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If you live in the NYC or New Jersey  area, it’s a great idea to get to know the Metro North train schedules. Metro North provides train service from north of NYC and parts of New Jersey into Grand Central Station, located at Park Avenue between 42nd and 45th Streets. When last we checked in on the F Express Plan at the end of August, we had assumed things were at a standstill.
But yesterday, The Gowanus Lounge broke the news that now the MTA has changed its stance on this express service. At The Gowanus Lounge, one of the commenters was dismayed at the lack of express service in the Windsor Terrace and Carroll Gardens areas. But more vital is a quote from MTA spokesperson Jeremy Soffin: “You can’t operate express service while work on the F express is ongoing. Well… I personally doubt they will do it even if the rehab project somehow falls behind. Also, this means they would have to find the money to fix the signals and then find the money for the extra man power on the V train as well as getting the extra cars to create the train consist. Judging by the condition of the viaduct, would it really be a good idea to start any sort of express service? How do residents of Carroll Gardens feel about the proposed stations considering they are not exactly getting the express at their stop?

The lower level of Bergen street… It looks like they would have to do a whole lot of fixing to get that station customer worthy. The Metro North provides transportation to many places and many people, making the MTA operator the second largest on the continent! The MTA had finally explained the Culver Viaduct rehabilitation project in a way that highlighted exactly why Brooklyn wouldn’t be able to enjoy express service along the Culver line until 2012 at the earliest. According to Andrew Inglesby, assistant director of government and community relations at the MTA, who spoke on Monday the Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association meeting, the MTA could grant express service to the F line next year if the rehabilitation project falls behind schedule.
So, an F Express could make an appearance for a year or 18 months, if there is a delay in the big repair project. Knowing their track record on major construction projects — Times Square BMT corridor or that Cortlandt St. The F trains running express would probably stop at Jay Street, 7th Avenue and Church Avenue. Simply put, the express trains can stop only where there are express platforms, and those stops listed by Inglesby are the ones on the Culver Line with that option. While I doubt the MTA would fall an entire year behind on the F train, at least they are dangling this carrot. He’s been very responsive in dealing with and addressing those of us heading up this grassroots movement.

Now if only we can get a super express to Coney Island (when they rebuild it that is) on the N line. It will slow down those already on the F express to Manhattan, and won’t really serve the residents of Carrol Gardens anyway due to their proximity to Manhattan and the fact that service is local after Bergen anyway.
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That project was due to be completed approximately 10 months before it was finally finished. Between the V and G trains stopping at Bergen Street, that is plenty of service for those in the area. As soon as that service can become a reality, we’ll have express service on the F line. It might be ok to run train through there on a temp basis, but on would be a permanent weekly basis could raise the danger level for passengers. The other side could argue that the MTA should not need straphangers to complain about such obvious issues.

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