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Message: Haven't been on the site here for a while but always make an effort to check your layout progress.
Message: Vagel,The photos look great, and it sounds like A Good Time is Being Had by All, but how can you have Op Sessions on a layout that hasn't held its Golden Carpet Tack ceremony??? Message: We've been maintaining a thread on construction of the Blacklog & Shade Gap Eastern since September 2008, and there have been occasional questions about the track plan, operations scheme, etc. Message: quote:Originally posted by HarscoSince it's a merchant mill, the end product of Richmond Furnace is presumably pigs shipped in gondolas to customers?
Message: Regarding the styrene pigs, I wonder if a blade of the proper shape in something like a Chopper would give you the rounded ends found on most pig iron I've seen. Message: If I needed a bunch and the rounded ends are important, I would take styrene and make 3 or 4 "masters" out of styrene strip shaped with files.
Message: For those who weren't at the steel modeler's meet, the rest must have been in Pasadena. Message: In my recent post in the B&SGE's model rr construction forum I promised to post some shots I took while proofing the reworked track in the blast furnace area at Richmond Furnace. Message: Your doing the right thing Vagel, and while finding these irritating problems is in fact, well, irritating, remember that down the road as you work out these issues, operations will become more rewarding.
Message: Today was supposed to be the last regular work session for the month due to Scout camp commitments, but Don had a Doctor's excused absence, and I didn't really want to make puff ball trees anyway. Message: After several months of experimentation with operating trains on the standard gauge part of my combined narrow gauge Blacklog & Shade Gap Eastern and standard gauge PRR Cumberland Valley Branch layout, I've come up with a scheme of operations that works pretty well. Message: BLI's release of the PRR L1s 2-8-2 has finally allowed us to operate all trains on the standard gauge part of the layout with motive power appropriate to the period (1938) for the Cumberland Valley Branch.

The Otter Valley Railroad of father and son team, Roger and Lorne James, represents a bridge line connecting with all the major railroads in Southern Ontario.
One of the best layouts on the tour was the Ontario Western built by Don Pearce and friends. If you are curious about the Internet, social media like Facebook and Twitter, and want to know more about what's going on in the wide, wide world up in the clouds, and especially if you have any desire to do something for yourself, I urge you to take a little time to watch the video below. Also depends on whether the furnace was casting pig in floor molds or in a casting machine, which wouldn't produce pigs with tapered ends. By the authority vested in me by absolutely nobody, I hereby commission you General Keller, ACE, for getting those trains through all that mountainous terrain. It can be adjusted to compensate for humidity changes, but they seldom have to do so.The door locking mechanism also provides an electrical cut-out to disable track power on the approaches. You've gone to great pains to replicate the operations of the area, and now the railroad will dictate certain things to you, such as the number of operators and the actual schedule. Bill had recently moved from Cambridge which means he was in the process of rebuilding his West Highland Central HO railroad. Think this is going to make a nice place photos as more scenery is done.Really jealous of your Hon3 section. The layout is roughly 19 X 13 feet and represents a fictional line from Stratford to Goderich in the 1950s. This was independent of the Woodstock Turn train meet and was not sponsored by the NFR.There are layouts and trains in Z, Nn3, N scale including an Ntrak modular layout, HO modular layouts and Lionel 0-27.
They are dealers for Lok Sound which they consider to be the best sound for installation in locomotives.

Army facilities at Carlisle Barracks, which during the 1930s was home to the Army's Medical Field Service School (today located in San Antonio, TX) came to mind. 15, the Ore Turn West, to take empties from the ore dump track at the blast furnace up to the mines on the Buchanan Branch. They demonstrated the sound for us while operating the railroad.I have included some video clips. Bill uses computer-generated switchlists to control train movement with up to six operators. The only difference between the J1 and the J1a was that the J1a  used carbon boiler plate while the J1 used carbon-silicon boiler plate. The J1 and J1a locomotives spent the war  years hauling freight on the railroad west of Altoona. The locomotive in ho scale is reproduced very well, but some important details should be added. Below, 695-431 has returned to Chambersburg as (696-442), the Richmond-Harrisburg Mail, where the shifter has removed the express reefer and shoved it into the Cold Storage siding.

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