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ShareThisI posted my first version of a modular track plan on a different forum thread to get feedback. First question for you Ryan, is if you expect to salvage this, or will it be a true Chainsaw?  If you haven't had a lot of construction experience, you may be best served by making something that will see the dust bin eventually.
There is an advantage in my mind to doing this, as you don't have to overly stress about mistakes (in the back of your mind, you know you can put up with it and do it right the next time). If you're intending to incorporate it later, well, than you reallly may want to consider how.
Lance Mindheim has some related small layout books, but I am not personally familiar with them. With your extra 2-feet of length, I'd substitute #6 or #5 turnouts for the #4s so the layout could handle all sorts of locos and rolling stock. With the extra 6 inches of width, I'd put some distance between the interchange tracks and the distributor so trucks could access the industry.
1'X6' N scale switching layout plus car float, could fit in HO scale in 2X12 with a little tweaking. This L-shaped HO MILW-inspired switching layout from MRH July 2009 could be straightened to fit the space.
My minor modification of Jonathan Jones' fabulous 2'X10' HO switching layout from Model Railroader May 2001 makes for more-realistic operation by eliminating the type of switchback arrangement Mark pointed out earlier. Alrighty, so I managed to take in a couple hours at the All Aboard 2012 train show in Saskatoon again this past weekend despite it being a very busy weekend for me. Here are some photos of a wonderful layout from the guys at the Thunder Creek Model Railroad club in Moose Jaw, SK.
I apologize for not knowing whose layout this was, but it was a very nice On30 layout that I wished I would have taken more photos of. You can also see some of the artifacts in the museum in some of the backgrounds of the photos. The above two are of a G Scale layout where they had some for sale (as you can see in the pictures with the boxes). Here is one the kids stopped at a lot to see Thomas and his friends cruising around the track.
As I said in the Steam loco thread, I really like steam but can't justify it for my era and budget. Finally for this post, here is one that I like as it shows off some variety of size and scale to people that may not be that familiar with the hobby. Here is a great little diorama along the right of way - an Area 51 hanger with an alien spacecraft inside and it has lights in there, too, to light it up.
Pretty sure this is an HOn3 layout, as well as the following one - both by the same people. Does the yard need to be efficient (accomplish its function in the shortest possible time) to meet the needs of the timetable?  Or are operations sequential - the train isn't scheduled to leave until the yard is finished making it up?
19 Years old, modeling the Cowlitz, Chehalis, and Cascade Railroad of Western Washington in 1927 in 6X6 feet. What you are talking about is what is called a outlaying yard that is used strictly for the local industries.There will be no engine service area,engine house or turntable.
You still wouldn't need much of a yard 3-4 tracks top and the yard should be doubled ended.
Again, welcome and I hope you will share more photos on the forums either on the Weekend Photo Fun (WPF) or Show Me threads or in the Photo Galleries.
It is composed of a laser cutted freight depot from AMB and a warehouse fully scratch buit with styrene.
Here is a video showing a commuter rolling stock test on the on the Turtle Field division rail. The track on the Turtle Field is Peco code 55 but Spirit of denver will be laid with Altas code 55 track. Most people who don't mention scale are in HO, so I'll assume that's what you are talking about. Walthers has built a diorama of some of the HO kits in 4X8, so it's possible, depending on what you want it to include.

