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Liste des fabricants de trains miniaturesLe monde du train miniature et du modelisme ferroviaire est issu de l'industrie du jouet.
ArnoldArnold GmbH est une entreprise allemande de fabrication de jouets creee a Nuremberg le 4 octobre 1906. ElectrotrenElectrotren est une marque espagnole de modeles reduits ferroviaires appartenant au groupe Hornby. Model RailroaderModel Railroader est un magasine americain traitant du modelisme ferroviaire.
1-20 of 33 results in Model Trains > Bridge-Trestle-Girder > N-ScaleTruss Bridge N Scale Model Railroad BridgesFind low prices on 33 truss bridge n scale model railroad bridges. The hard part in building a bridge is the compresson or condensing it down and having it look acceptable. The front bridge ( east west, Oakland to Salt Lake) is totaly scrach built except for using the side deck plates from ME and CV kits. The main deck truss was from another single jig, If I make a mistake then its on both sides and symetrical LOL. Parts, 2 72 foot plate girger bridges, 1 150ft ME tall steel viaduct, 7- CV bridge girder kits, 2 ME deck girders, Plastruct and Evergreen H beams and various channels, straps ect. To be somewhat prototypical, does a Truss or Plate girder bridge have to rest on the abutment shelf or can it be on the top of the abutment?

I believe that the end spans of a bridge structure rest on the abutment shelf because the remaining vertical part of the abutment acts to hold back the earth, stone, rock, or whatever terrain that leads up to the bridge.
To look at this question a different way, typically there's a retaining wall at the top of an abutment to allow the subgrade and roadbed to be built right up to its back side, with the track running across the top of this wall and onto the bridge. Because of its short span, there appear to be no bridge shoes or rollers, although I'd guess that the girders would be sitting on a steel plate atop the concrete. You know, you guys are absolutely correct, I should have figured out a way to cut off some of the abutment. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
Started building small curved wood trestles, then kit bashed a Walters so mine would look a tad different(no one has noticed yet LOL ). Main bents are on a curved track, the outside bents legs have 3 degrees more then the inside legs. Its far better to take the time and build a good jig to keep things in better alignment and save one a lot of headaches later and reducing shortcut pieces heading for the scrap box. What appears to be a shelf or step is actually the top of the main structure of the abutment constructed to support the bridge. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).

This bridge is 37 in long and would be several feet in lenght.I have heard of one model 14 feet long, I offen wonder if he ended up in a straight jack as thats a lot of bridgeLOL. The height of the retaining wall is equivalent to the depth of the bridge's deck structure plus the height of whatever shoes or pedestals the bridge rests on, so the top of the bridge deck matches the top of the retaining wall, at least approximately. After glue set up I reclamped it on that side and slid more x member pieces in the H colum. The Backtrack is of interest because there was often a set of section gang cars there, almost a permanent camp! I'm with the other poster--why couldn't you shorten the abutment by cutting it to fit?
I have a set for my GN Beiber consisting of 2 bunk cars, a cookhouse car, a shop car and tool car.
Maybe I should get out of the hobby altogether since it probably gives you some sleepless nights thinking a slipshod modeler as myself is contaiminating your hobby.

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