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The Big U is a protective system around Manhattan in New York City, designed by Bjarke Ingels Group, driven by the needs and concerns of its communities. The proposed system not only shields the city against floods and stormwater; it provides social and environmental benefits to the community, and an improved public realm. Each compartment comprises a physically separate flood-protection zone, isolated from flooding in the other zones, but each equally a field for integrated social and community planning. Bridging Berm provides robust vertical protection for the Lower East Side from future storm surge and rising sea levels. Both berms and bridges are wide and planted with a diverse selection of salt tolerant trees, shrubs and perennials, providing a resilient urban habitat. Decorated by neighborhood artists, the panels when not in use create an inviting ceiling above the East River Esplanade. The east and west boundaries of the Battery were key inlets during Hurricane Sandy, allowing floodwaters to rush into Lower Manhattan and shut down the nation’s – and the world’s – premier financial district.
In place of the existing Coast Guard building, the plan envisions a new building programmed as a maritime museum or environmental education facility, whose form is derived from the flood protection at the water-facing ground floor. Congratulations to these graduate students - recipients of prizes and awards at last weekend's iSchool Convocation.
More than just a nickname for New York City, the term “apple” has come to represent innovation and technology.
That could be due to the glowing, half-bitten apple (logos) we see on various technologies more and more each day. Among those companies, I’ve discovered, we can always find one that will fulfill our needs, from online entertainment websites to food-ordering systems. As plants cannot survive without sunlight, companies cannot last without passion, and that strength of feeling can turn tiny things into greatness. Scott Weiner of Scott’s Pizza Tour shares his intense passion for pizza in front of the wood-fired oven at Forcella in the East Village. Water is another key factor affecting the growth of apples, providing plants with consistency, balance and the ability to stand tall in the face of a hostile environment, elements that startups also require. Startup founders, whether pitching to a venture capitalist or selling services to a client, never give up.

The importance of partnership and teamwork were emphasized many times during our trip, since nobody can be good at everything. Passion, consistent hard work, and cooperation are not only what created the successes of the technology companies, we visited, but also what contributed to the incredible culture of the Big Apple—New York City. Information Space is where the people of the Syracuse iSchool community share their stories, ideas and thoughts about the information field. It’s no surprise that New York City is one of the oldest public transit systems in the world with a lot of abandoned subway stations and most of it are hidden from the public eyes. Skyscrapers, as we know them today, have only been possible for around 200 years.  Large buildings are nothing new – the Egyptian pyramids, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Tower of Babel are all amazing, tall structures that show how creative mankind can be and how, throughout history, we have been able to fight against the forces of nature and physics. When American architects attempted to build tall structures in the late 19th century, they soon discovered that the masonry of the day simply wasn’t strong enough to support buildings that were more than seven stories tall.  That all changed when Henry Bessemer came up with a technique for mass-producing steel which could be used to support bigger structures.
Stretching from West 57th street south to The Battery and up to East 42th street, the Big U protects 10 continuous miles of low-lying geography that comprise an incredibly dense, vibrant, and vulnerable urban area. The proposal consists of separate but coordinated plans for three contiguous regions of the waterfront and associated communities, regions dubbed compartments. The compartments work in concert to protect and enhance the city, but each compartment’s proposal is designed to stand on its own.
The Berm also offers pleasant, accessible routes into the park, with many  unprogrammed spots for resting, socializing, and enjoying views of the park and river.
Between the Manhattan Bridge and Montgomery Street, deployable walls are attached to the underside of the FDR Drive, ready to flip down to prepare for flood events. At night, lighting integrated into the panels transforms a currently menacing area into a safe destination. Enhancing the public realm while protecting the Financial District and critical transportation infrastructure beyond, the Battery Berm weaves an elevated path through the park.
This signature building features a “Reverse Aquarium” which enables visitors to observe tidal variations and sea level rise while providing a flood barrier.
Department of Housing and Urban Development, addresses structural and environmental vulnerabilities that Hurricane Sandy exposed in communities throughout the region, and develops fundable solutions to better protect residents from future climate events. Yet we don’t know about the hard work behind the success of those companies, just like we don’t really think about how apples grow when we are ready to enjoy their sweet, juicy taste.

Dennis Crowley, the founder of Foursquare, told us on this tour that he still finds it amazing when he sees strangers on the street using his product.
Some of this abandoned subway stations looks like old art galleries with old architecture from last century which reminds the past.
The ancient Egyptians were able to build tall pyramids because they made the bases of the pyramids so broad, and the tips of the buildings were narrower, allowing the weight to spread out across the base. Panels can also be flipped down to protect from the elements, creating a seasonal market during the winter. Along this berm, a series of upland knolls form unique landscapes where people farm, sunbathe, eat and engage with world class gardens. On the three-hour pizza tour we enjoyed, Scott animatedly spoke about the history and taste of pizza with humor and extensive knowledge. His belief in the product idea, and his desire to make a difference, have generated a great vision for the company’s future. We invite you to join the conversation by commenting on the stories that interest you, and we will do our best to respond to all inquiries. So I want to share with you pictures of one station which was build in 1904 and was fully working until 1945. He truly loves talking about pizza, and that led him to create an enjoyable career and a successful business. Having a scope of thousands of employees, Google would rather add costs (providing free food and convenient facilities) in order to generate more time for employees to be in the office.
However, the added time generated isn’t for more of the same work; Google encourages employees to work on personal projects for 20% of their work time.

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