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My grand-father used to keep a copy of this quote stuck to his fridge (& now my parents have it).
Awesome ceiling designs tell you to how you can create a wonderful world which you dreams about. This was taught to me by my unfoldment teacher from the First Spiritualist Church of Brockton, MA I have lived by these laws since I was seventeen. I have dreamt of a modal train chugging along from room to room suspended from my ceiling since I was tiny. I've had the little stool since I was young but do I need a stool with the wooden letters of my name on it? Using a soft bristle brush or steel wool, thoroughly scrub the wood with warm water and a detergent like TSP. I have always wanted a log home to hang my chandelier that I saved from a French style home I once had. But instead of Christmas carols, for the library I would love to use lines from children's books. This gets rid of the oxidation and dirt that has built up and given the wood its silvery patina.

So, young ones, listen to this old lady--do what you must be responsible in life but plan ways to make your dreams come true while you're young and healthy. She told me a story about how they catch bad dreams so i never have to worry as long as i had it by my bed.
Depending on the state of your teak this step can take quite a while and require some serious arm work. I use him as an example of how to live life, & how to treat the people you meet along the journey. Since my cardio currently consists entirely of me trying to become a runner, I was excited to find this blog post from a certified personal trainer on important areas for runners to strength train.
If you're starting out with some really weathered teak you will begin to see some serious transformation here as the wood's true color starts to make its appearance. I am so impatient that once I start I just want to keep going till it's finished, but I assure you this step is really important. Your newly cleaned teak needs a few days of drying time so that the oil you will put on in the next step can fully saturate deep into the wood's pores.
Go get some good quality Teak Oil, a brush and some rubber gloves and lightly brush the oil over all surfaces three times each.

You must do this a minimum of four rounds with an hour in-between allowing time for the oil to fully saturate the wood. After all the work you've put in you may be tempted to call it quits, but you still have one more step.
You have only restored the teak's natural oil at this point but haven't protected it from further damage. Paint on a few coats and let dry for a few days, and you'll be ready to sit back, relax and enjoy your newly restored Teak furniture. I used to live outside and never had to give a second thought to my outdoor furniture so upon moving to this new climate I was a bit stubborn and naive about the correct upkeep.
So if you don't live somewhere that has year round summer then you should either cover your furniture or bring it into an unheated garage.

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