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It’s no secret I’m a New York local and enthusiast, which is why I jumped at the chance when Air Charter Service recently asked me to put my two-cents worth for their article, 48 Hours in New York. The best way to find last-minute accommodation at a steal Blink by Group, Roomlia and HotelTonight are all last-minute accommodation booking apps that can save you the hassle of booking months in advance, and save you a buck, too. I also recommend pod-style hotels, particularly Pod 39, Pod 51 and YOTEL, because they’re all the space you need, are functional and have great design. If you only have 48 hours and you want to experience as much as you can in New York, go over to the article to read what I and other New York writers had to say! After getting my Master's Degree in Communication and trying my luck at a number of office jobs I realized the 9-to-5 wasn't for me and decided to explore the world instead. Read previous post:Tips For Solo Travelers Celebrating A Birthday On The RoadI often look back on my 25th birthday as one of my best. Jake Stangel is an editorial and advertising photographer based in San Francisco and represented by Julian Richards. What Jake brings to this style of shooting is a visual intelligence—a love of light and the ability to tell a story with the moments we remember, the intimate felt moments that create memories. The interview took place over several calls between work, surfing, bike rides and meeting up with friends, most of whom are fellow photographers. We spoke about the importance of truth and honesty and how this translates to his image making, how he sees and works with light, and how he learned to stay true to himself (great story).
Thank you very much to Jake for all his time and for his inspiring stories, deeply thoughtful responses, and sharing so much great work and so much about his process. In the art class, the teacher had set up stations around the room for all sorts of activities: claymation, painting, pottery, etc.
We were encouraged to rotate stations throughout the semester, but I got hooked on those FM10s. The next year I moved to high school and took an actual photo class that taught the basic fundamentals of black and white photography.
I was lucky that my public school had advancing classes all the way through each year of high school. We were into some heady stuff… sepia toning, double exposures on holgas, sandwich printing, hand toning.
I loved shooting and processing the film and making b&w prints, from pressing the shutter to making the print. I was never interested in a false reality or having the blank canvas of a studio, I was just interested taking a camera out into life. Off I went to art school in big NYC and quickly realized I didn’t really like living in New York, and I definitely didn’t like art school. I also took two well-rounded internships, one with Jeff Riedel, the other with Richard Renaldi.
To anyone of pre-college age out there: I highly recommend getting an education outside of photography. If you and I went to Big Sur, then in the following month I asked you to recall that experience, your visual recollection wouldn’t be a single wide angle panorama of the beach.  You’d assemble a narrative in your head, a patchwork of what you remember, on macro and micro levels.
Not to beat a dead horse, but I really feel like that experiential connection comes when you’re real and true to what you’re photographing. I shot a Men’s Health assignment recently featuring the Crossfit routines of the Oracle sailing team. POP: How do you take this personal style of narrative and apply it in the commercial world?
The Rapha Continental is a cycling series that explores the finest and most charismatic roads, regions, and cultures one can find on a bicycle. The brilliance of the Rapha Continental series is owed to the fact that it’s entirely real and unscripted. A lot of companies have seen the spirit and looseness of the Continental, the potential to tell a story and show product in natural and exciting ways, and want to apply a similar template. A lot of these companies don’t often realize that if you want a real story you have to go out and make one. If I were to re-shoot the camping project (we had models, makeup, and a 13-ish person crew) I would cut the crew down to myself, the art director, and 2-3 well-cast talent.