Some of these models take up specific amounts of space and require specifc track spacings, so without knowing the full list that you are trying to accommodate, it's hard to offer advice.
Here's an HO example taken from a custom track plan for one of my clients based on the 90-foot Walthers turntable, six-stall roundhouse, etc. So once you draw out all the components to scale, it may be a bit of a challenge to make them fit in a realistic way. One thing that is very rare on the pototype, but was used in a couple of track plans by John Armstrong, is to use a curved switchback to connect the lead into the engine terminal. I have 4 Different Roundhouse Kits and as I was working on setting up my first HOn3 Roundhouse which is a 7 Stall reproduction of the Rio Grande Southern I must of tryed more than 60 differ Track plans before I desided on the 7 Stall in Ridgway Colorado.
ShareThisWell, here I go again, time to redesign the Credit Valley Railway (CVR) in N Scale. It's interesting to me that you are looking at modeling the CVR as I am starting to model the OBRY (Orangeville and Brampton Railway) which covers part of the same route (Orangeville to Streetsville via Brampton). I have also decided to use N scale and a modular approach but I will be starting with only two modules each 1.5 by 4 feet. All my modules will be able to have cassettes attached to either side to allow modeling beyond the module. I have track plans for each module, but do not know how to set the modules in the given space.
I have not yet moved into my new place, but in the mean time I am starting to build the Sligo Junction Module (60cm x 120cm). Yes, the two copper strips are my Buss wires, using these will prevent me having to solder wires under the layout. If you took both of the long module and placed them end to end, and removed the leftmost turnback module, you would have a layout that could be expanded along the adjacent wall. After a lifetime in construction the hardest thing I deal with now is not physically being able to do the things I used to. Dave Myers introducing me to light weight Gatorfoam has helped make some of my ideas obtainable.
The one you found is workable, as is this one from Byron Henderson's website (it could easily be streched to greater length).
If so, looking at industries or small station stops of that prototype may be a good way to get some inspiration and perhaps lead to some interesting research. Express Building adjascent the Depot neer the diamonds at the 9th street exit off the 10 freeway. It is always nice to see the efforts of our international colleagues and you have done some very impressive work. The D&RGW 48 feet trailler is from deluxe innovation and have been repainted and fitted with micro scale decals. As you can see, it takes up a good portion of the 4X8 even before you connect the lead tracks.
By laying things out on the diagonal and using that switchback, one might be able to get an HO version to fit on a 4X8 with minimal additional trackage. George Laidlaw, was the father of several railways in Southern Ontario, including the Toronto, Grey and Bruce, Toronto and Nipissing, The Victoria Railway as well as the Credit Valley Railway. After moving out to go to unniversity, I attempted twice to build an HO layout, but never seemed to have enough room. I will be using a more traditional plywood and 1x3 pine approach to the modules and hope to add more modules over time. My layout will be set in 1900, sort of a Proto-Lancing, what if the CVR run until the turn of the century.
The track will be raised 10-12 cm above the base on risers and the roadbed will be plywood cookie cutter style, then cork.
The CVR Mainline is wired, the other track, coming from back left to front right is abandoned H&NW track.
A simple procedure I learned from Paul Aegerter, rails and ties are painted with Cinnamon Brown Dollar Store Acrylic paint.
20 inches is plenty wide for N scale, enough room to develop some interesting industrial scenes I'd suggest starting with an interchange track to get the cars on and off the layout.

I had looked at the beer lines layout as an idea to start with, that and the 3rd st industrial district layout. Fortunately that same lifetime of solving problems keeps my mind working to find ways to get past my shortcomings. Either would give you some valuable build challanges for your skills, and would provide operational enjoyment later on. I'm always amazed at how well European modelers capture the look and flavor of American railroads from the other side of the pond. I have some books and internet  can supply too, but some details fall direct from the imagination. Whenever I see pictures like that I can immediately see elements & detail I can add to my layout (also N). The total area is 28" long and 21 inches wide down to 9 inches wide at the 50 foot HOn3 scale turn table. The route was laid out by Frank Shanley, its mainline went from Toronto to Orangeville with branch lines from Cataract to Elora and Streetsville to St.
Then just before my 50th birthday, my wife wanted to rearrange the living room of our apartment.
With 1m deep, there will be a track running along the back of the module to provide continuous running if I desire it.
They make great kits and they always fit together without very much tweeking, I wish all manufacturers were of such high quality.
Once dry just carefully run your thumb nail over the top rail surface and the paint comes off. After removing rolling stock it takes only a few minutes to flip to vertical, that includes roling out the racks stored under the layout.
I'm not representing a specific point in US but if my layout should be a little bit realist, it would be better for me !! What was left after moving the furniture around was a 2m x 4m empty space which I was told was for my new train layout.
With the 0.6m depth the layout will have to have a connecting track Between Orangeville and Cheltenham for the continuous run. In updates to follow I will post additional photos of details and progress to my N Scale Mooers Junction Railroad.
It's a brass kit from yester years, and it is motorised with a rear rotor of pico Z helicoptere. I am also playing with the idea of having a helix behind Cataract that goes to an upper level with six more towns (approx.
To facilitate the necessary towns, the overall linear run of the layout will need to be 14.4m.
Basically when a steam engine came in they drop ash, get washed, get inspected, and go to the Roundhouse for service or storage. Then for my birthday, I received two Bachmann N scale Old Timer Starter sets from my parents.
Next call to duty they get turned the right way, get coal, get water, and get sand, and head out.
This was the start, however, I did not use much of the Bachmann sets, except for locos and rolling stock. That layout was under construction for two years, then my wife decided another rearranging was needed. I have a scratchbuilt turntable myself that is going to need to go somewhere after about 20 other projects.
She decided that the spare room which was setup with two computers and her craft table should be moved to the living room and the layout moved to the spare room. What I will be looking for is a home with a 3.5m x 6m room for a layout (12x20 for the metrically challenged).

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