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Nettlebridge Church and the branch line station overlook the layout, providing an attractive rural scene for this end.
The new and the even newer - Tornado provides an up to date background for the modern freight service. At first I wasn’t going to keep it until I noticed there is a customer that does actually have a crossover on their siding and it may provide an escape for the RS. Continuing westwards, you have the area I mentioned, bounded by South Agassiz Street and South Lumber street.
But I think you would have to do a bit of cut and paste to create a composite scene consisting of parts from here and there to create an interesting switching layout from Flagstaf. Well, for my part, I'm looking at it as a convenient way to get an easily transportable layout.
While walking through the offices at MR, we came across a couple of recent MR Project Layouts. I was in Milwaukee on business with another model railroader about 1983, and we dropped by the old downtown location one afternoon and got a nice tour. It was great seeing pics of the "Myrt" - there certainly has been a lot of progress since we spent lunch hours ripping sheets of Masonite for fascia and laying what seemed like endless stacks of flextrack!I got a tour of MR back in my early Navy days from Gordy Odegard.

Track maintenance has recently taken place, and a number of specialist track maintenance vehicles are parked in the yard. Allows you to get in a lot closer, to see a lot more than Aerial picture view, and to rotate around an object to look at it from different directions - good for trying to discern track patterns. So you need to select a location that supports that when you pick what to model, and you need to adapt the plan to make it switchable. Switching would be exclusively in-plant switching, but it might have proved interesting to do that, if that sounds interesting to you.
I'm leaning at the moment more towards TTTrak-type modules with which I can eventually put together a proper portable layout. And though JD probably holds the record for "most tours given by one staffer" I gave many, many tours in my time at MR. Our layout here at home will have a base height of roughly 50 inches giving a bit of an overhead view for me but, right now, it gives a trackside view for my children! The self-locking nature of the Kato sections is what holds the modules together on the tabletop. The crossovers are also handy when the modules are connected into a larger layout (but see caution below).

The diagram above explains one scheme for determining where the various commodities are to be placed. I could start with Place A, Place E and Place G, then later if I wish, add Places B, C, D and F without trouble!
Dustin really liked that one, and so did I.Parked in the hallway right next to the N Scale layout was the Beer Line Project. The art department, the workshop (especially if there was a project that hadn't appeared in the magazine yet) and, of course, the Myrt were the highlights. Here we see the Schlitz Brewery.While we were in the MR workshop, we saw the most recent project, "The Virginian". Here we see the Schlitz Brewery.So what happens to the project layouts after they have been featured. Case in point, the extension from the "Turtle Creek Central" is currently being used on the Virginian build.

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