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There are  lot of new products here at the show, including some which were just announced today. North American Railcar got the first test shots of their upcoming Potash Cars in last night - they think that they look pretty good, so hopefully that means minimal alterations will be needed before they can go into production. Note the cushion gear mounted on the draft gear and the brake piping goes through the center sill, just as on the prototype. Tangent Scale Models is pleased to announce our next all-new car, the HO Scale General American Dry-Flo covered hopper.
The Tangent Scale Models Dry-Flo covered hopper includes road-specific details accurate for each paint scheme. At more than 100 parts per car, we provide you with an unusual looking yet common, high-value model that will provide you with years of enjoyment. Don’t miss out on the Tangent Scale Models General American Dry-Flo covered hopper, one of the most needed freight cars from the turbulent early-1960s period of freight car development that lasted to the early 1990s! Then it was a few miles north to Windham New Hampshire to photograph the Windham Junction depot and a B&M caboose that is on display there.
That was the end of my outing as I had to go back to Boston to Logan airport to pick up My Girlfriend.
If you could travel on business fast and in comfort there and back between the nearest two city centers easily in the same day, the Seattle-San Francisco-LA-San Diego Corridor would become an economic powerhouse equal to any part of China.
So, in no order other than the one in which I was able to grab them for photography, here are several of the new items. This is not an exhaustive list by any means - I still need to go by Walthers, for instance.

While covered hopper innovations during the 1950s proved valuable to bulk shippers, they wanted covered hoppers that could handle larger quantities of specialized commodities such as such as oats, malt, and rice. Our Dry-Flo hoppers include our finely-detailed gravity-pneumatic outlet gates and are ready for any of the following services on your layout: malt, fertilizer, feed, chemicals, plastics, carbon black, rice, or salt. A sharp gray car, these replicas are available in two road numbers and will stand out on any layout.
These cars come with the accurate black underframe coloring with distinctive open and close lettering in white on the six underbody bays. Like some General American painted cars, these cars include the correct black underframe coloring with distinctive open and close lettering in white on the six underbody bays.
These gray private operator cars include a large blue and white band, and a distinctive red diamond logo.
This car includes the distinctive diamond shaped logo that stands out in white and black on this gray car. Pricing for RTR models is $44.95, with quantity discounts for direct purchases from Tangent Scale Models. Coincidentally, plastic pellet producers were also looking for larger cube covered hoppers that could be easily loaded and unloaded under pressure.
These sharp cars are available in 4 road numbers and are essential for IC and ICG modelers lasting well into the 1980s. These cars are available in 3 road numbers and are essential to NP and BN modelers, as well as interchange roads, and lasted well into the 1980s. We know how to do UP right, and this car includes silver-painted trucks and is available in 4 road numbers.

This car is quintessential 1960s in its appearance, and is a very sharp model, so don’t miss it! Yes the 52259 is same base car but on fixed income the 60$ for trueline kit is my months allowance. The Dry-Flo family of cars was General American’s answer to this call, with gravity-pneumatic or pneumatic-only discharge options available through three different outlet gate versions. Finally, our scale replicas operate as well as they look, equipped with free-rolling all-metal wheels and genuine Kadee® scale couplers, meaning our models are truly ready to run. I wanted to start into the hobby with somethng that would get some skill sets up and running (at 66 I have little time to lose). Oh, and some of our new cars also ride on our new Barber S-2-A 70-ton roller bearing trucks (available separately!), while others ride on our fine ASF 70-ton ride control plain bearing trucks – depending on which truck the prototype rode on! So after 10 weeks, 8 paper clips, lots of wood glue and mittersaw the first 2 are complete. The plans for these 2 have been posted to Hoseeker under Ambroid AFC Center-Flow Covered Hopper. To say nothing of the fact that at 3 hours each I would have built 60 kits in the same time, house would now be to small and that's another 200,000$ for a new house.

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