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Les hebergements prevus pour ce circuit a l’est des USA sont des hotels 3 etoiles en centre ville, situes pres des points d'interets de New York et Boston afin de pouvoir y acceder a pied ou en transports en commun. Nous vous recommandons de prevoir un budget d'environ 350 $ pour tout ce qui est boissons, dejeuners et diners. Supplement chambre single (sous reserve de disponibilite) depart avril : 590 € par personne. En fin de journee, possibilite de grimper au sommet de Top of the Rock, cet immense immeuble, pour admirer le panorama offert sur “Big Apple” (entree en option). Journee memorable de votre circuit a l’est des USA : vous allez decouvrir New York a velo ! Votre circuit a l’est des USA vous mene aujourd’hui en minibus jusqu’a la peninsule de Cape Cod.
Cet itineraire n’est pas fige et pourra etre modifie en fonction de vos interets, de la saison ou des vols, par exemple Boston pourra etre visitee en premier puis Cape Cod et enfin, New York. Ce voyage a l’est des USA est realisable tout au long de l’annee, notez cependant qu’il est plus agreable de parcourir New York et Boston a pied au printemps ou a l’automne lorsque les temperatures ne sont ni trop elevees, ni trop basses. Par ailleurs, de mai a octobre, vous pourrez observer les baleines a bosse qui migrent a Cape Cod. La marche en ville est facile et accessible a tous, pas besoin de faire 2 heures de jogging toutes les semaines avant de partir, ce n’est pas de la randonnee de haute montagne qui vous attend !
Un guide connaissant parfaitement la region et parlant tres bien l’anglais et le francais vous accompagnera tout au long de ce circuit a l’est des USA.
La decouverte de Boston et de New York a pied reste assez sportive, munissez vous de chaussures confortables deja faites a vos pieds. Toronto Blue Jays AdA?n Lind batea para una doble matanza en la tercera entrada contra los Yanquis de Nueva York en el Yankee Stadium de Nueva York el 19 de septiembre de 2012. With a history of reliable reporting dating back to 1907, today's UPI is a credible source for the most important stories of the day, continually updatedA A - a one-stop site for U.S. Metro New York The area surrounding New York City, the largest city in the United States and possibly the most well known and celebrated city in the world. The Catskills Largely rural, wild, and mountainous, the Catskills are a popular vacation destination for New Yorkers, but they also have much to offer the traveler from out of state. The Hudson Valley The state capital of Albany and its surrounding cities anchor the top of the Hudson Valley, which extends south to the outskirts of the New York City area. The Adirondacks The Adirondack Mountains are the true wilderness of New York, protected by an enormous state park that encompasses most of the upper third of the state.
The North Country The North Country is dominated by large open areas between widely spaced cities, with a culture that borrows from neighboring Canada.
Central New York With hills and rivers, cities and farms, hard work and recreation, Central New York is a microcosm of New York as a whole. The Finger Lakes The Finger Lakes are 11 long, thin bodies of water that provide waterfront activities and sightseeing opportunities. The Southern Tier Bordering Pennsylvania's Northern Tier, the Southern Tier is a largely rural area with a few medium-sized cities, but with several cultural and industrial attractions.
The Niagara Frontier The city of Buffalo and the world-famous Niagara Falls are the major destinations in the Niagara Frontier, but the eastern areas of the region also offer attractions focusing on history, agriculture, industry, and the local waterways. New York — possibly the most well known and celebrated city in the world; with towering skyscrapers, ethnic diversity, international corporations, and incomparable culture. Before European settlement, the area now known as New York was home to a number of Native American tribes. A true population explosion was brought on by the construction of the Erie Canal from Buffalo to Albany, completed in 1825.
