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The tunnels and mountains are constructed from broken styrene boxes, expanding foam and plaster cloth. I then fill in everything with triple expanding foam (in an aersol, $14 from a large hardware store chain). I just chop and hack any old way to obtain random shapes and because I do this I don’t become set in a pattern. After the plaster cloth hardens (24hrs) I then mix up a soup mixture of plaster and dab this on to reinforce the hardshell. Cant really see it in the photos but at the bottom of the waterfall is a pond with river coming of this. Have been trying to use burlap I got from a farm store, whole lot cheaper than from a cloth store, and popsicle sticks. Want to try and do something that looks like one of our mountains here in North Carolina, USA.

HI , Can’t wait to see the end result but have you left a way to retrieve any derailed trains in the tunnel.
I used greatstuff foam and news paper for filler and it turned out pretty good and I also used foam board to make the tunel and used balsa wood for the tunel porthole. The mountain is constructed by breaking up styrene boxes (got these from the fuit and vegtable section of a large supermarket as ithey are what the transport cold produce are are usually trash) and randomly placing them on the tunnel roof.
Next step will be a mixture of grey acrylic primer mixed with water and plaster to prime the scene.
It can be found as scrap at construction sites, and can be formed in any shape, like a mountain. I did not use wadded newspaper as a fellow modeller had an insect problem from the newspaper. There is a different type, that is expanded metal mesh, used for stucco on overhanging structure.

I never thought of that ( I’m rather thick ) Will experiment with that medium when I return home to Wales in the new year. Cutting a hole in the rear of the plaster and hanging a curtain will keep the light out while allowing retrieval.
Also by using the broken styrene boxes and no expanding foam I can create a cave in the layout as seen above the tunnel opening.
When I was a sheetrock hanger, we also would use a piece of this expanded metal, folded over, like the Surform. It makes a good scraper for styrofoam, and if you pick it up at a construction site, it is free.

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