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Astoria Blvd-Hoyt Ave is the second to last stop on the Astoria Branch and located directly above the entrance to the Triborough Bridge. All photos are by Jeremiah Cox This Website is maintained and copyright © 2003-2014, Jeremiah Cox.
New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. A subway operator on the A line recently piloted an express train uptown a€” on a downtown track a€” for several minutes before coming to a stop, according to sources.
A dispatcher tried to contact the crew by radio after realizing the train had pulled out of the Canal St. But the crew later told authorities they never heard the emergency radio broadcasts, the source said. Luckily, the screwup happened on a stretch that, for the most part, is a straight track with good visibility, a veteran motorman said. A MTA spokesman and a union official both agreed this was a serious breach of safety protocols, but said there was no real threat of a collision.
The A train originally was traveling south when signal problems started causing extensive delays in the system.
The proper series of steps would have been to empty the train of passengers, pull into a spur track just south of Canal, and then maneuver through a switch to the northbound express track, authorities said. Instead, operator simply went north on the same southbound track, apparently thinking she would soon encounter the crossover switch she needed by going in that direction.

The MTA has reassigned the A train crew to desk duty as it investigates the misadventure, the spokesman said. 59 Street, is an express stop on the BMT 4th Avenue Subway, just south of the station, the N train and the Sea Beach Line curve into the subway, becoming the express tracks.
30 Avenue-Grand Avenue is a local stop on the BMT Astoria Line with two side platforms for the three-tracked line, both platforms are fully winscreened with cream colored ones and in the middle of the platform there are two staircases from each platform that lead down to a station house and fare control area beneath the tracks, each platform has its own small bank of turnstiles with the token inbetween and a free crossunder by walking through a narrow passageway on the north side of the station house.
It is the one express stop on the line with two island platforms for the 3 track line (when W trains running via the center track weekdays peak direction from its first start of service in July 22, 2011 at that Manhattan Bridge flop and January 15, 2002 when discontinued because it was unpopular with commuters, this was the only intermediate stop between Ditmars Blvd and Queensboro Plaza). 11 ride apparently remained clueless that they essentially were going the wrong way on a one-way street.
If the train operator had been going around sharp curves, and wasna€™t hearing or receiving dispatchers calling out on the radio, this could have ended with a serious crash, the knowledgeable old-timer said.
Dispatchers began rerouting service, and the A train operator was told to was told go back uptown from Canal, sources said. Before it pins all blame on the train operator, the MTA has to answer these questions: Are the crewsa€™ radios inferior to an earlier model, as some workers have claimed? To get to street level two passageways leave this area passing the southern side of the staircases down to this station house from platform level first to the SW and SE corners before an additional area leads to the NW and NE corners of 30 Avenue and 31 Street. The two island platforms give an amazing view of the toll plaza of the Triborough Bridge and are canopied near their midsections but exposed at either end. Both station walls have mosaic trim lines at the top of the white tiles that spell out 59th Street at various intervals, but is extremely faint and a bit hard to read.

Each platform has two staircases in the middle and just south of the middle of the platforms, these each lead to a separate free change of direction cross under and two separate banks of turnstiles with the token booth in between them.
The A train operator was only traveling at 10 mph or less, the union officials said, and was proceeding very carefully. And why, despite all the advances in technology, are motormen and conductors claiming they still encounter a€?dead zonesa€? underground where all radio communications are lost? Both platforms also have two sets along each track of I-beam columns that are painted yellow, both mezzanines also have there original trim lines along their walls. One entrance to the turnstiles along each platform is through enclosures with little windows and the station house is also measly enclosed by windscreened dividers on each of the two sides of the fare control area.
Here no doors, making it not really feel like a station house, lead out to what are signed as overpasses (along with the subway entrance) across the entrance plaza to the Triborough Bridge, beneath each side of the subway elevated structure with a staircase at each of the four far apart corners of this huge plaza along the two roads of Astoria Blvd, the service roads of the Grand Central Parkway and 31 Street. The full time exit is towards the northern end of the platform and there are two staircases up from each platform, to a small mezzanine area with exits to corners of 4th Avenue and 59 Street.

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