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Do a little investigating and you’ll find that trains are a consistent metaphor throughout Black American literature, storytelling and song, particularly pre-Civil Rights era. There was a time when it was popular for damn near every blues singer of note to draw upon a common well of material. Although we are mindful that this is the age of bottled water, we obviously believe that water from an ancient well is good for what ails us, thus we’ll keep on giving short sips from the deep, deep well of blues classics. People wanted to hear the familiar only done in a different way, so a singer had to find their own way into a song if they hoped to make any noise to which folks would pay attention.

Instead it symbolizes the distance (either real or metaphorical) between the singer and his used-to-be lover. Most everybody sang it, sometimes mostly like Leroy Carr first recorded, other times in some idiosyncratic way that reflect the performer’s tastes and proclivities. Despite that, I have to admit I still prefer the rocking and rolling of Slim’s uptempo cover.
The song tells the story of a guy who finds himself at the train station trying to figure out how long has the evening train been gone because that’s the train his baby caught after she left him.

Despite the somber tone of the lyrics, Slim and Curtis play the song with a rollicking feel and at a jaunty pace, both more suggestive of a Saturday night at a juke joint than an evening spent alone, pining for an absent woman.

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