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Technology put Palo Alto and the Silicon Valley on the map, but this beautiful part of California, just south of the San Francisco Bay Area, has much more to offer. Flat paths and hilly trails on the Stanford grounds are specially designated for bicyclists.
If you are planning a visit to Palo Alto or the Silicon Valley area, you will need a nice place to stay.
A very luxurious hotel in the center of the upscale San Jose shopping, dining and entertainment district, the Hotel Valencia is perfect for travelers who want the very best of accommodations. NEXT POSTFun Things To Do Walking Distance From Anaheim Convention Center You do not have to look very hard to find something fun to do in the city of Anaheim, California.
I see Scenery with huge mountains made with very well made rock castings molds and painted in ways that makes no sense what so ever. Joe your June Editorial about us (Model railroaders) needing to find photos of the scenic areas we are wanting to Model on our Pike rather then just building scenery out of the back of our minds is probably some of the best advice you have ever given the Model Railroad community. Are you kidding me?  If I want to put yellow rocks and purple grass on my layout, who gives you the right to tell me it's wrong? While you're at it, I think you should make your water a day-glow florescent orange colour.
I have seen yellow rocks in the Davis Mountains here in Texas, They are covered with a local variation of yellow lichen that grows there. Folks should also read Joe's reverse running, as he points out another way to get involved in the hobby part of the hobby. For example, on this forum, if you posted a picture of that work, any member or who chose to become a member, would have the right to tell if they think it was great, or wrong.
They may not use the best language to get their point across (as in the case above) and you may or may not  agree with their assessment, but by populating content in a public forum (such as here or onYouTube) you actually enable the ability for people to comment accordingly. I fully expect and desire to have my work criticized by others when I post it up, I find that to be a huge benefit. I still hold that because it is a public forum, anyone has the right to critique any model that is posted here.
Actually, the problem here in my opinion (and as I mentioned in previous posts) was a poor choice of language. For myself, it was easy to read past these generic comments to the point that I believe the author was making - which was using photographs to support your modeling is a good idea, and can help alleviate an un-realistic approach. Once again, as it's a public forum, if the original content owner does not take the responsibility to guide and frame the discussion, than it seems unrealistic to complain about the resulting comments. Now, I have a slew of turnouts to gap prior to soldering feeders, if I can get at least three done before breaking the next blade, I'll be a happy camper!
I look forward to your critique of my work, that is after all exactly why I post things in public.
I continue to be amazed at the number of new modelers who will post some modeling for comment and it looks, well, very unrealistic. Those same modelers would never think of detailing a loco or piece of rolling stock without having a photo reference. I was going to comment on some of the other hoopla that has been going on in this discussion thread but I've decided that it serves no purpose to dwell on such negative discussions.

Het is handig om jou bezig te zien dan heb ik tips voor mijn bouw alleen moet ik de mijne licht aapassen aan linkse stand.
Misschien zijn de updates niet vaak toch wordt er iets gebouwd.Omdat ik de motor in de tender wil inbouwen is mijn bouw iets anders.Waarom in de tender? Anyone else notice the trees Mike Rose has used in his Kinter Milling article on the cover of the May MRH? My impression is that Mike probably employed some local dried weeds as armatures, covering them with ground foam. Then one day while working in the yard in the fall I found I had a couple dozen bushes that had dried ends on them that looked kinda tree-like so I treated these and dipped in ground foam. Note the individual trees and branches to the far right of the photo and just above the string of hopper cars to the left. The total lack of structural detail in the case of puffballs is why they also fail at being convincing from the viewing distance we take on seeing a layout in person.
Having recently decided to make a layout, my first idea was to make the location somewhere coastal, maybe in the Pacific Northwest or perhaps even Alaska. With rates for a large, clean and comfortable room starting at around $70 per night, you get a great value for your money. Then they have bushes and trees growing right out of solid rock faces on a Railroad that is running through Delaware.
Just putting the right type tree and the correct type of foliage together in the correct location in their proper railroads terrain can really make or break your railroad. I really can't believe such a simple and obvious concept as that can trigger such silly commentary on a model railroad forum.
And they can continue to do so until those who run the forum have decided that person no longer has rights to do so. Under these conditions, we, as members of the public, do have the right to criticize and provide critical commentary to other's works when they are presented in a public setting.
I find it helps me grow my hobby skills, even when it frustrates me by pointing out my errors. Van binnenuit met een .4 boortje de gaatjes in de tender geboord voor de handrail en sluitseinijzers. Step back 15’ and they do work, along with a lack of many other details, simply because our minds will assume the detail is there, but beyond our visual resolution. This is my first layout since my childhood in the 70's, and I want to make something that I can get operational quickly, and as cheaply as possible. As it turns out, the tippy tips of Mesquite and Palo Verde branches have the right look for miniature versions of themselves (Who'da thunk, right?) .
For families that are more budget conscious, the Camino Inn and Suites in Mountain View, is an excellent choice.
Enjoy fine dining at the Citrus restaurant or sample the wine at the Cielo rooftop wine terrace and bar.
Rooms are equipped with microwaves and mini-refrigerators and you also get complimentary wireless Internet access. That was just one, another New York central RR has Saguaro Cactus along the edge on the yard with 10 giant Redwood Trees in a park.

