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I initially drew the terminal in HO scale and when I finally decided to build it I opted for N scale.
After building all the HO scale trackwork I felt that maybe there are some techniques that would allow an N scale version to be produced, and in code 40 to boot. This weekend I was able to produce the quad diamond in N scale and it turned out very well.
After reviewing the post I realized the images look like the trackwork might have been scaled down in Photoshop. In this densely packed intersecting trackwork, one could find some Italian spirit, if you like.
But apart from that, I had some kind of d?ja vu when I first saw the general track plan of your yard. Informative Daily Blog with diverse modeling topics related to miniature railroading, such as 15" gauge live steam, HO, N, ON30 and Garden scales. Denny's blog covering his N scale layout representing a portion of the Southern Pacific Coast Line in Central California between Callender and Surf, including the Guadalupe yard, set in the early 1970s. Metal replacement wheelsets in a variety of sizes and precision as drop in replacements for commercial plastic wheels. Peco is improving with their line of code 55 though the ties are all wrong in just about every dimension and still look more European than American.
Code 40 corresponds to about 115 lb rail in N scale, code 55 is about 160 lb rail in N and code 80 is over 200 lb.
By comparison to the code 55, code 40 is a little light for mainline rail and would leave a big question regarding how to represent lighter secondary track. The code 40 is a lot flimsier compared to code 55 and it remains to be seen if it will stand up to normal use okay, particularly the point rails. Coxy,I'm at the point of ordering the jigs from Fast Tracks, as I need a few turnouts for an industrial area.
Hi Dennis,It's been a slow summer I have to say and I haven't come down on either side yet. Coxy,Thanks for the reply; I've been spending my money on wheels and such through the summer, and have to agree on the FVM wheels, they are sweet.
Hi Daryl,All the gaps will be cut with a jewelers saw prior to installing the trackwork in place. They can be hard to find, but there are really thin diamond dremel wheels that go through track like butter.

Below are a collection of individual galleries of images that have been posted on the Bronx Terminal and Port Kelsey Railway blogs (the two sites I have hosted over the years) . I have had feedback from people stating that it is hard to find images on the blogs, which I can understand. This gallery contains all the images of the HO track construction phase of the Bronx Terminal.
This gallery contains only the images of the N scale version of the Bronx Terminal, built in early 2007. High Dynamic Range photography is a technique where images of different exposures are combined into a single exposure using software. This gallery features several close shots of the modeling work being done by our small group of select modelers from the Southern Ontario of which I had the honour of being invited to join.
Not everyone is a fan of HDR imagery, this gallery is a collection of images of the station that have not been processed with High Dynamic Range techniques. While at the Springfield train show last weekend I took a few pictures, well, 650 to be precise. Hi, stumbled across your site while researching RR crossing shanties, and saw your beautiful crossing tower (London, Ontario) I was wondering if you had ever made it into a kit and if so, is one still available?
Since March of 2007 I have been documenting the construction of the former CNJ Bronx Terminal in HO scale. Could it be the case that these Bronx yards had originally been built by some Italian immigrants? Micro Engineering and Atlas are making a pretty decent stab of things in terms of appearance but don’t have all the votes yet in terms of reliability.
Even if the commercial guys get it all right, the flange ways will still be oversize to make sure that every car ever released in N scale can bounce their way through the turnout. Mainline rail is typically 139 lb so what size rail does the best job of representing prototype size mainline rail? Code 80 is almost twice as high as the prototype mainline rail and looks very unconvincing as a result. I have a few projects lined up this summer on the small test layout seen in the blog to figure it out.
Even in England you feel guilty about being in doors on the layout when the weather is nice.I'm looking to order the template kits for the first round of building by the end of the month, as long as I can source rail. I was one of the people in the park that night bailing out tent tops as we tried to save some of them from collapsing.

For my day job, I design track building tools for Fast Tracks, a small company I own and operate. With the darker background, or with ballast applied, the code 55 looks quite acceptable for mainline N scale  track. I'll post my thoughts.I think varying the roadbed height is essential to get track to look realistic.
I agree 100%, it depends a lot on the prototype you are modelling (or at least aspiring to!!).
Code 40 also raises questions about having to modify some wheel flanges, particularly on older locomotives. I tend to spend a fair amount of time checking out the local Richmond Pacific tracks as they are on the way home for me. Or to see my car models running on your layout – click my website for looking models. It's like the difference between watching B&W and color TV, once I used the rail roller, I never wanted to bend by rail by hand! So varying the height is easy, varying tie spacing and condition is easy, varying the ballast from main to secondary is not too difficult, especially working from pictures, varying the paintjob and weathering on the ties and rail is easy so the open question is how much more do you get for the code 40?
Close by, I also enjoy the serious main tracks of the UP Martinez Sub and the BNSF Stockton Sub on either end of the RPRC.As a modeler, I like to think about the contrasts between the two types of track. Mainly because the resulting bent rail is so much smoother on the roller.On a side note, I'm off on a ten-day road trip with Marto following the Santa Fe Transcon out to New Mexico.
I get a big kick out of seeing BNSF stack trains with 4 big dash-9's and over a mile of well-cars loaded with containers rolling down our modest local tracks as they make their way between the Siberia Lead which is all CWR and the UP Cal-P main.
I'm interested in them more from a detection standpoint for use with resistance paint but they look very good and would have no problems on either '40 or '55 track due to nice low profile flanges.I'd suggest you get the jig for whichever code you're most absolutely sure about and start there.
Once you're comfortable with the jig and forming tools, it'll be clearer for you if the next step is to a different code.

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