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One of the most popular songs is "Hajimeteno no Oto" The lyrics goes like: What was the first tone? If you like to see Tokyo from above, then you may want to visit Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings in Shinjuku. There are two souvenir shops at the top floor, where I always stop by and make my own name sticker for only 300 yen ($2.5). In the entrance, you will give your shows to the reception; so that they make sure that you won't go away. YKK stands for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha ("Yoshida Company Ltd"), named after its founder Mr. According to the current ???? (????????, Imperial House Law), Emperor should be a man from the Imperial Family.
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If you take ??? (Chuou sen, Chuou line) in Tokyo, you will see a fishing pond from ??? (Ichigaya station). I have received the Outstanding GSI Award for this year, which is given to the best 20 graduate student instructors (GSI) each year among over 2,000 ones at U-M.
If I compared with NYC, Paris, London and Barcelona, based on my experience, I would say Tokyo has the cleanest, safest and most reliable subway system. Then, your attention probably is attracted into the façade of the building in the back. It seems to be imbalanced and disproportioned structure at the first glance, but I hope you appreciate the spirit of Japanese Gardens (????, Nihon Teien), the hidden perfect calculation. I see many scenes of Tokyo in ``Para-Kiss'' that I am familiar with: ???????????????????? (Harajuku Eki, Takeshita Doori, Shinjuku 3-chome, Shibuya Dougenzaka).
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The Q line makes subway riders gush online, while the C and R trains are the most reviled by commuters, according to an analysis of Yelp reviews. Almost 1,600 straphangers have used the site as their soapbox -- not to leave snarky reviews of restaurants or coffee shops, but to dish on the ups and downs of commutes. Across the subway system, riders chided their lines, penned love letters, and even anthropomorphized their trains by addressing them on Yelp.

Although commuters griped about incessant "train traffic" delays the Q always seems to be battling, the express line generated some of the most fawning reviews. Some riders feel so loyal to their subway lines, they admitted feeling guilty when they see other trains. Other subway lines' Yelp pages were a source of free therapy for downtrodden commuters who griped about ancient subway cars, long platform waits and excessive doorblocking. Unsurprisingly, the L train also inspired 190 reviews with Brooklynites trashing the sardine-can trains during rush-hour but raving about the cars' cleanliness. The local line, which runs from the Bronx to lower Manhattan, is ripped by commuters for being jam-packed and having a heavy population of doorstanders, as well as not running often on nights and weekend. The express line, which runs from the Bronx to Manhattan and Brooklyn, was praised for short platform waits, and ripped for frequent construction work and panhandlers. The express line, which runs from the Bronx to Brooklyn, was chastised for dirty subway cars and cheered for its speed and reliable air-conditioning.
The express line, which runs from the Bronx to Brooklyn, was knocked for train delays and overcrowding, and complimented for its clear audio announcements.
The express train, which runs from the Bronx to Brooklyn, was praised for its speed and criticized for heavy construction work on the weekend. The Queens line runs between Flushing and the MTA's newest stop on 34th Street and 11th Avenue, with both local and express trains. The subway's most modern line -- and also most synonymous with Brooklyn -- runs between there and Manhattan. The J train runs express and local from Queens to lower Manhattan, passing through northern Brooklyn. You get to talk about it to other people and act like a condescending New Yorker (which we all love to do). Proximity to a subway: When it comes to getting around NYC, the subway will be your safest bet. Pet friendliness: While pet owners will always remember to check, non-pet owners should consider this too. Its local stops come in handy while still getting you where you need to go in a timely fashion.
It is awesome, the movie is perfectly corresponding to the lyrics and the vocals are good too. Riders hate the crowds, bunching-up of trains, and delays, but give the line props for convenience and say it's more reliable than the E train.
7 wasn't deemed the best or the worst in the subway system, but the elevated Queens line sparked 197 reviews-- more than any other service.
It's praised for being dependable and one of the city's better lines, as well as often having Wi-Fi. Riders approved of back-to-back service on the frequent line, and dissed its heavy crowds and delays. Riders say it's a cheap way to get from Kennedy Airport to Manhattan, love skipping the stops between 59th and 125th Street, and roast the line's subway acrobats, panhandlers, and weekend service. Riders hate the inaudible announcements and want weekend service, but say it's a fast train that is easy to get a seat on.
Remember that time I left a package in your 110th terminal and when I came back to get it the bomb squad had taken it?

Riders despise the long platform waits and ancient subway cars, but like how close its subway stations are to Central Park.
Riders hate the crowds, bunching-up of trains and delays, but they give the line props for convenience and say it's more reliable than the E train.
Reviewers say the service is so miserable that they are better off walking between the two boroughs -- while others say it's an interesting and unique line. Riders say they feel like a sardine and hate on the hipsters, but they also say it's clean and comes every few minutes. Commuters rip it for being unreliable and not running often, but they praise it as a way to avoid L train riders. Subway riders love its clean, new cars, clear announcements, and that the line is an express alternative to the R train.
Riders praise its reliability, cleanliness and speed, but they say it's often delayed by train traffic and that there are too many rats. The Q train is obviously the best part of the yellow line, what with it being express and all. Commuters say it's the worst line, the slowest and most unreliable, but they admit it's easy to get a seat and read a book on the line's odyssey through the city. Riders dislike the hard-to-hear subway announcements, the unreliability of the line and platform waits. Without surge charges and traffic jams, the subway is often the most reliable way to get to work and around the city.
Look into what gym experience you want (Equinox, ClassPass or Blink?) and discover your workout options. Since the age of 12, when I began taking public transportation all by myself, I've lived through my share of subway horror stories. 7 for signal problems, service shutdowns, crumbling stations, and overcrowding, but appreciate being able to check their email on the elevated line. They like the scenic views from the elevated line going between Manhattan and Brooklyn and say it's convenient to be able to go from northern Brooklyn to lower Manhattan. While some may offer reasonable or familiar stores, other neighborhoods may only have smaller mom and pop shops. Whether a business consultant or a passionate traveler, consider your best options for an airport.
I've experienced things during my daily commute that would make any sane person want to swear off of public transportation all together. While NYC encourages you only to consider space (and usually not a lot of it) and no-fee apartment hunts, here are some other NYC apartment search requirements you should really consider. And when possible, I take the 5 trains that have never failed to serve me well, and avoid the ones that have let me down.
So here is the Native New Yorker's ranking of the 5 most reliable subway trains (from best to worst)!

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