How about reading the Magazine article before you comment on other members posts because it has to be you DIDN'T read it. Nu is het wachten op de gegoten onderdelen en de ketel, maar zojuist contact gehad met Palo-modeltreinen en de onderdelen komen er aan. Hoe gedaan?Eerst het rookhuis net zolang gerold tot het strak om het messing van de ketel paste en precies de vorm van de voorkant van het rookhuis volgde.Toen de binnenkant van het rookhuis en de deksel vertint. Ook kwam ik enthousiaste berichten tegen in dit draadje waarbij in de tender de aandrijving was gemaakt.In Dallas US kwam ik voor slechts een paar $ deze lok tegen. De leidingen naar de luchtpomp, de Knorr pomp en de voorwarmer bereid je wel voor door gaatjes in de pompen op te boren en de leidingen al helemaal op maat te knippen en buigen. I cannot remember which recent episode he discussed his techniques, you can download the shows at the podcast site.
I want to think that having his foliage continue all the way to ground level is supposed to represent low vegetation backed by trees near trackside, but the lack of any distinction, or break, between the two tends to minimize the effect for me. To get the lush overgrown look of a western old growth forest would require a LOT of trees and very elaborate groundcover, both of which mean lots of time and expense.
Seeing all of the great looking trees made with natural armatures is very inspirational and informative. Start your day with a free, deluxe continental breakfast before you head out to see the sites in Palo Alto and the rest of the Silicon Valley.
Als je het voor het spuiten doet dan wordt het afplakken van de ketelbanden en de rookkast een ramp.
If one wants to show undergrowth amongst the trees, certainly scraps of SuperTrees could be used once they have been flocked with a somewhat differently colored ground foam from that used to cover the tees. Perhaps a combination of the individual trees in your last photo in the foreground with poly fiber tuffs behind them would work.
After careful consideration I elected to make my layout based in the desert, the west coast of northern Mexico to be exact. Thank all of you for sharing your techniques, successes and maybe most importantly failures. Bovendien is het bij mij vaak zo dat ketel en chassis nog steeds te scheiden zijn en dan is het altijd handiger het allemaal nog uit elkaar te kunnen halen.Al mijn loks zijn dus zo gemaakt. I live in the Sonoran Desert , and it turns out that desert soil sifted through a #100 mining sieve produces perfect desert soil for a MRR! Eerst hier en daar een puntje tot als recht staat en dan pas door solderen.Achteraf is het beter eerst de stookvloer en de moer voor de bevestiging van assen er in te maken en dan alles er om heen.
From what I can gather from all of these attempts, the best bet will be to dollop white glue where I want foliage and use green foam, with maybe another coating of yellow if I want to attempt in bloom trees.\.
Zet de achterste as vast (je had daarvoor geen hornblock hoeven gebruiken) en laat de voorste 2 assen rusten op een compensatiearm die je scharnierend tussen de 2 assen in het chassis ophangt.

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