New York grew and thrived for decades, its cities serving as centers of industry, business, and culture for the entire nation. New York held the title of most populous for over 150 years and has counted numerous important and influential figures among its native sons and daughters. There is no concise way to describe the geography of New York, except maybe to say it is "diverse". North of the Catskills is the Mohawk River valley, which runs from west to east into the Hudson. North of the Mohawk valley and east of Lake Ontario, you can find the vast mountain range of the Adirondacks, which gradually give way to the St. Spring in New York tends to start out cold and damp, especially in areas near Lake Ontario, as the Lake's waters have by then been thoroughly chilled by winter. Leaves start to turn color in September; at their peak, New York's leaf scenery is among the best in the country. International travelers will almost certainly come in via one of New York City's airports; while the major upstate cities have airports that can accommodate international flights, they are now fairly rare. From Ohio and Western Pennsylvania: I-90 becomes the New York State Thruway (see Get around for details) at the PA-NY border.
There are many trains that go through New York, especially through Pennsylvania Station in New York City. Acela Express is a high-speed train through New York City from Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.
Lake Shore Limited goes from Chicago through Cleveland, Buffalo, and Albany to New York City. Major areas of the state are served by an adequate network of Interstate Highways, supplemented by state routes that run between all but the smallest villages.
Expressway exits are numbered sequentially in New York, a fact unremarkable to New Englanders but potentially confusing for everyone else. The most important highway in New York is the New York State Thruway [15], which runs on I-90 from the Pennsylvania border in the west, northeast to Buffalo, then east past Rochester, through Syracuse, and to Albany. To allow travelers to avoid leaving the highway (and paying a toll) before they reach their destinations, the Thruway is dotted with large service plazas every 35–50 miles or so. A cheaper but slightly slower route to New York City from the west is along I-86, the Southern Tier Expressway.
New York has a good network of state routes, supplemented by county routes in some counties.
In general, one- and two-digit state routes will be primary routes, although plenty of exceptions exist; you shouldn't assume anything just from the number. Municipalities in New York are well prepared for winter weather, but it can get so severe at times that even their expert crews can't keep up. Cell phone service can be spotty in the northern part of the state; be aware that you may not be able to easily call for help on the highways in that region. Drivers, front-seat passengers, and children sitting anywhere must wear seat belts with primary enforcement.
You are not permitted to use hand-held cellular phones while driving; hands-free phones are permitted but use with extra caution.
Turning right on red light is permitted after stop, except where signs indicate otherwise like "NO TURN ON RED".
The state speed limit is 55 mph, unless otherwise posted, as is the case with rural expressways being 65.
The Lake Shore Limited from Chicago has stops in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Utica, Schenectady, and Albany; from there riders can switch trains to Boston or continue (with a stop in Croton-on-Hudson) to New York City's Penn Station. The natural beauty of the state is diverse, from the incomparable Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon of the East, Letchworth State Park, to the mountainous unspoiled terrain of the Catskills and the Adirondacks, to the tranquil Finger Lakes.

As a true four-season state, New York's activity schedule varies widely throughout the year. New York City is the cultural center of the country, never mind the state, with countless theaters and world-renowned sports teams.
In the wintertime, New York is no Colorado, but there are plenty of ski areas and hockey rinks.
Oenophiles can visit one of the top wine regions in the country in the Finger Lakes; the entire region is dotted with small towns and villages of historic character, with almost 100 wineries in between. New York's agriculture is also on display at the numerous county fairs held in late summer. New York City is, naturally, the center of professional sports, and you'll find fans of the Big Apple's sports teams throughout the state—even though some of them actually play in New Jersey!
New York high schools are producing some outstanding lacrosse players, and that's reflected in the growing popularity of professional lacrosse.
Soccer is very popular among the youth of New York, but professional soccer has struggled to make inroads. American cuisine is ubiquitous, of course, except perhaps in areas of New York City like Chinatown and Little Italy. Beer and other beverages with a low alcohol content can be found in supermarkets, while hard liquor and wine can be found in liquor stores.
State law stipulates that bars must close at 4am, although individual counties and municipalities may set an earlier closing time; outside of New York City, Albany and Buffalo, bars tend to close much earlier. Dialing 911 on any phone, wireless or landline, is free and will connect you with local police, fire, and ambulance services. In New York State it is illegal to use your cellular telephone while operating a motor vehicle or riding a bicycle, unless it is a hands-free phone. Don't approach wild animals, especially ones that are acting unusually friendly or confused. Upstate New York contains a few species of poisonous snakes, such as the Copperhead, the Eastern Massasauga and the Timber Rattlesnake. DO NOT travel with a handgun into NY state: Anyone in possession of a handgun must have a New York State license issued by a county or major city within the state, such licenses are not issued to non-residents (with minor exceptions for business owners from neighboring states). As per the possession and carrying of firearms (long guns); the laws regarding the transportation of long guns (rifles and shotguns) into or through New York State are similar to the laws of neighboring pro-gun states such as Pennsylvania or Vermont.
