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All 35,000 of New York City’s uniformed police officers will be trained to file charges against drivers who violate the new Right of Way Law, according to NYPD Chief of Transportation Thomas Chan.
The law, also known as Section 19-190, established misdemeanor penalties for drivers who strike and injure pedestrians or cyclists with the right of way, part of a Vision Zero legislative package Mayor de Blasio signed earlier this year.
Right now, it’s running through the course of channels, the legal bureau within the police department.
How many victims will see zero justice because NYPD wasn’t prepared to enforce from day one? Why does there continue to be a gulf between what the mayor says and what NYPD does and doesn’t do? The only protection against hooks is to assume that every vehicle will turn across your path at the intersection, regardless of which lane the vehicle is in. Except for the few times when someone turns across multiple lanes, I successfully avoid nearly all right-hook incidents because I don’t ride in the gutter. Btw, how does this result in a ‘criminal record’ if the penalty is not criminal?
This interview is a positive step in an otherwise abysmal public relations effort by the De Blasio administration and the NYPD regarding Vision Zero.
How are you supposed to reliably be able to get out into the flow of traffic without riding fast?
Almost forgot-if you decide to run with traffic at prevailing traffic speeds, make certain it’s on a street which you already know is in good shape.
If you’re lucky to be on a street where traffic goes something like 15 to 20 mph, then nearly any cyclist should be comfortable taking the lane.
There are certain areas where double parked cars are concentrated so I dont have to literally do it the entire time. This would more or less require me to take the lane the entire time to get rid of the hook potential, which frankly I don’t feel like doing.
My risk of right hooks dropped to zero when I realized that being visible and predictable yielded a much nicer ride than hugging the gutter for the convenience of drivers around me. Here in NYC, people honking at you for taking the lane is the least of the issues, annoying as it is. Even worse is when enraged drivers crash into cyclists on purpose, as was reported last week. It has nothing to do with LA – staying out of the gutter, the door zone, and eliminating the risk of typical right hooks is because of how I ride. Drivers certainly do need to be charged when they do idiotic things, but riding the gutter just entices them to use the remaining space, which just isn’t enough on city streets. What I’ll never understand is why some people think that the only way to promote cycling is by letting drivers continue to terrorize them. They do create a criminal record, and therefore have consequences for certain types of employment.
What bullshit so if a driver doesn’t see a pedestrian or bicyclist and accidentally bumps them he will be charged criminally?

Now, a reckless driver who harms someone else could end up with a permanent criminal record instead of facing no meaningful consequences, which has typically been the case even when a motorist inflicts grievous injury or death. Most citations for violating the Right of Way Law have been filed by the Collision Investigation Squad, which is staffed by fewer than 30 officers and can handle only a small fraction of crashes that result in serious injury. He has been covering the movement for safer streets, effective transit, and livable cities since 2012. Getting hooked is a major danger while cycling and drivers turning without warning isnt exactly great for pedestrians either. I’m among the more vehicular cyclists I see on a daily basis, but simple fact is that VC only works for a small portion of the population, an even smaller portion than are cycling in New York already.
My experience suggests that many drivers think that bicycles are stationary obstacles, meaning that even if they see you and pass you safely, they feel it’s perfectly OK to turn across your path right after they pass you.
Just this morning I was cut off by a truck making a turn across four lanes of traffic (and it was a small truck, so it was not a question of the truck having a limited turning radius). If they have a decent lawyer they’ll plead it down so this will only apply to poor scofflaw drivers.
So far the company line has been ignore all negative events and criticisms, plan everything positive behind the scenes, and only address the public when a new strategy is unveiled.
If this is how we’re going to expand cycling in New York we are going to have to start from scratch because most current cyclists are not comfortable doing this. This requires an extremely assertive cyclist to begin with even assuming there isn’t a substantial speed differential. At high speeds, you’re just not going to have time to react to potholes which are hidden by vehicles until the last minute. I rode 40 miles through LA yesterday, much of it in traffic, and not once was I forced to sprint to be safe.
On quiet side streets, I pretty much always take the lane, even with cars behind, and I never need to sprint, nor do I have any other issues. I’ve been run off the road by cars trying to get around me even going downhill at 50 mph in a 30 mph zone. Through most of my commute the blocks are 200 feet long (this is typical in much of Manhattan and Brooklyn), with right hook potential every 400 feet. It would be too slow in traffic and too fast for me to sustain when cars are flowing smoothly, which would piss drivers off.
I support it in theory, but in practice, in my experience, it sometimes is very much an issue. More serious and even more frequent than honking is when people pass you unsafely, maybe even on purpose to make some kind of point, but who knows.
I didn’t start that way, but the more I realized that I could ride for my own safety instead of the convenience of drivers, I got to enjoy riding much more without fear. It took me some time to figure this stuff out, but I’m so glad I no longer am putting myself in danger just to let someone get to a red light 2 seconds faster. There are bad cops everywhere, but at least where I live now I don’t feel as if they are an aggressive paramilitary force with no accountability.

I do it all the time to get around double parked cars but to do it at every other corner (every ~400ft) is asking too much.
You have to overcome two obstacles-getting into the traffic stream to start with, then keeping up. I actually find I can maintain 25 to 35 mph speeds without killing myself once I get into the traffic stream, depending upon what’s in front. I ride along at my generally reasonable pace, take the lane to avoid right hooks, and didn’t have any issues. People claiming that cycling requires sprinting along with traffic, or staying out of their way are only making the issue worse. People will come up with excuses by saying it can only be done fast or in other cities, but I’ve ridden in many places, and can enjoy riding in all of them at any speed, in safety and without fear.
LA still has plenty of awful streets, probably because they don’t have to keep up with them as crazy as the northeast does and the concrete ones form huge cracks, and they let a lot deteriorate for too long.
Seriously, just ride safe and predictable in the lane and you’ll never get stuck in those nasty situations again. Yet they let savages commit civil disobedience and let West Indians enjoy recreational gunfire on jouvet. Since precinct officers are far more numerous than CIS investigators and are usually the first to arrive at a crash scene, the success of the Right of Way Law hinges on equipping them to enforce it. I was going 20 mph over the speed limit, but these jackasses in cars still felt some primeval need to get in front of me.
But the whole point of a para-military organization is that commanders can issue orders and percents and officers can execute those orders quickly.
My technique is to wait until traffic slows enough so there’s no more than a 10 mph differential between your speed and traffic speed. In that case, you can go past 50 mph, provided your bike has a high enough gear, and provided you can match the acceleration rate of the bus or truck (possibly with a loaded 18-wheeler, often NOT possible with a bus).
At the same time though I realize if cyclists really need to ride like this on certain roads to avoid being right-hooked, then it’s not going to help increase mode share. So, I’ll believe Chan and friends when I actually see NYPD taking meaningful action against drivers who maim, kill and behave recklessly on NYC streets. Anyway, once you’re in the stream, be prepared to get out the second you can no longer keep pace with traffic. Until then, I think this guy is completely full of sh*t along with Bratton, Ameri and the rest of these politicians in blue. If you do, you’ll depend upon someone letting you in the gap in order to not be rear-ended.

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