POP: A lot of photographers shooting in this style don’t necessarily have a sensitivity to light. When I shoot I try to show what the ambient light is doing and how the tone of the photo can match that.  If it’s super foggy, I’ll roll with that. POP: You wrote about the Modular Home shoot you did for Dwell that you spent the day in the house hunting for light. These homes are gorgeous and the sun dances around them all day from the second it rises in the East, makes its high arc over the home, and sets into dusk in the West. When I started out and was assisting for Jeff and Richard, I was young and hadn’t yet found my style. Photographers are hired for their voice because they fit intrinsically with the style of that brand or magazine. I learned early on that the only way I was going to have a career was to shoot assignments as if they were personal projects. POP: How regimented is your marketing and what does marketing yourself as a photographer mean to you these days? I do send out promos from time to time, and I definitely keep an active tumblr going (that’s half about other photographer’s work I love and am inspired by) but for the most part, I focus energy on taking photos that will get me hired back by the same clients; or, if the fit wasn’t right, having another client see those photos and hiring me for the first time based off that work. It pains me when I see photographers or agencies augment creative talent with extravagances and surplus amounts of money. POP: When I first tried to schedule time with you on the phone to do this interview, you were pretty adamant about talking only at night, not during your day at the studio. Welcome Back to the Community Table: Agents in Conversation with San Francisco Art Producers.
Street level entrance of Port Authority Bus Terminal on 42nd Street, just off the corner of 8th Avenue.
Once you have exchanged your voucher at the Gray Line CitySightseeing New York Visitor Centre, you can board the double-decker bus from any of the stops. City Sightseeing Hop-on, Hop-off Ferry: After voucher redemption, you can board from any of the stops. This great value New York sightseeing package gives you 48 hours to discover the very best of the Big Apple!
With your ticket you can hop-on and off these routes as much as you wish during a 48 hour period.
You can enjoy live commentary in English on double-decker buses or recorded commentary in choice of 11 languages; English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin, Russian, Japanese, Korean or Hebrew. Uptown Tour: Stops include Central Park, Lincoln Center, Theater District, Fifth Avenue, American Museum of Natural History, Cathedral of St.
City Sightseeing New York® Hop-On, Hop-Off Sightseeing Ferry: Experience magical views of New York City's famous skyline while enjoying the convenience of four stops. The New-York Historical Society: Founded in 1804, the New-York Historical is the oldest museum in New York City. The Museum of City of New York: The Museum of the City of New York celebrates and interprets the city, educating the public about its distinctive character, especially its heritage of diversity, opportunity, and perpetual transformation. To complete this fantastic package, you will also get a Eat and Play Card that offers a fantastic range of savings at Manhattan’s best-loved restaurants, shops and attractions – meaning you save even more money! Heating coils are situated throughout the top deck flooring to provide comfort in cool weather. Although I’ll always recommend as much time as you can fit for this beautiful city, New York is frenetic and fast-paced, meaning 48 hours is enough time to take in its unique culture and atmosphere.
It’s a great place to explore, or do some serious people-watching (and New Yorkers are interesting people!). Kerhonkson is a small hamlet located within the Shawangunk Mountains, and its biodiversity is a sight to behold. She enjoys getting lost in new cities and having experiences you don’t read about in guidebooks. We weren’t allowed to leave the classroom to shoot; somehow I spent the entire semester photographing three rolls a day within the confines of that small middle school art room.
How to make a proper exposure, the interactions between aperture and shutter speed, how to process film, how to make a really epic contact sheet.

I was kind of a darkroom rat, playing The Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, of which we only had half one of the double CD, Sea Change, by Beck.
Even today, if there’s a cup on a table that I want to move, I think twice and will likely not do it; I like to shoot things whole, exactly as they are. All my photo and art teachers really recommended I go there… that the photo program was something akin to an honor to be admitted into, that I shouldn’t pass up the opportunity, etc. My interests wildly expanded going from Maryland to NY and I became interested in economics and marketing and business and globalized labor.
Working with these guys was, without a doubt, the most fundamental photographic education I could have received.
I enjoy shooting a one-off portrait, but my preferred method of description is through narrative. The atmosphere around being on a bike, the speed, the wind on your body, carving turns, hammering on climbs. And being aware that there are more options to shoot in the day than 10-2, which is when shoots usually get scheduled unfortunately. I don’t sail on boats this large or do Crossfit, but I could relate to what it’s like to be tapped out athletically. Logistically, if I only have five minutes, it helps to get the subject into a comfortable position right away.