If you witness a civilian carrying a handgun in a rural area: Visitors to the New York metropolitan area, who then visit the Catskills region later in the trip, will experience a major cultural change within several hours drive regarding firearms. As of 2015, New York has legalized certain fireworks to be sold an used in parts of the state if a given county permits.
New York was the birthplace of the gay rights movement in the USA with the Stonewall Rebellion of 1969, and same-sex marriage was legalized in 2011 (with the rest of the country following in 2015). Vermont — The fall foliage in New York's northeastern neighbor is a site not-to-be missed, while during the rest of the year the state offers a rural charm unique in America.
Massachusetts — The birthplace of America's revolution, the state's eastern neighbor is home to historical towns, the vacation hotspot of Cape Cod, and the always-interesting city of Boston.
Connecticut — New York's eastern neighbor is home to Yale University, Mystic Seaport, the restaurant and nightlife scene in downtown New Haven, the Maritime Aquarium, and two major Native American casinos. New Jersey — The Garden State is located south of New York, offering everything from the glitz of Atlantic City to the migratory birds of Cape May. Pennsylvania — New York's southern neighbor saw the birth of the nation in Philadelphia and offers rural charm. Ontario — Located just across the Niagara River, this Canadian province shares Niagara Falls and offers everything from the eclectic city of Toronto to the nature of Algonquin Provincial Park.
Quebec — New York's northern neighbor is Canada's French-speaking province, home to a unique culture and distinctly European feel. El 21 de septiembre de 1776, tras el desembarco de los británicos en Kips Bay y de la Batalla de Harlem Heights, un gran incendio destruyo la cuarta parte de la ciudad.
Muchas batallas entre las fuerzas estadounidenses comandadas por George Washington y los casacas rojas. Los soldados implicados fueron juzgados por un jurado compuesto por colonos y con John Adams (Que posteriormente sería el sucesor de George Washington en la presidencia) y Josiah Quincy II, un famoso abogado americano, como abogados de la defensa.
Fue un acto de protesta de los colonos americanos contra Gran Bretaña y es considerado un precedente de la Guerra de Independencia de los Estados Unidos. Las Batallas de Lexington y Concord fueron los primeros enfrentamientos de la Guerra de Independencia de los Estados Unidos. NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 12: Carmelo Anthony #7 of the New York Knicks reacts after a missed shot in the first half against the Boston Celtics at Madison Square Garden on January 12, 2016 in New York City. Latest Sports Slideshows Photos View 2016 Preakness post positions and odds 2016 NBA Western Conference Finals - Golden State Warriors vs. NEW YORK, NY - MAY 07: Chase Headley #12 of the New York Yankees scores a run in the eighth inning as Christian Vazquez #7 of the Boston Red Sox reaches for the ball at Yankee Stadium on May 7, 2016 in the Bronx borough of New York City. Ajoutez 15% au prix de la facture pour les activites de services : restaurants, bagagistes, etc. La “Grosse Pomme” respire la liberte, tout est mythique chez elle et c’est un bonheur que de marcher dans ses rues.
Nous partirons du Lower East Side, l’un des quartiers les plus “trendy” de New York pour nous diriger vers le nouveau pont Williamsburg, vues imprenables sur Manhattan et Brooklyn a la cle !
Pour cette etape de votre voyage aux USA, l’itineraire est tout trace, il existe en effet a Boston une ligne rouge facile a suivre sur quelques kilometres commencant a l’angle de Tremont et Park Street et passant par tous les lieux mythiques de l’histoire de la ville.
