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Still, Williams’ central theme has been widely researched in the police literature: “The police do provide an important community service - offering protection against crime. INFINITE MONKEY THEOREMSadly the standard stories persist, lately in the theory that crime declines resulted from increased security worldwide (in technical terms, guardianship). Boulder, Colorado is a small and dynamic city at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains north of Denver. Lights-off is supported by at least one rigorous study, the Chicago Alley Lighting Project. That study uncovered an increase in crime after installation of lights. It felt strange looking at a faded, black and white wall photo of a downtown street from 1900. Tonight is Halloween - that ancient Celtic harvest festival where children turn into goblins and threaten mere mortals with tricks or treats. OFFENDERS FIND A NEW PLACEThe mapping results suggested displacement to a nearby homeless shelter. Four months ago I posted about President Obama’s eulogy following a racial massacre in South Carolina.This morning we heard news of another massacre, this by terrorists in Paris. Following the Summit participants shared their ideas with residents of the 12 CSI Neighbourhoods at a social event on Calgary’s International Avenue, an event punctuated by the inspiring art show of local graffiti artists and music from a youth quartet from Calgary's Multiculural Orchestra.We are writing Summit results to publish a book in the spring.
GUEST BLOG: I met Angela LaScala-Gruenwald during work in New York City and she later attended our Philadelphia SafeGrowth training. The image above depicts what appears to be a strategic piling of dirt and trash; it serves multiple purposes -- an informal structure, a small seed of resistance, a necessary public good. The highway exit ramp in the peripheries of Cairo plays a role in this narrative as much as the large downtown plazas.
Police students and instructors on that course helped redesign the land uses and pedestrian walkways using CPTED.
He would tell us that, not only did residents frequent those well-designed walkways (thereby deterring burglars), but so too did local bears. Third Generation CPTED hopes to bridge the sustainability gap between places, people, and the natural world.
The premise of third-generation CPTED is that a sustainable, green urbanity is perceived by its members and the outsiders as safe. New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. A scene from the Uncle Murda & Maino music video a€?Hands Up,a€™ which features lyrics about killing cops. The Bronx Defenders office, which receives $20 million a year in city funds, knowingly participated in a music video that called for killing cops, a city investigation found. The scathing report from the Department of Investigation also found that the groupa€™s Executive Director Robin Steinberg engaged in a€?gross mismanagementa€? in green-lighting the video and handling the controversy that erupted after it was released. Napoli and lawyer Kumar Rao a€” both of whom had cameos in the video a€” displayed a€?serious misconducta€? by participating in the video, and pushing the office to sponsor it and allow filming at their headquarters, according to the Department of Investigation report.
It was Napoli and Rao who convinced Steinberg to let the office sponsor the video, and allow filming in their office.
The Bronx Defenders firm was knowingly involved in the offensive video, according to a report by the citya€™s Department of Investigation. Steinberg never read a copy of the lyrics a€” despite being told the song contained curse words a€” and never even researched the artist. When the video went public and set off a firestorm of criticism, Steinberg authorized a statement on behalf of the organization that blamed the videoa€™s producers for the anti-cop message. The statement didn't address the songa€™s lyrics a€” which two lawyers at the office knew about a€” and Steinberg never disciplined those lawyers. The DOI findings were sent to the mayora€™s office, which will decide whether further actions will be taken.
According to conservative reporter Geraldo Rivera, hip hop music and Kendrick Lamar do more damage in the Black community than racism and police brutality, and he feels Kendrick’s BET Awards performance proves it. Dana Perino offered that the problem with the performance — in particular, the fact that Lamar delivered the lines from “Alright” while striding atop a burned out and defaced police car in front of a giant American flag — is that it “isn’t like someone on cable news who just happened to say something they regretted and that they had to go and apologize for. They must not know Kendrick is one of the few artists who helps spread love within the hip hop community. I'm watching seconds turn to hours, and the hours turn to days, we some kids going wild, living life in the haze. This song has been locked and is considered "done." You need 600 IQ to add annotations to locked songs. Echoing sentiments in our recent book You In Blue, one offered, “there needs to be a new narrative”.

