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She herself will now be among those who rush into harm’s way for the sake of others.One cop who graduated from the academy eight years ago and proved both astonishingly lucky and profoundly decent was Kevin Brennan.
The cops pulled up to the scene and saw a young man hop over a short iron fence and begin running.
After his testimony, Brennan watched from the stand as the prosecution played surveillance camera footage of the shooting. Thompson can be seen dead on the street, face up in a green coat, moments after attacking the officers. An officer attends to Healey, pressing a cloth against his wound, as the other officers train their weapons at Thompson. Thompson still holds his hatchet in his hand after being shot dead by two NYPD officers after he slashed two cops in an ambush attackMr Williams' camera captured the frantic aftermath of the attack.A Officer Healey - who had just four months on the job - can be seen laying face down on the sidewalk - a bloody gash in his head.
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And like us, Kim is a footwear fanatic and is rarely seen without a pair of skyscraper heels on her fashionable feet.
Simple sandals have been the go-to shoe for summer 2014 and in a nude shade they're versatile and even have leg lengthening properties. He and two other members of Brooklyn North Anti-Crime had just set out from the 90th Precinct stationhouse in hipster Williamsburg on the night of January 31, 2012, when they heard a radio report of shots fired a short distance away.

The accused gunman, 23-year-old Luis Ortiz, watched blank-faced from the defendant’s table, his left leg jiggling. A Seconds later, Thompson ran up to the cops - who where standing against a wall in Jamaica, Queens - and started swinging a sharp hand axe.Mr Williams says he scrambled for safety as the officers wrestled with Thompson.
A Another officer can be seen tending to his fallen comrade, holding a cloth over the head wound.The pictures also capture Thompson dead on the sidewalk.
A restrictive pencil skirt complete wth peplum hem and a sheer black blouse opened dangerously low. This easy-to-wear style is by Prada and the reality show starlet has been spotted wearing them a lot recently, both with dressed up looks like this and with skinny jeans.
He remembered that just before he lost consciousness he heard the young man say something.“Fuck you! The Barclays Center where these rookies had just taken the oath of office had been built only after the cops before them had transformed Brooklyn from a blood-spattered free-fire zone into the realm of yuppies and hipsters.Absent the smarter tactics and strategies of the NYPD, the scruffier end of Williamsburg would have been a more suitable setting for a crime show than for Girls.
She was there through the whole three-week trial, in the same seat yet again on Tuesday, during the final summations. And the more apt term for young refugees from the suburbs to the borough’s tougher realms would be victims.“With safety and security, everything is possible,” Mayor Bloomberg told the graduates. But if he had been he would had said that he could only think that his daughter, Maeve, was just turning six weeks and more than anything else he wanted to see her again.

The rookies who graduated at the Barclays Center a dozen blocks from the courthouse will be in their second day as police officers. He described how the city had been made so remarkably different and how that difference will become even more pronounced. They include 21-year-old Police Officer Samantha Raffo, who had stood with her family for a post graduation photo the day before. She looked impossibly young, younger than those characters in Girls who are forever struggling to find themselves in the new Brooklyn. Frederico Narvaez, who was shot to death 16 years ago in Brooklyn while coming to the aid of a woman who had rushed up to his car and pleaded for protection from an armed stalker. Police Officer Katrina Narvaez, who was 9 years old at the time, has said that one of her fondest memories was of her father taking her to Coney Island, buying her a stuffed toy baby dolphin at the aquarium that she then lost on the Cyclone roller coaster. He could have just settled back with a disability pension, but he pushed himself through grueling physical therapy and was able by force of will to return to duty, subsequently promoted to sergeant. The jury did not hear that he had returned to the scene of the shooting with prosecutors to prepare for the trial and had ended up joining his partner in arresting two suspected robbers and taking a loaded 9-mm automatic off one of them.

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