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It has been a crazy time for me because of huge work pressure, other responsibilities and as always, due to my varied interests in many subjects. By the way, I forgot to mention that, the counter weight here is merely a representation-made out of cardboard. If you have noticed, I have left a small extension on the other side of the trunnion as opposed to the leaf (circled in the picture). Well, frankly speaking this has been a different genre of challenge to me, as I have not built any operational models so far in my life. Just before I started building the bridge, I realized that I need a lot of thin wood beams to actually build the truss! The Tower Truss is built on a comparatively heavy wooden block (actually a pair of Jenga block glued together!). I am still deciding on how to operate the bridge-and decided on one thing, that the closing action of the bridge will be totally gravity driven-controlled by a mechanism which will make the animation prototypically slow.

I know it's crude, but I initially thought of hand driven tiny pulley system to lift the bridge-pulling from the point as marked by an arrow in the picture. In the layout design, I will have a small entry to the port for the carfloats, barges, small cargo ships etc, and I would need a small lift bridge for that. Since I had nothing even near to the number of beams I needed, I looked around for an opportunity to improvise.
The only challenge while building a rocking truss is that it does not have any solid, fixed support. Alignment in any moving part in N scale is a challenge, especially if they involve alignment of track. But soon I discovered, that the idea is foolish, if talking mechanically-the mechanical advantage becomes a tiny fraction and it will require relatively a large force to lift the bridge. Also, I my wife has made tiny rivets using drops of acrylic paints - little blobs of gray paint in series using a toothpick!

Initially I had no intention of making a complex design and thought of making a fixed structure, but later I thought that why not take the challenge of adding a little more animation in the layout other than just trains? So I decided to make the bascule bridge an operational one and also, have the ambition of making a moving carfloat along with it's tug which will move in or out of the port during an operation session. I bought it instantly, and the design is more or less based on the dimension of the wooden strip.

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