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Pilentum had the opportunity to visit a large model railway layout from a manufacturer of digital model railway control systems in Germany.
I worked for many years for J Sainsbury, in various locations around Stamford Street, at the Blackfriars Road end, which would have been close to the proposed route. In this scenario Stamford Street got a station on the Elevated Electric line (at the Blackfriars Bridge end) with high-level walkway connections to J Sainsbury Stamford House(for staff only), the tram stop in Blackfriars Road & to Blackfriars Station on the north side of Blackfriars Bridge. I did remember to take all the exhibition papers for David & some green paint (almost certainly the wrong green) to paint the patches to the scenery where the point switches were.
I am not sure if you can get these items over there but here we have what is called pringles they are like a chip but better and they come in a round can and my young son and I came up with the idea of using the can as our tunnel they are just the perfect size for the H O scale train to fit through. Just a thought – which may be old hat to some but I have never come across it in anywhere. Pringle’s canisters make well proportioned silos for and industrial set-up for grain.
Hi Peter at a glance i woud say that you may ned an ambo for the parking lot attendant looks like he got bold over lol (third pic parking lot) very good. N scale Fox valley model of the AC4400 and kato, Atlas or athearn version eg which one of these models would win for detail and smooth running. For freight stock, been looking st BLMA, Fox valley, kato or atlas, impression of detail, anything like there HO cousins?

Lastly, Coaches, are the kato coaches currently in production where as detailed as there HO cousins from kato or walthers streamliners that are currently in production.
I do not think it was the sherry Dave had, I think he may be on something else, I would question what he puts in his Pipe?????? The company Rautenhaus is known for offering complete solutions for digital model railway control systems. How even more fascinating would my working life have been if I could have gazed out of an office window every day to see steam engines passing by! HM Government sanctioned the work as a priority to enable the completion within 5 years of VE Day. Had found plans for one in Model Railroader and i built it 2 levels with a 6 turn helix to get up and down . My advice is dont be afraid to redue what you dont like .enjoyment is the name of the game in model railroading .
I am now on my third small layout and having struggled to remove the track from the previous one this tip does seem to answer all the points (or as they say today) Ticks all the bocxes .
They can be used like an artist’s pallet, to mix paints or washes in when you are creating your back drops or scenery. Digital command control are the modern alternative to control a layout and greatly simplify the wiring and add more flexibility in operations, for example DCC, RMX, Selectrix by Minitrix, handhelds, wireless handhelds, locomotive decoders, controllers, central unit, boosters, Marklin Digital, Trainmaster, Hornby, DYNATROL, Digitrack, Rail-Command, KATO Digital, RailMaster, Rocrail, accessory decoders or sound and function decoders, etc.

Of course there would have been locos in company livery; in those days dark brown with yellowy- gold lettering. With my poor vision, I wish that I could do quarter to half as good as you, when I get to start creating my layout.
Or they can be used when creating trees by using the large section to hold your primary colored flocking material while the other two smaller sections can hold your highlighting colors.
To ensure, that customers do learn and do understand, how digital model railway control systems are working, this beautiful N Gauge layout exists.
Starting my layout today, will send pictures, I have already had the students at my school make the board and desk to hide the layout i’ll send photographs next week your work is going to be very difficult to equal.
When filming Pilentum gave special attention to the rolling stock in N scale or in scale range 1:160.
Would you consider producing a ‘How-To-Video’ of how you do your video production?

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