I’m just hoping that shooting reality is less a style that’s trending and more something that’s timeless. Can you see the difference in shoots that are scripted and created versus  those that are captured? We’d bang things out like “Let’s get the shot of Dad in the morning with his first coffee on a camping trip” and it would be like 1pm. In your images, the light is used so carefully to capture emotion or the natural beauty of your subject.
The result is that each room of the house is filled with streaming sunlight or this beautiful soft ambient light. In a perfect world, a photographer’s personal work and commissioned work should be indistinguishable.
To switch gears and pretend the assignment was for myself was the biggest revelation as I began to shoot full time.
I began shooting for Danner and Adidas because I met a dude surfing on a beach in Oregon four years ago. Photographers sending personalized Ray-Bans to thousands of art buyers or lavish parties with a Macbook frozen in ice that someone wins.
I phrased a daytime in-studio interview as an investment in marketing, which you disagreed with.
I was pretty reluctant to do this interview during the day, during studio time, I had really wanted to talk at night at the end of the day, away from the studio.
We’ve all come up together, we’ve all supported and encouraged each other, elevated each other. I think through what we all communally do we understand each other – we’re cut from same cloth. The tour has four routes; Downtown, Uptown, Brooklyn and the Bronx Tour, along with an Escorted Night Tour. Frequent departures mean that your valuable New York sightseeing time will not be wasted waiting for the next bus. John the Divine, Apollo Theatre and Harlem neighborhoods, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Guggenheim and other famous cultural attractions on Museum Mile and more.
Tour begins at Grant's Tomb and en-route you will view more neighborhoods of Harlem and and Upper Manhattan.
This Hop-on, Hop-off Ferry Tour is the fun, friendly and most convenient way to see the harbor that made New York City what it is today! Treat yourself to unforgettable views of the lit marquees in the Theater District and the light displays at the top of the Empire State Building and the new One World Trade Center.
It is dedicated to curating the history of New York City and celebrates the city's cultural diversity. It serves the people of New York and visitors from around the world through exhibitions, school and public programs, publications, and collections.
During cold weather periods, a removable canopy has been constructed from a clear, see-through material, allowing both warmth and complete visibility.Buses are wheelchairs accessible.
I recommend a good three hours or more to really experience this global destination, or booking a photo safari to see the most scenic spots with a local and get great photos of your group to take home. This is a day’s trip, however, as it will take you four hours to travel there and back and I’d recommend two hours to do it justice.
Some of her favorite travel experiences have been teaching English in Thailand, trekking her way through South America, backpacking Europe solo, road tripping through Australia, agritouring through Tuscany, and living with a family in Ghana.
Jake shoots in a documentary style and is one of the photographers hired to tell a story and capture the authentic moments as they unfold rather than as they are created. This involves still-lifes of plastic fruit and colored construction paper (another great story). I shot out the window, around the room, all the goings-on, and eventually settled on a series of very colorful still lives of plastic fruit on construction paper in soft focus with hot lights.
My first good contact sheet was of my green Specialized Stumpjumper bike leaning against a goal post. I was a total photo nerd and this was my identity and by far the thing I was the most passionate about. Like the concept of shooting plates of a sky to drop in is totally foreign to me… the sky’s gonna do what the sky’s gonna do. I left Tisch to study all these other things, while still taking technical photo classes on the side, like Large Format and lighting. I was able to work and witness full days with two very different photographers at the pinnacle of their careers.  I saw what it was like to work on location with hectic schedules, loads of technical lighting, to witness the challenges of timing and diplomacy and getting the shot.
Expand your mind in the classroom, learn how to communicate, write, and express yourself, and learn the technical side of photography in the field.
Sometimes I feel like I’m more about telling than seeing… picking up the pieces to collect and visually retell an experience. When I shoot for Rapha (a London-based cycling apparel and accessories company) I’m trying describe what it feels like to be on a bike.
