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New comission from by the New York City Department of Transportation Urban Art Program comprised of a 2,000 foot long mural starting at 155th Street & Harlem River Drive in Manhattan completed on May 1, 2011.
What the city has discovered, though, is that remodeling its streets and increasing ridership is the easy part of building a bike town. In the next few months, DOT will unveil several campaigns for radio, television and billboards. This year, however, the city will see a slight increase in the number of cycling fatalities and accidents in its year-over-year numbers, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of data from the New York City Police Department. There were 19 cyclist fatalities in the city through October 31, seven more than in all of 2009. John Pucher, a professor of urban planning and public policy at Rutgers University, praised New York City for its infrastructure gains. In Portland, motorists ticketed for cycling-related violations can take education classes in lieu of paying a fine. In Park Slope earlier this month, a biker in his 40s ran a red light and crashed into 6-year-old Sean Frost as he and his nanny crossed Seventh Avenue in the crosswalk at the corner of P.S. At the same time, cyclists and cycling advocates say the police don't do enough to keep bike lanes clear or to punish speeding and inattentive drivers who endanger them.
The police department recently received a $150,000 federal grant to increase enforcement against drivers who speed and fail to yield to pedestrians and cyclists who violate traffic laws. But NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said there was no crackdown in the offing, either against cyclists or motorists who interfere with cycling. Michael Green, the president of the Century Road Club Association, the largest bicycle-racing club in the country, explained by recounting the recent comments of a friend. A recent evening presented a sign that there's hope for a friendlier future for all commuters. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below.
HUDSON RIVER MILESThe Hudson is measured north from Hudson River Mile 0 at the Battery at the southern tip of Manhattan. Hudson River Boat & Yacht ClubAn organization representing thirty-three boat clubs, on both sides of the Hudson.

Kazdorocni akce Five Boro Bike Tour prilaka tisice cyklistu, kteri se projizdeji v mistech, kam by se jindy kvuli hustemu provozu nedostali.
Cilem serveru je byt zdrojem informaci, inspirace a praktickych rad o cestovani ve Spojenych statech. The mural was painted on 3 foot tall cement barriers with the assistance from hundreds of volunteers from New York Caresand NYC Community Cleanup. Daily ridership is up—some estimates say it has nearly doubled since 2005—after years of tepid growth. Bikes crowd the Hudson River Greenway and are on the rise along First and Second Avenues, where the city has installed lanes protected from traffic by rows of parked cars.
It's a far greater challenge to change the habits of drivers, bikers and pedestrians in a dense urban environment with congested streets. Next year, it plans to beef up its awareness and outreach programs to alert New Yorkers to the new rules of the road. One series of television ads will take aim at cyclists who ride on sidewalks, pedal through red lights and go against traffic. As daily ridership has increased (some estimates claim it has almost doubled since 2005 to more than 200,000 daily riders), the yearly number of cycling fatalities and injuries has remained flat or declined, and the percentage of riders who are injured while riding has fallen dramatically. In the same period, 3,505 bikers were injured in crashes with motor vehicles, more than last year's total and up 20% compared to the first 10 months of last year. Geller said several factors have contributed to improved relations and safety in his city: Increased biking, better education and improved coordination among city agencies, especially between transportation and law enforcement agencies. Pucher said other cities have accomplished more, largely because of better intra-government cooperation.
Pucher said, taxi and bus drivers are required to take courses on safe driving with cyclists. Paul Steely White, the executive director of Transportation Alternatives, would like to see similar practices adopted in New York.
In the 19th Precinct, on the Upper East Side, dangerous cycling is the chief quality of life complaint among residents, according to the NYPD. The NYPD issued more than 29,500 summonses for bicycle infractions through October 31, up 7% from the same period in 2009.

Ian Dutton, a commercial airline pilot and a member of Community Board 2, said his own behavior, and the behavior of fellow riders, has improved. At dusk, a food deliveryman stopped at a red light on Madison Avenue, despite no approaching traffic in the cross street. The George Washington Bridge is at HRM 12, the Tappan Zee 28, Bear Mountain 47, Beacon-Newburgh 62, Mid-Hudson 75, Kingston-Rhinecliff 95, Rip Van Winkle 114, and the Federal Dam at Troy, the head of tidewater, at 153.
Nyni se mohou vlastnimi silami dopravit tam, kam potrebuji, a spalit pri tom nejake kalorie. Obsahem je rovnez rozsahly pruvodce, ktery vas provede mistopisem jednotlivych statu USA a usnadni Vam rozhodovani pred cestou do teho prekrasne zeme. The city's streets now include 482 miles of lanes and a total of 1,800 miles are planned by 2030. And cyclists, for all their gains in population and political clout, still feel besieged by cars and expect little help from the police. The results, recorded over three days, astounded him: 1,700 total infractions by drivers, bikers and pedestrians, many of them egregious. If the current rate of injuries continues, the percentage of daily riders who sustain injuries in 2010 will rise slightly.
Entries from points east and west in the watershed reference the corresponding river mile on the mainstem. Staci deset dolaru a nohy schopne slapani a diky mestskym kolum muzete prozit cestu do New Yorku aktivne.
Cesta do USA je diky snazsi, at uz potrebujete vizum do ameriky, informace o USA nebo pruvodce USA. The result, as Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer witnessed last month, is often mayhem.

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