They do not do this job well, or fairly, and it is not their chief function, but they do it and it brings them legitimately.”Williams curiously ignores decades of collaborative problem-solving in the POP world - no doubt because POP refutes his point.
Alas, says Barker, none of those standard stories emerge from the research intact.INSIGHTS FROM URBAN ECOLOGYBarker moves away from standard stories onto Insights from Urban Sociology. When she re-examined urban ecology studies on immigration she discovered how increasing immigration has helped reduce crime, not increase it!“Sampson…suggests that increased immigration in the 1990s sparked urban renewal and economic growth in immigrant-dense neighborhoods like Queens and Bushwick in New York, the West Side in Chicago, South Central Los Angeles, and cities like Miami.
And we are served up a buffet of advanced statistical techniques that hit and peck at data in shiny, new datasets.It’s a kind of infinite monkey theorem for big crime data. It is walkable, interesting, and generally safe for most residents.Sauntering through a neighborhood one evening last week I photographed the high school pictured in these photos.
But the authors admit that may have masked the real results – better lighting means more residents can see, and report, more crime.Ultimately, lights-on or lights-off depends on neighborhood context because the by-stander effect may make all the difference.
Not really the stuff of serious nightmares, more the frivolities of fun.Last week the International CPTED Association ran another successful conference with exceptional speakers from around the world. Hailing from different countries and cities small and large, participants included residents, artists, planners, police officers,  architects, criminologist, activists, but mostly active and engaged citizens.Our task? For now teamwork continues; it continues to frame a way out of the storms of violence, crime and intolerance facing us in the years ahead.
Angela is a recent college graduate with research currently focussing on criminal justice initiatives and public safety. I first learned about this Do-It-Yourself highway exit ramp while taking a class at the University of Chicago.
To my knowledge, CPTED had never before been implemented into an entire town at such an early stage with such depth.Mike Clark was a student in that initial class.
Third generation CPTED’s focus on sustainable green environmental design strategies insists on practical measures, physically or cybernetically enhanced, that foster the perception of urban space as safe beyond mere concerns about crime.
As co-developer with Gerry Cleveland of 2nd Generation CPTED, we warn there will be obstacles along the way. There are many CPTED Traditionalists and opportunity theorists of a particular vintage who cling to 1st Gen and still don’t like 2nd Gen because they think it stains original CPTED with the “white noise” of social relationships (as though social relationships had nothing to do with crime).
Some academics call 2nd Gen as fluff, partly due to white noise silliness and possibly because they didn’t invent it. Some want more evaluations, ignoring that plenty of empirical evidence already exists on 2nd Generation CPTED, for example Robert Sampson’s expansive book on the power of collective efficacy or Steven Schneiders research showing the success of collective action for prevention crime.
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Crime theorists will recognize references to collective efficacy and neighborhood structure. Remember the theory that predicted the monkey who hits and pecks keyboard keys for infinity will almost surely end up creating Hamlet.I say leave the monkey alone! Some neighborhoods are just not that connected to their schools and residents are unlikely to walk by, or look at, a well lit school.Though I wonder: Isn't that less about lighting and more about neighborhood culture? But then results got scary.While calls for police service declined throughout the area, this particular displacement did not seem to reduce calls nor create benefits.
From that view, these are times of storms.“When you come out of the storm,” said novelist Murakami, “you won’t be the same person who walked in. Search for practical paths that build community resilience and lead away from crime and violence.Four diverse teams found their own ideal visions. And it continues to verify, once and for all, the 21st Century belongs to the neighborhood.
A teacher’s assistant flashed this photograph on the lecture hall wall and launched into a discussion on the control of space in Arab urban centers, and the tension between private and public, formal and informal, recognized and subversive movements – all motivators of the endless conflicts in the Middle East.Take for example the use and transformation of public squares, from Tahrir Square to Yemen’s Freedom Square on the doorstep of Sana’a University. Some may remember my blog about Tumbler Ridge, the world’s first CPTED town built in northern British Columbia. Eventually Mike was promoted and his first posting was commander of the detachment in that very same Tumbler Ridge, the town that he helped design.
