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We can't believe it's already been five years since we lost the world's biggest pop icon, Michael Jackson.
Michael Joseph Jackson, the eighth of 10 Jackson kids, first started performing live at the age of 5, singing a cover of "Climb Every Mountain." Soon after, he started performing widely with four of his brothers as The Jackson 5. Jackson took his music videos very seriously, demanding that they be called "short films" around him. Twenty-two years after its release, Thriller remains the best selling album of all time, with estimates of the number of total albums sold worldwide clocking in around the 50 to 100 million range. The Purple Passport is a web-based collection of chic, one-stop-shop guides to experiencing the world's cities in style. With the '80s making such a smashing comeback, the time is ripe for a nostalgic tour of iconic films set in New York during the decade. In fashion, the 1980s are back in a big way — from neon and acid-washed denim to lace and bustiers. The Plot: Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray play down-on-their-luck parapsychologists who open a ghost-catching business that takes off as paranormal activity increases in the city. Unforgettable Moment: The Ghostbusters team gets their first gig when a librarian spots a ghost in the New York Public Library, but the apparition of an old lady changes into a terrifying form and scares them away.
The Plot: The Muppets gang has Broadway dreams for their variety show Manhattan Melodies, but when they arrive in New York, their hopes are dashed and their motley crew disperses.
Unforgettable Moment: Kermit climbs to the top of the Empire State Building and hollers out that he and his friends will soon be on Broadway. The Plot: American newspaper reporter Sue Charlton travels to the outback of Australia to research a story about a legendary crocodile hunter, Mick (otherwise known as Michael J. Unforgettable Moment: Mick goes to the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center, which gives this not-so-city-slicker an unbelievable panoramic view of the unfamiliar urban habitat. The Plot: It's all about '80s excess in this financial thriller, in which Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen), a young, hungry stockbroker, all but sells his soul to his idol, corporate raider Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas), whose unscrupulous dealings and fast-paced lifestyle lure Bud in. Unforgettable Moment: Bud has his ultimate confrontation with Gekko in Central Park, and his wiretaps, which record the whole thing, ensure that Gekko will pay for his greed. The plot: Tom Hanks stars as Josh Baskin, a 12 year old transformed into a 30 year old by a magical Zoltar Speaks wish machine at a carnival. Unforgettable Moment: The piano duet on the gargantuan, foot-operated keyboard at FAO Schwarz, the legendary toy store on Fifth Avenue.
The Plot: Melanie Griffith is a working-class secretary who uses her moxie to rise above humble circumstances and take a shot at success in the business world. Unforgettable Moment: The opening sequence of Manhattan-bound commuters on the Staten Island Ferry set to Carly Simon's song Let the River Run.

The Plot: Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal's characters explore the question "Can men and women ever just be friends?" over a series of encounters in New York City over a dozen years.
Unforgettable Moment: The famous scene in which Meg Ryan's character fakes an orgasm in the middle of Katz's Delicatessen, a Lower East Side landmark famous for its pastrami. You might have heard the song from the recent video where Amy Schumer and her recent BFF Jennifer Lawrence light up the dance floor.
These three b-boys from New York City capture that familiar moment when you travel from Manhattan to those hipster warehouses in Brooklyn where you will be partying the whole night.
A Christmas song performed by The Pogues from their album If I Should Fall From Grace With God features Kirsty MacColl where MacGowan sings with her in a sweet duet.
Born in Korea, raised in Russia, she studied abroad in Paris where she discovered her adventurous soul.
We are the song you love to sing in the shower, we are the world, we are someonea€™s children.
Guitarist Kevin Densmore has performed in dozens of original bands, performing at notable NYC city venues such as Bowery Ballroom, CBGBs, and SouthPaw. In honor of his memory and the priceless impact he had on the music industry, here are five interesting facts you probably don't know about him.
While Bubbles the chimpanzee is probably his most famous pet, he also owned a boa constrictor named Muscles, two pythons, two llamas, four giraffes, two more non-famous chimps, two alligators and 13 Chilean flamingos.
John Landis, John Singleton and Martin Scorsese all directed videos for Jackson -- for "Thriller," "Remember the Time," and "Bad," respectively. The Vincent Price-narrated mini-movie almost didn't happen, though, after Jackson worried that the video's werewolf theme might conflict with his Jehovah's Witness religious background (in which all things supernatural are frowned upon). Let's not forget that New York City, a formidable fashion capital, put a lot of those trends on the map largely through cultural ambassadors like NYC transplant Madonna, but also through film. When Gozer, an ancient god of destruction, threatens to bring about the end of mankind in the form of a giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, the Ghostbusters save the day. But when business strikes too close to home, Bud ultimately turns on Gekko at his own expense. He becomes a whiz kid toy designer at a top toy company in New York, and dates Elizabeth Perkins along the way — but ultimately realizes that being a kid wasn't so bad.
When her boss and rival, played by Sigourney Weaver, breaks her leg and is temporarily incapacitated, Griffith's character seizes the opportunity to pitch a business idea that ultimately lands her a dream job in an office overlooking Manhattan.
Though their clashing perspectives repeatedly push them apart, their love for one another ultimately triumphs one New Year's Eve when they finally admit they can't live without each other. We might now have clear photographs taken back in the ’80s that allow us to look back and visually experience the city, but they do not portray the feel of the city as music does.

This is the city that never sleeps, the city where everyone can become the king of the hill and smooth town blues. Written and performed by our favorite piano man, Billy Joel, the song is all about how the downtown boy tries to capture the uptown girls’ attention. The music video is quite old school, but the combination of a heavy guitar solo and the classic rap performance done by The Beastie Boys is gold. While enjoying the song, imagine the pool of young people filling up downtown dance floors and truly feeling the nightlife of New York City.
It takes U2 fans all over the world on a virtual tour to some of NYC’s landmarks – from JFK Airport to Harlem. It sounds a bit like an Irish folk song, but it describes the cold reality of a drunk young man who inevitably falls in love with the concrete jungle.
Check out the original article on AskMen for the full list of 20 things you probably didn't know about MJ. After he rescues her from one of the toothy creatures, she invites him to visit her in New York, where Aussie-out-of-water antics ensue and the rugged reptilian hunter wins her heart. Songs dropped back in the ’80s vividly express the larger-than-life aspects of the Big Apple. Our beloved Frank Sinatra successfully captures the enchanting city in three and a half minutes, and indeed, his obsession with the concrete jungle survived even after two decades. The jazzy beats smoothly blend with the sound of the city as Sting begins to sing about the gentleman’s complaints about not drinking coffee in New York.
She speaks Russian, Korean, English, Japanese, and French (still working on it) and dreams of meeting a llama on her way to Macchu Picchu. Miss Piggy whips him back into shape (by slugging him, no less), the gang reunites and the show goes on.
Sometimes the classic music of that decade sounds dated, but it’s an undeniable thrill to look back and soak up those beats. Lead singer Mailande Moran spent 4 years singing in Out of the Blue, Duke's oldest all-female a capella group.

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