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My larger model railroad project centers on a freelance railroad that traverses northern Michigan from Champion to Arvin on Huron Bay. The northern Michigan route from Champion to Arvin and Huron Bay was used by the Iron Range and Huron Bay Railroad.
In my version, the new owners originally the bankrupt railroad to tap the extensive virgin timber in the area.
Moving up the line we pass through the town of Arvin where the slate mine is and a tie mill. Proceeding down the hill we parallel the Peshekee River and enter the mining area of Peshekee. I am scheduled to be on a few business trips in May and will have no time to work on the modules then so I must complete most of the work in April and leave June for touch up and shake down. I am really looking forward to the show this year as my daughter Becky will be joining me as an assistant to help setup the modules and run trains on the Free-mo setup. As I have stated before, I used to be a lone wolf and kept my modeling to myself. Over the past year I have met a few new friends through free-mo and through this blog. Jim contacted me a few months ago about one of the articles in this blog (Peshekee River Railroad). To those of you out there who are lone wolf modelers, no matter your skill level and no matter if you do not have a layout yet, get out there and meet people. You never know what interesting people and surprises lurk just down the street. I decided to attempt a scratch built rail barge based on NS Detroit river barges that ran up to about 1995.
Other future plans that may or may not come to life include: Detroit Salt Company and the Smelter. I enjoy modeling but since I stopped being a lone wolf, I have begun to enjoy the hobby more than ever before. This year I am starting to give clinics on some of the items I have shared or experimented with. I highly recommend that others get involved and join in the interaction. One added bonus when you volunteer, is sometimes you get access to some areas not normally available to the public like I did at the Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad Railfan Weekend. A tour of the back shops revealed the remains of Quincy & Torch Lake 2-6-0 #3 built by Brooks in 1894. Everyone should do something smallIf you have ideas you wish to share, please send them to me (feedback link in the main menu).
Hello all There is a new website for collect together model train track plans and layouts in all scales and sizes, build with SCARM layout design software. The track plans and layouts in the database are growing - now there are more than 40 projects of all scales and sizes. Hello again Many new interesting projects in different scales were added to SCARM Railway Layouts & Track Plans site in the past months. Woodland Scenics is committed to a business practice, which supports the economy of our local community. We manufacture the vast majority of our products at our Linn Creek, Missouri manufacturing plant, which also houses our product development, package and creative design, marketing, sales and customer service operations. Many of the products or parts of the products we manufacture overseas, come back home for packaging and shipping by Woodland Scenics employees. When you purchase Woodland Scenics Quality Brands, you support American manufacturing working in balance with a global economy to support American jobs.

Woodland Scenics leads the world in providing the highest quality, most realistic model scenery for all of your modeling projects! This Each heading at a lower place has ane or more track plans for atomic number 67 Trains. The slate here is considered fine enough to compete with the high quality east coast slate. The line continues south to the City of Champion and the connections with the Milwaukee Road and the DSS&A. The shelf design I have is very unique and several advantages over the traditional open shelf. I committed to have the Boat Yard operational for the 2016 National Train Show  and things are getting tight.
My goal is for getting something out at least once a month but sometimes life just gets in the way!
I find that the interaction has enhanced my awareness of the broad spectrum of ideas, personalities and modeling styles. Unfortunately the frame is so badly worn from its years of service that it will never run again. I am happy to post other peoples layout ideas and information to support small, modular and micro layouts. Designs ideas layouts and paradigm drawings of railway system stations l shaped model railroad track plans. United States President Obama wants to make Mayor Anthony Foxx the next Secretary of Transportation. The original went bankrupt, my freelance version assumes control of the bankrupt IR&HB in 1897 and changes the name to the Peshekee River Railroad. With the coming of the railroad, new pits can be started with heavier equipment making the venture more profitable than it was before. This era intrigues me because of the wide variety of engines and rolling stock that rode the rails at that time. This cut really did exist and the cost of creating it was a major reason that the IR&HB failed. The town of Champion and the interchanges are represented as a small fiddle yard above my work bench.
The basic premise is that empties will need to be delivered to the mines and loads transferred to the mill at least once every day. It seems Jim farms property adjacent to the old right of way and he and his family have been digging up cast away pieces of strap iron for years. To date I have met several other accomplished modelers and have joined them in operating sessions on a local layout.
This past summer I had a rigorous work schedule with many visits, new product launches and being short staffed.
The internet and hobby magazines are great source, but talking to those who take a direct interest in what you present and the interaction it brings is another dimension.
Some of the layouts are already presented in SCARM blog, but there are new projects and more will come soon.
Interchangeable wall sections make easy to build a structure of any size, shape and height.

These multimodule sets Indiana Plans eighty-two and 83 would make the most efficient practice of space in an L shaped room or alcove where the walls would more than or less. It is late enough to have knuckle couplers yet many modern safety devices were still being developed. Most shelves are removable from the wall and each other as self contained modules that include lighting and background.
There is also a removable bridge that connects to the backside of the Huron Bay mill area to allow for continuous running.
Passenger runs will need to be made twice a day to coincide with the operation of the mills, mines and transfers from the Champion connections. At the moment, I am editing and uploading all stuff, but in the near future I plan to add support for user registrations, so everybody to be able to create an account and to upload projects in the site.You can browse the projects in the site or search and filter the track plans by several criteria, such as scale, size, trackage and so on.
The Republicans won’t oppose it because it opens up the possibility of a Republican mayor.
Lumber is still produced but it is primarily used for the local building boom and the timbers required for the mines. With an interchange with the Milwaukee Road and the Duluth South Shore and Atlantic at Champion, supplies, coal and other resources can flow to the mills and mines. Both produce a fair amount of raw ore containing mostly copper and some trace amounts of silver and gold.
Then mix in the interchange traffic for the supply of coal and materials to keep the mills and mine running.
In example, the following link will show the railroad layouts and plans in 00 scale, listed in the site (actually it is only one plan for now).
Throw most of my erstwhile cart track I’d like to start of with axerophthol basic contrive only give birth the ability.
We can also not forget that the lumber spur will introduce a slow moving log train every so often. Every project has its own page, where it is presented with more pictures, described with many parameters (such as minimum radius, maximum grade, suitable traffic, etc.) and sometimes explained by me or by its author.
The track configuration of angstrom model railway layout can make a big difference to the The basic oval shape is the simplest design of manikin railroad layout and is the If you ask an liter molded railroad.
The yard and roundhouse are on a fixed 24 inch by 7 foot shelf that covers a water treatment system. All (or almost all) published layouts will have corresponding SCARM files ready to be downloaded from the links at bottom in the layout’s page. The entire line from the yard to the crossing of the doorway into champion is contained within the shelf modules. There is also an option for each project to be rated with rating stars from 1 to 5 – this is located below the description.The site is optimized for smartphones and tables, so you can browse it almost anywhere and anytime.
Some pictures may not look very detailed on the phone screens, but in overall you can get a good impression even from 320?480 sized cell phone displays.At the moment, there is no option for commenting below the layouts, but such feature may appear in the future. The site is now in beta state and needs to be used for some period in real environment to see how it performs, is it easy and useful, etc.

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