What happens when a lone burglar meets a bear while searching for a burglary target?Unsurprisingly, Tumbler Ridge had low burglary rates, an irony not lost on my jocular friend.Mike died a few weeks ago. Take a moment and consider the irony dripping off that sophistry: The theorist protects his turf from intrusions with the same vigor that wolves protect their kill in the forest. According to Williams, links showing up today - zero-tolerance, order-maintenance policing and quality-of-life policing - are but the latest manifestation of an age-old chain.ALTERNATIVES Agree or not, Williams is not the first to suggest alternatives to the criminal justice system. One crafted neighborhood hubs, a 21st Century shared public gathering space far beyond today’s community center.

While there is nothing new about protesting in squares and fighting for control of space during periods of political change and popular uprisings, the significance of the transformation and importance of these spaces still hold.
When planners and architects crafted plans for this new town in the mountains they visited Canada’s first CPTED course in Vancouver in 1982.
Over the years I have written about well-known architects and criminologists, but none had the authentic, real-life spirit and pioneering CPTED experience of Mike Clark.I am sad there will be no more CPTED bear stories from our affable Mountie Sergeant from Tumbler Ridge. But in science it means we must sustain the natural world of water, air, land, flora and fauna so that we may continue to…well, live. No doubt there will be climate-change deniers who deny 3rd Gen and cling to lights and CCTV. Yet when the Grizzly bear shows up at a wolf kill, the wolves discover they are not top predator! Yeah, I'm grown and all that, but I doubt facts, so I just relax, while these actors act, and I worry bout it in the morning. While lighting at this school was uneven with blind spots, it did allow nearby residents and strollers to view the school. The Model T Ford was eight years away.I wonder if those pedestrians had the foggiest notion of the transport tsunami that would befall their children a few decades forward?Expressways and cars changed everything.
The homeless shelter calls increased nine-fold!If our further research bears this out, displacement research will need a re-think because our findings suggest something very scary.
Another began building a tailored style of hands-on curricula to educate a new generation of neighborhood leaders.Each team resonated with the idea that it is within the geography neighborhood where solutions arise. Another first.I met Mike years later when I ran that CPTED course and Mike became one of our best trainers. I'm busy New York City living, party hopping, panties dropping, pills are popping, and we sipping. But the fact that this sentiment has sizable voice and more listeners than ever before tells us the ripples started in Ferguson are splashing on shores far and wide.
Such changes help build more cohesive neighborhoods, not in places like Ferguson but in enough places to make a difference.These insights include social and environmental factors this blog has held front and center, like business associations, non-profits, schools, social services, cultural activities, transport systems, and housing. The warm color was attractive for evening walkers.This lights-on approach is popular in many schools. We were able to track disorder in years before and after the restaurant was demolished.This is where a real-life nightmare begins.
He often began his lectures about the success of CPTED in Tumbler Ridge with that bear story. If we see the cops you know we dipping, even if it's in our minds, cause you know niggas be tripping. So trippy, I like my models wet and sticky, so would you be so kind and get acquainted with my dicky? They triggered sprawl and, along with vanishing streetcar lines, the decline of urban villages. Yes I'm picky, so shawty if you with me, let's take it to the back and then we'll have ourselves a quicky. In return cars offered individual freedom to roam and opportunity to escape congestion and crime in congested downtowns. That's random girl 1, next is random girl 2, there's about 3 other randoms waiting upstairs on the roof. And they all claiming I'm handsome and a niggas so smooth, and I teach them so many things I should have my own school. Norway announced that the central area of the capital city Oslo will be car-free in 4 years. We got all the white boys mad cause they girl is loving the crew and when it's time to say goodbye, they get all sad and blue. We off to the next venue (?) six, and I'm thinking blue moon I'm starting to feel sick but It's much too soon, I'm fucked up ain't trying to look cool.
SafeGrowth blogs in the past describe similar visions, a theoretical design called The Venus Project and an urban experiment called Masdar City, currently under construction.Oslo, however, is the first existing major city with over a half million residents to attempt it for real.
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It is unclear how 60 kilometers of new bike lanes will help residents navigate Oslo’s -5C, snowy winters.

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