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As a general rule of thumb, the balance should be no more than 30% of the credit limit.  So, if it’s more than that, have you should make every attempt to pay it down.
If there are many revolving accounts with high balances, you will most probably need to pay down most or all of them for the best score.
If there is nothing derogatory on the credit report, just high balances on revolving debt, you can often improve the score significantly.  But, if there are many derogatory items on the credit report, paying down revolving debt may not help the score very much.
Many lender have software programs that can quickly determining for you which (if any) revolving accounts need to be paid down, and to what balance.
Paying off or satisfying such a derogatory account does not normally improve the score because the derogatory account still exists, and so still hurts the score.  In fact, paying off an old collection may even make the score drop.
However, for collections, the borrower can ask for the account to be completely removed or deleted.  If you have not yet paid the collection, you can use that as a bargaining chip.
If there are many collection accounts, removing just 1 or 2 may not do much good.  You always need to look at the overall credit picture.
Charge-off accounts behave a little differently than collections.  You can sometimes gain points by paying those off. Your lender likely has a What-if Simulator to experimentally see what affect removing an account has on the score. When you look at the overall credit report and you see LOTS of late dates, especially ones from within the last year, there is not much you can do to help the score…those lates simply need to drift into the past.
Your lender can use the What-if-Simulator to experimentally see what affect removing a late date has on the score. If that account has recent late dates, you can most probably improve the score by having the actual account holder remove you as a user.
If the account is a revolving credit card and it’s “maxed out,” you might also improve the score by removing it, but only if you will still have other revolving credit cards on your report. While I trust that some of your questions were answered in this blog, I bet many questions were also raised about your individual circumstance.  Credit Score Optimization is one of the central reasons why you should engage the expertise of a good loan officer right NOW.

Improve your game or simply get involved by learning the moves of chess from top teen players. Share coffee, bagels, and conversation with other moms and meet a different TIC clergy member or professional each month. Westchester Ballet Company’s production of this magical family holiday classic with classic choreography and special stage effects. An end-of-semester show performed by the kindergarten-5th grade students, with a special performance by the Applause weekend workshop cast. Join local artist Mike Teator and explore the world of water color using scenes from the Westchester parks. After donning chef’s hats and aprons, go on a tour of the hotel’s kitchens, and then decorate gingerbread cookies alongside the pastry chef. Saturdays, Dec 18, from 9 to 11 a.m, the hotel will offer fun-filled Gingerbread Cookie Decorating Workshops. Westchester artist Susan Ordahl explains how to combine salt, flour, and water to create a durable dough that can be made into ornaments that can last for years.
Learn about the mythology surrounding wolves and the important role of wolves in the natural world. Combine shiny foil, glittery beads, and natural wonders like cones and spices and fashion them into glowing gifts and decorations. This exhibition features the artist’s two earliest series, American People (1962-1967) and Black Light (1967-1969), which explores race and conflict in the United States.
This exhibition highlights forty years of Steir’s work in a survey that focuses on her exploration of the vocabulary of drawing.
For fifty years, Faith Ringgold has used her art to comment on racism and gender inequality. An exhibition with an emphasis on the innate gift of humankind as told through picture books.

A new family musical based on the characters of Charles Dickens and Washington Irving, the tale begins in the Town of Sleepy Hollow in 1900 on Christmas Eve.
Take a chance and demonstrate your skill and strategy playing some of the most well known games. The exhibition features works from the private collection of Isaac Sutton—the largest American collection of contemporary botanical art. This exhibition—which includes paintings, works on paper, sculpture, video, and a live web broadcast—takes a look at current map-based works that represent actual locations–real and imagined. Let us help you in throughout Westchester: Scarsdale, New Rochelle, Larchmont, Edgemont, Pelham, White Plains, Harrison, Mamaroneck, Hartsdale, Rye or any other Westchester towns.
Featuring American Ballet Theatre’s Mikhail Ilyin as the Cavalier and Renata Pavam as the Sugar Plum Fairy, and pre-professional dancers from the area. After donning chef’s hats and aprons, children will be taken on a tour of the hotel’s kitchens, and then will decorate gingerbread cookies alongside The Ritz-Carlton’s pastry chef. A variety of creative ideas and techniques will be shared to inspire further exploration with this handy home concoction.
The information gathered is compiled and sent to National Audubon, which uses the information to monitor trends in populations and other conservation issues that impact avian health.
Though best known as the progenitor of the African American story quilt revival that began in the 1970s, it is her pointed political paintings of the 1960s–many of which disappeared from view-that are the focus of this exhibition. The spirits appear in the form of Washington Irving, Rip Van Winkle and The Headless Horseman.

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