Un sac petit et facilement transportable est egalement necessaire pour transporter vos affaires indispensables pendant la journee. However New York allows underage drinking provided that it is on private non alcohol-selling premises, with parental consent. Reduce your speed in suburban and rural neighborhoods at night to reduce the chance of an accident. Although it is uncommon to encounter these snakes, seek medical attention if bitten immediately. About half of NY counties still ban all fireworks, and the fireworks legalized are limited and many fireworks are still illegal in NY. The majority of New Yorkers are socially tolerant and used to diversity, even in upstate areas that are perceived to be more conservative than New York City. Le depart de New York etait super chouette, avec toutes les lumieres de la ville, notamment le long des ponts. Quand je ne suis pas devant un ecran, j'organise des visites guidees de Boston, retrouvez-moi sur "Boston le nez en l'air". Asimismo, fue en Nueva York donde surgió el movimiento Sons of Liberty (Hijos de la Libertad).
Este texto, organizador de las instituciones del nuevo país, fue firmado en el Independence Hall en septiembre de 1787. Se produjeron el 19 de abril de 1775 en Middlesex County, Massachusetts, en los pueblos de Lexington, Concord, Lincoln, Arlington y Cambridge. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Oklahoma City Thunder Sponsored Getty Images  Photos View 2016 NBA Eastern Conference Finals - Cleveland Cavaliers vs.
Porte de l’Amerique, chaque vague d’immigration americaine est passee par New York avant de s’engouffrer plus loin dans le pays.

Un bon plan que seuls les inities connaissent, c’est aussi ca de voyager aux USA avec des specialistes ! Poursuite de la decouverte de New York a velo le long de la promenade Brooklyn Heights et Dumbo avant de nous engouffrer dans Brooklyn. La ville rivalisait au moment des premieres colonies avec New York, elle est encore aujourd’hui un centre economique et culturel. On peut citer notamment le Quincy Market, batiment historique abritant les anciennes halles de Boston baties au debut du XIXeme siecle et baptisees en l'honneur du maire Josiah Quincy. Petit amuse bouche en attendant le plat de resistance : la sortie en bateau pour observer la faune marine : oiseaux de mer, phoques et dauphins se surpasseront pour vous offrir un spectacle hors du commun ! Les dejeuners et diners ne sont pas compris, mais notre guide saura vous indiquer les meilleurs restaurants et les petits snacks a la mode dans le quartier ou vous vous trouverez.
En ce qui concerne les deplacements entre Boston et Cape Cod, ils se feront en minibus prive. UPI also provides insightful reports on key topics of geopolitical importance, including energy and security. It became known as UPI after a merger with the International News Service in 1958, which was founded in 1909 by William Randolph Hearst. If bitten, especially by a racoon, bat, skunk, fox or dog, seek medical attention immediately. The general rule of thumb is that if you do buy fireworks in a location in NY (They only sell them at certain times of the year, such as during the Forth of July and around New Years Eve), don't bring them outside of the county you bought them in, unless your sure its legal in the county you've just entered. It is important to remember that New York City was one of the targets of the 9-11 attacks, and the memory of 9-11 is still very fresh in the minds of New Yorkers, especially in New York City. On va me dire qu’il y a plus d’espace dans les trains americains, des prises et le wifi gratuit, oui, ca ce sont les points positifs ! Es por este motivo que, hasta la actualidad, las armas de Nueva York muestran, entre otras imágenes, un barril de harina. En este contexto, tuvieron lugar cinco batallas de la Guerra de independencia en la región de Nueva York, en particular la Batalla de Brooklyn (tambien conocida como la Batalla de Long Island), el 27 de agosto de 1776. En junio de 1778, los británicos abandonaron Filadelfia para proteger Nueva York, expuesta a las naves francesas.
Des quartiers “bobos” de Brooklyn a la tres symbolique Manhattan, nous vous proposons de decouvrir New York a velo et a pied afin de vous impregner de l’atmosphere si particuliere qui y regne. Brooklyn a ete rattachee a New York a la fin du XIXeme siecle et fait partie integrante de la megalopole et de son histoire.
L’independance de l’Amerique vis a vis de Angleterre, s’est jouee ici avec notamment la Boston Tea Party, cette revolte des Bostoniens qui ont jete des cargaisons de the anglais a la mer. Ce marche historique est un site emblematique de Boston, et de nombreux visiteurs s’y empressent tout au long de l’annee.
