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Note 3, Exhibition Standard Ballasting: Track is ballasted using a mixture of grey flock powder and wallpaper paste, the result is a high quality ballast effect that will enhance any layout. Hi --- Looking at Justin's thread reminded me how fun really small switching layouts can be. LarryEnginemanSSRy“Shut one’s eyes tight or open one’s arms wide, either way, one’s a fool.” Flemeth.
Layout number 2 gets my vote -- it just looks better than the first one, and it looks like it would be more fun to switch. This is the most complete online database for free model train track plans and layouts of SCARM projects and designs. Small but nice layout design in N scale with scenic ridge and two independent track routes, suitable for continuous running of two passenger or freight trains.

One large around-the-walls layout in N scale, which is representing parts of DM&IR (Missabe) railway, designed in SCARM by John Lemay.
One relatively large N gauge track plan, based on the Mineral Range layout form Atlas book and extended to 4 x 12 feets.
Small but complex N scale layout plan, build entirely with Fleischmann flex-tracks and turnouts, featuring 3 train stations and a lot of running options. Another compact layout in N-scale with oval route, featuring small train station, cargo branch with rolling stock storage yard and a turntable with four tracks. I'm always impressed by your plans and suggestions.I have a N scale layout which was built for running trains in a great scenery (Somewhere West) but now I would like to build a switching layout in HO scale. But never so bad it is not good for something - it gave me time to think some more about the track plan for the small layout.

Search it for railway layouts and railroad track plans by scale, size, tracks and other criteria.
The project is designed by Karlheinz Marks as modular layout in N scale and the construction will start soon.
It is a N scale doubled line folded dog bone for continuous running of 2 trains and a couple of sidings for switching.
I will add 4' and perhaps 6" in the depth because those 60' cars need much more place.

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