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The model is based on a ”Model Loco” kit although most of the applied parts were made by well-known small parts producers and even by myself, the Model-Loco pieces being mostly inaccurate.  The decals for the Est company inscriptions were made for me in Ohio!
The “Sarajevo 1914 Collection”, begun in 1979, has been and continues to be assembled in partnership with Ingrid Bitter, Director MC W. Before they became world leaders in so many branches of technology, the Japanese were famous as imitators. So in recent years Japanese locomotives have usually been neat and elegant miniature versions, to a scale of about three quarters, of the typical US two-cylinder locomotive, to suit the 3ft 6in (1,067mm) gauge.
One suspects that this way of doing things was to circumvent some government or accountant's restriction on building new passenger motive power - little of the machinery could have been re-used and the saving of actual folding money must have been negligible. Features worthy of note provided as standard on the larger Japanese steam locomotive include electric light and a feed-water heater complete with steam pump. The 4-6-4s, however, for a number of years found a haven in Japan's main northern island, Hokkaido, working-often in pairs and occasionally in threes - the main expresses out of Hakkodate, the ferryboat port at its southern tip.
I think that I might be able to shed just a little light on the origin of the naming of the 'Swallow' class of locomotives. This then causes a further mystery as to how a Steam Locomotive in Japan became named for a sailing dinghy in a British children's story.
Swallows and Amazons is a series of children's books by English author Arthur Ransome, named after the title of the first book in the series. The series remains popular today for its idyllic, yet often realistic, depiction of childhood and the interplay between youthful imagination and reality.

I purchased this kit in 2003 for just under $100 euro from Japan Model Railways in Germany. A good modeler would be able to get this quality look with the Arii model featured in this article.
In some ways - railway safety and signalling was one - they took British ways as their model, but as regards steam locomotives the basis of their practice was American. But such things are a familiar feature of locomotive practice the world over and, anyway, no one can complain about the results, which were superb in both practical and aesthetic terms. There are disc wheels all round, the driving wheels having rather prominent lightening holes. Twenty years ago they could be found hauling the top trains - such as the Hatsukari or Migratory Goose Express - out of Tokyo's main station, but now not only has steam locomotion disappeared from these narrow (3ft 6in - 1,067mm) gauge lines but long-distance daytime passenger trains as well. Was there an Arthur Ransome fan in the design office of Japanese railways at the time of the design of the C62 locos? It is of some interest to know that the Arthur Ransome Club of Japan actually pre-dates the formation of the Arthur Ransome Society in the U.K. The 12 books involve adventures by groups of children during school vacations, mostly in England and Scotland, between the two World Wars.
It is part of the basis for a large tourist industry in the Lake District and Norfolk Broads areas of England, where many of the books are set. It tells the story of the Walker children, who sail a dinghy named Swallow, and the Blackett children, who sail a dinghy named Amazon.

This has applied ever since Baldwin of Philadelphia supplied Japan with some 2-8-2s in 1897, thereby giving the type-name Mikado to the most prolific of the world's wheel arrangements. One (No.C62-2) is on display at the Umekoji Museum Depot at Kyoto, on the Japanese main island, while the other (No C62-3) is kept at Otaro on the northern island of Hokkaido and run on special occasions. There would never have been a chance of 'Amazon' being used, as it is unlikely to have an equivalent word in Japanese. There are also several societies dedicated to the study and promotion of Ransome's work which are largely inspired by the series. The Walkers are staying at a farm near a lake during the school holidays; the Blacketts live in a house on the opposite shore.
There is no footplate at the front end of the tender - the cab overhangs the leading pair of wheels, while a shovelling plate extends forward from the tender into the cab. The children meet on an island on the lake, and have a series of adventures that weave imaginative tales of pirates and exploration into everyday life in inter-War, rural England.
There is also the British-based group, The Arthur Ransome Society, which has an international membership. But there is a special kind of model railroading that creates shiver: Live steam trains and real steam locomotives.

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