Alors qu’a l’epoque, la peche etait l’activite principale de la peninsule, le XXeme siecle a vu l’arrivee d’artistes, de peintres, et de photographes a Cape Cod. De mai a octobre, les baleines a bosse viennent s’ajouter au casting de ce show tres nature !
Some may not wish to discuss the topic of 9-11, while others will gladly share their personal stories with you.
Quand je suis arrivee a Boston, vers minuit, il n’y avait plus grand monde dans le train. El fin de las hostilidades en 1783 hizo posible que George Washington entrara victorioso a Nueva York. Los delegados firmaron la Declaración de infependencia el 4 de julio de 1776 en esta ciudad.
Sin embargo, un número de colonos fue inspirado para llevar a cabo actos similares, como la quema del barco Peggy Stewart. C’est aujourd’hui un arrondissement (borough) tres tendance et prise des new yorkais pour le logement. Vous retrouvez certainement le charme europeen que vous connaissez en parcourant les rues irregulieres de Boston a pied.
Votre decouverte de Boston a pied se poursuivra avecThe Massachusetts State House, la statue de Benjamin Franklin, et la visite de la plus ancienne maison de la ville datant du XVIIeme siecle. Ils participerent par leurs dessins et photos a la promotion de la beaute de la peninsule et de sa ville principale : Provincetown. Afin de profiter au maximum de ce spectacle extraordinaire, un guide naturaliste expert en faune marine vous accompagnera sur le bateau (notez que ces explications seront en anglais). The major upstate cities compete each year for the "coveted" Golden Snowball Award for most total inches of snow—one small measure of pride for a city digging itself out from piles of snow several feet deep. Simple, doble de Roma, arboles, guardias, nieve y animales.Rayven101708Hace 4 anos6Muy buen post amigo. Embleme de la Nouvelle-Angleterre, cette ville au symbolisme fort a connu la naissance de la nation americaine.
Nous commencerons par la fameuse place de Times Square et ses ecrans publicitaires gigantesques pour descendre la 5eme Avenue bordee notamment par la cathedrale Saint Patrick et le Flatiron Building (le gratte-ciel le plus vieux de New York). Nous passerons par le quartier juif orthodoxe et ses immeubles typiques, le port historique de la marine americaine et ses 2 siecles d’histoire… Retour a Manhattan par le mythique pont de Brooklyn.
Notre circuit a Boston nous menera enfin jusqu’au port historique d'ou vous pourrez apercevoir le plus vieux bateau de guerre a voile encore en mer.
La ville est aujourd’hui prisee par les habitants de l’est des Etats-Unis qui y viennent pour le week-end ou pour des vacances. 20 is much older, though, traveling right through the middle of countless old villages that lie south of the Thruway.
926A) allows you to pass through NY without one BUTyou must not make an "unreasonable" stop. En Nueva York, la asamblea se negó a financiar a las tropas y, como represalia, fue suspendida en diciembre de 1766. Parcourir Boston a pied de Back Bay a Beacon Hill en passant par Newbury Street et North End, c’est plonger dans l’histoire de l’Amerique. Nous continuerons de parcourir New york a pied en allant vers Grand Central Station pour finir avec le quartier de la finance mais aussi le plus vieux quartier de New York : Wall Street et son taureau qui ne se laisse jamais abattre.
La suite de ce circuit a l’est des USA : visite de deux des universites les plus prestigieuses du pays a Cambridge ! Dans l'apres-midi, au programme de notre circuit a l’est des USA : decouverte du parc national de Cape Cod Seashore. Harvard, mais aussi le MIT, le fameux Institut de Technologie, n’auront plus de secret pour vous. Meme si le concept est un peu different des treks en pleine nature, la marche dans ces paysages urbains si incroyables permet de vous impregner de ce qui vous entoure. Vous apprecierez par ailleurs, la touche nature que nous avons ajoute a ce circuit a l’est des USA : balades le long des plages de Cape Cod et croisiere pour observer les baleines toujours a Cape Cod.

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