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On this day in 1991, a train derailed while apporaching 14th St-Union Sqaure, killing 5 and injuring over 200. You know I could never understand why the conductor, that off duty MTA civil servant on board or the passengers on that train never did something to stop that train. New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. A track worker suffered severe burns to his face, neck and legs when a cable made contact with the third rail, triggering an electrical explosion at the Union Square subway station early Thursday, sources said. Wilbert Cummings, a power distribution maintainer, was part of a crew that was doing maintenance on the Lexington Ave. Cummings was in considerable pain after the accident, but treatment and medication have eased his suffering, Transport Workers Union Local 100 President John Samuelsen said. Cummingsa€™ partner, Shivone Burnette, said it was a a€?nerve-wrackinga€? experience when she first learned what happened, according to union officials. The police said he had been drunk when he ran his train across a switch at high speed.Five people were killed and more than 200 injured in the crash, the worst New York subway disaster in 63 years.
Could it have been kept around as a spare instead of being scrapped (or was it sent to the FDNY training center)? Could it have been kept around as a spare instead of being scrapped (or was it sent to the FDNY training center)?I think it was reefed. Many others, discouraged by the crush, trudged to work on foot, and some arrived hours late.Some of the passengers on the southbound train said the motorman had been speeding. There was preliminary evidence that the train was going too fast when it derailed while switching from the express to the local tracks about 100 yards north of the station, transit officials said at a City Hall news conference.An automatic safety device designed to stop a train from going too fast through the switch appeared to have been tripped, the transit officials said.

The line carries about 425,000 people an hour during an average rush hour, transit officials said. Investigators at SiteCity, state and Federal transit investigators pored over the crash site yesterday.
Kiepper said the wreckage from the 10-car train would not be removed until the investigators finished their work. It veered right, striking the western wall of the subway tunnel, and then caromed left, slashing through more than a dozen steel beams, according to transit officials, emergency workers and passengers.Most of the first car was sheared in half, lengthwise. Most of the front of the car was also severed from the rest of the train, coming to rest with its front wheels jutting into the air just 10 to 15 yards from the station platform.The next four cars also derailed, with the third and fourth cars sustaining the most damage.
Bill Olsen of the city's Emergency Medical Service, as he inhaled deeply while taking a break on the street.
Juan Garcia of the Police Department's emergency service unit said bodies were strewn about. One landed on top of a car, said the sergeant, who added that he had found a shoe with a foot in it lying on the track.It took nearly four hours to remove all those trapped in the twisted metal. About 138 passengers were sent to 12 hospitals in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, transit officials said.
Steven Darden, a 33-year-old Transit Authority employee, was buried under a pile of steel in the second or third car, according to several rescue workers. Darden, as medical workers gave him fluid intravenously and rescue crews worked to pry him loose.Mr. Ray had previously been tested twice for drugs by the Transit Authority, and was found to be drug-free each time, Mr.

Ray was also tested in January after he ran a red signal while operating a train at 167th Street, Mr.
He was suspended without pay for three days for the violation, said Jim Gannon, a spokesman for the Transport Workers Union.Late to WorkMr.
Ray, who was driving his customary route yesterday, reported late to work, causing the train to run a few minutes late, Mr.
He drove erratically as he headed south from the Woodlawn Station in the Bronx, according to both passengers and transit officials.
Ray said he was fine, and he apparently did not overshoot any stations in Manhattan.A conductor who thinks a train is not operating under proper control can radio the command station, Mr. In an emergency, the conductor can even tell the command station to shut off power on the line.
Ray said last night that they never saw him drinking on the job and that he was the last person they would expect to use crack. They commented at the transit dispatcher station at the Woodlawn subway station in the Bronx.

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