I just shot a guy named David Lang for Outside Magazine, who quit his job to start a DIY underwater robot company. This comes before the first shot is taken because for me, one of the first frames taken is usually the one that runs. I don’t want to be a guy whose site you go to and are like “god, his stuff is so 2008.” I’d like to have a lack of that.
I’ll joyously shoot a portrait but I’m much more keen on dropping into a place and making a story. Which is exciting, and an honor for Rapha, and for Daniel Wakefield Pasley, who is the original mind behind the Continental. These companies come up with a half-story then we go out and shoot, often out-of-sequence, and it’s not successful.
We’d use the entire range of light throughout the day, there would be no need for hair and makeup cause we’re CAMPING, and we’d let things just happen, let those serendipitous moments occur. I moved with the sun all day, from one side of the house to the other, to capture each element of the house in its prime form, with the sun in its most wonderful spots. It feels really good when a photo editor recognizes your strengths and assigns you the perfect assignment for your style, it makes things incredibly fun when you’re shooting a project that feels like an extension of yourself.
Money talks and it’s the basis of marketing, but I’m only interested in making good photographs and being a good human being, and supporting people doing the same exact thing. My studio practice is pretty regimented, and it’s the time I take to work on photos, scan, or keep up running a business.
I look at this interview and every other as a medium of expressing views and sharing thoughts and information. I get tremendous joy and inspiration from everyone listed there and having that community is nothing but a pleasure.
I don’t really understand the concept of competition, interpersonally and intrinsically… I don’t know what it’s like to feel the heat of another person breathing down my back in sports or business. While on the bus, an English-speaking official New York tour guide will ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Take a Hop-on, Hop-off Ferry and visit the Museum of the City of New York or New York Historical Society Museum.
After passing through Chinatown, Little Italy and into Brooklyn, experience the spectacular views of the illuminated skyline and its sparkling reflection along the East River.
Double-decker buses with lower level seating are marked with the symbol and disabled customers can board them at any of our stops. If the world is your oyster and you really want to get the most out of it, a helicopter ride over this green hub gives you the most spectacular aerial view. To get there, I recommend taking a train outside the city, say New Jersey, and renting a car for cheaper than NYC rates from Budget Rent-A-Car or taking the Short Line Bus from Manhattan. And how completely unguarded and enthusiastic he is with an infectious passion for his craft. And the good news is that he’s busy, doing work he loves, and has a tight knit group of photo-industry friends, most of whom are photographers whom he regularly refers for jobs (and lists on his site).
The teacher said, “go to whatever activity you’d like.” It was a free-for-all and I went for the cameras. Green plastic Bartlett pears shot on purple construction paper that I tiled and taped together to make a seamless.  We received little 4?5” index prints back, I think from Costco, and I made hanging mobiles out of pear shots. And for whatever reason, I’ve never deviated or once felt the urge to lessen my relationship with photography; I feel really lucky in that respect, to have found this thing so early in life that was so captivating to me.
These days if I’m asked at a party, “what do you shoot?”, I still struggle and have no quick or easy answer. Witnessing the whole cycle, from studio to shoot to print, over and over again, I knew photography was exactly what I wanted to do.
On my first day of working with Jeff, I learned more about lighting than two semesters of lighting class at Tisch. I can’t jam out to the coast and stand back to take a big, wide panorama of the beach and present this one photo that says “Hey! For most Rapha shoots on the open road and mountains, we shoot out of a van due to the riders’ speeds and the long distances. Most people are like lettuce in the sun when they are being photographed— they wilt quickly, so you want to make sure you’re dialed on the first shot. I am actively trying to get commissions where there is a narrative, multiple days, an opportunity to make a project. Daniel has gone on to do many great new projects, including Manual For Speed and Yonder, which you should also check out.
So we’d light it with thick orange gels and then call Dad in, holding a mug with nothing in it, who needs to look like he just woke up, but didn’t. As long as the photographer has a good sense of what the client needs, it’s a great way to shoot this type of commercial work.
