs.
Train buffs from Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany all showed up to support the show in various ways. For the younger set, there was the Lionel layout on another floor where the trains could be operated by the visitors. This always piques their interest as they are able to actually run the trains and blow the horn.

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