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UNITRACK moves into the city, with Dio-town compatible street plates and embedded road track perfect for trams and streetcars. Long desired by modelers looking to create urban and city type environments in which to operate their trains (be it for inner city trams or to replicate heavier weight train lines that allow freight and commuter lines to run through city centers), UNITRAM offers a versatile street track system that integrates with the included road places to create the illusion of a proper city environment.
Using both standard Unijoiners and variable track spacing on both straights (25mm) and in curves (33mm - standard double track width), it is possible to connect UNITRAM street tracks to both Kato UNITRACK single or Concrete-tie double tracks, allowing easy integration into existing layouts.
The track itself combines with street plates that use DIO-TOWN type connectors (Seen left, click for a larger image), allowing them to connect to other available street plates in the Kato UNITRACK product line.
The Basic V50 (seen to the right, click the image for a larger view) can be used both independently as a compact city within your layout (the central area is designed to fit a number of Kato Dio-town buildings, or can be linked to a double track or multiple single track UNITRACK layouts thanks to the connection methods mentioned above. UNITRAM is available both individually as well in a variety of packaged sets with Left-handed (Japanese style) street printing.
To download the English language instruction manual for the V50 and UNITRAM track system, CLICK HERE. CLICK HERE to download a package scan with instructions for how to set up the UNITRAM turnouts. UNITRAM Accessory kit - includes fences, street lights, traffic signals, and plate joiners.
Tidy Track, TT4550 Rail Tracker Cleaning Kit (N & HO Gauge), Clean track with your eyes closed!

I still need to figure out the specific needs (in terms of carloads) of the industries, as well as the float schedule and other operational details. Right now I’m focusing on the original straight shelf, so if anyone has any thoughts, criticisms, concerns, or suggestions, please feel free! I'm not an N Scaler myself, but I found your layout interesting as it models an area I've actually been through on rails - Rainer, OR.
Since you'll be dealing with carfloat car volumes, you're probably okay with enough classification tracks to handle twice a carfload worth of cars. Looks like it worked, so I went back and replaced the tiny picts with resized ones.  Hope that's easier on the eyes! Okay, set the size of the displayed images - if you click on them you get a new window that will let you display the image at it's full (and very readable) size. It does look pretty workable - I take it that the second track at the Dam Construction camp goes nowhere? Thanks, Bill, for taking the time to detail out the issues with the construction of the modules themselves. Use of these plates is optional for those modelers who wish to use their own scenery and cityscapes with Kato UNITRAM track. Additionally, other sets of UNITRAM pieces can be used to create larger and more elaborate street track setups.

The Rail Tracker cleaning tool actually follows the track and hugs the rail while you clean, and makes it easy to clean hard to reach areas, like inside tunnels, around structures and under power lines. There's a slight angle on the modules, so the left comes out and extra 2 inches in the middle, while the right dips in 2 inches.
That would be a nice place to have a big crane that would span both tracks for transloading cargo. The only thing I would add is that at Rainier, there was a logging railroad, so you might want to add a connection. All of the information that you need can be found below, and you can contact your local hobby store to confirm availability.
Oregon was very well known for it's logging Railroads, so this might help to set up a locale.

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