You can’t match the power of nature and I really feel sunlight and ambient light is underrated… it’s this dynamic, unique, untouchable presence, changing so much throughout the day, a thousand different looks.
It goes back to that whole idea to be in the moment and show what is happening at the exact place and time. She wanted someone to shoot a story about going to all 5 Boroughs of NYC in two days, shooting a living space in each borough and showing how that borough reflected on the home (and vice-versa). I hope everyone is in the industry because of their love for photography, so when I see promos that have more swag than work, I kind of miss the point. If I come to your office for a meeting, I’m bringing my book and smile, but I’d only like to talk about life and photography, not the halfway decent bottle of champagne I theoretically brought you. I often feel like there’s not enough time in the day as it is and as a result, I’m quite reluctant to eat up an hour on the phone during the day when there’s so much to take care of. The recorded tour content and narration is enhanced with music and sound effects, mimicking the street sounds of NYC.
Jake is young and out of school eight years and already built a career shooting for a long list of clients including Mini, Rapha, Strava, Dwell, AFAR, ESPN, Outside, Travel & Leisure and Bloomberg among others. I usually say I shoot “environmental portraits and travel work.” So, even then, I was beginning that lineage, shooting my friends.
I was about to go to UVM (Vermont) to snowboard my face off and live a great, comfortable life. But in the city, the van wasn’t working for us: it was difficult to relay the experience of cycling in these cities while shooting out of a van.
I asked him what his favorite time of day was, he said he loved waking up early and what the early morning light looked like in his marina. When I know nothing, I will immediately absorb as much as I can so I can bring an authenticity to it. These adventures are documented by photographers like myself, live on the Rapha website (accompanied by video and text from other folks), and are wildly successful for the company.
There’s always epic riding, but there alot of variables and unknowns; that’s the fabric of what makes it interesting. There are no chances to make those shots that are esoteric and personal and that just happen. And that also let’s me focus 100% through the viewfinder, not have part of my brain thinking about strobes firing.
And I understood very quickly that you will have no success if you don’t shoot the way you see – not financial or personal.
Amy wanted someone who could shoot lean and not have a lot of equipment, and who could do the entire shoot using public transit. If you have a good project and you’re not a jackass, people will hire you because they like what you have to offer. It would become less an opportunity to have a conversation and more a way to awkwardly drop more names and prove myself in some way.
If I searched for correspondence from Daniel Shea in my email, I’d have like over 500 emails back and forth.
Pinpoint the visceral, emotional, and sensory experiences, then channel them with a camera.
We met up at 5:45am and I photographed him at his favorite time of day on the pier with his underwater robot. The only way to find that success is to shoot exclusively for yourself, whether it’s for personal work or a commission.
The more I put my heart and soul into a shoot, the more I made photographs for myself, the better things got, because it was shooting it for me.
If you gave me $5K, I’d just go out somewhere and shoot more photos somewhere a little further away from home. I won’t be coming to a meeting with a bottle of champagne and fancy chocolates, but I might twerk for ya if you ask nicely.
I found him on Flickr while I was in college in 2008 and we’ve all gone from virtual friends to tight real life friends. She encouraged me, showed me the sky was the limit, and helped me grow photographically all four years. We were now able to rally through the city streets, get lost, check out everything, stop for coffees… it was true to the experience of city riding in its natural form. There was the classic and pervasive San Francisco fog that morning, but instead of the dull grey you see it as during the day, the fog was cool blue since it was so early morning. But my first long-term shoot was spending three months cycling across America with thirty friends. I 100% understand that a company has products that need to get shot a certain way but you can’t make a safe AND compelling photo essay, it’s usually one or the other. And the client gets a photographer working in his element and by that extension, the true photographs that come with it. It became two very hectic days but was totally up my alley, and set me up to shoot in this personal style I’ve been talking about. I’d rather do that any day instead of getting there at noon and shooting him with 9 strobes. It requires a lot of waking up to shoot at 5-8am or 6-8pm, but to get that kind of atmosphere is worth it.

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