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While corn is cooking stir mayonnaise, sour cream, cumin and salt together in a small bowl and set aside. When corn is done in the microwave, grill it, turning frequently, until browned in spots, about 10-12 minutes.
Coney Island is another iconic area hit hard by Superstorm Sandy and with redevelopment plans in the works.
The High Line has always been a favorite of ours with its art installations and its breathtaking views. Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center hosts a number of free concerts during the summer that celebrates a wide range of music. As it gets colder, there is no better time for a good, hearty bowl of ramen and we are not talking about the instant ramen that you find in supermarkets. If you go to Ajisen Ramen in Chinatown during the lunch hours in the weekdays, their Ajisen Ramen Deluxe lunch special is only $8.
Finally when it comes to ramen noodles, Ippudo is the old mainstay in New York City and they still draw a crowd of people every day.
In New York, you can certainly pay someone to take you on a food tour, but doing it yourself gives you much more freedom, flexibility and since you’re not paying for the tour you get to spend more money on FOOD.
In your invitation be sure to include an approximate amount of money they should bring to spend on the tour. You may want to start with savory foods first, then move on to the sweet stuff, so you have a little something in your stomach.
Another TIP for a straight chocolate tour is to meet your companions ahead of time and have a savory snack or light meal before going on your tour. In this day and age one does not have to be encouraged to record moments, but I still like to remind people to do it.
Singing Chef Jackie Gordon makes, muses and munches on food, music and more in the Big Apple and beyond. Chinatown and Little Italy are great foodie neighborhoods in New York City, if you know where to look. There are a lot of dumpling shops in Chinatown but Tasty Dumpling makes one of our favorite fried chives and pork dumplings. Finally when it comes to Chinese cuisine, a good Wonton noodle soup is like a chicken noodle soup.
Gelso & Grand in the heart of Little Italy is a hip and a modern take on the old Italian Food Center. Margherita NYC specializes in margherita pizzas but they also have other Italian delicacies like calzones and gnocchi.

When corn is done on the grill, attach corn holders to each ear, and, working quickly, smear each ear with the mayonnaise mixture (this is the glue for the cheese), and then roll it in the grated cheese, sprinkle with chili powder and place on a plate. Whether with a long-term partner, a good friend, or a new prospect, dates are great ways to explore a relationship.
Luna Park, Nathan’s Famous and many of the shops and restaurants close to the boardwalk suffered major damages but many have since reopened just in time for the summer.
It is one of largest museums in the world and it has many fascinating exhibits like their dinosaur fossils.
It is huge and it has a lot of the same attractions as Central Park such as beautiful fields, scenic bike lanes and even its own concert series, Celebrate Brooklyn! In the past, international superstars like Malkit Singh have played here and alternative rock bands like Amanda Palmer will play here this year. Often in the smaller places the owner is happy to have a chat with visitors, but be sensitive about how busy they might be. If you decide to just have chocolate suggest to your guests that they arrive having already eaten a little something.
In the recently released movie “Date Night,” the Fosters, played by Steve Carrell and Tina Fey, are a married couple attempting to break their routine and reignite their romance.
A number of exciting pop up shops such as SmorgasBar and Fulton Stall Market are now in business and it is a great spot to pick up lunch downtown. Some of our favorite places here include Rumsey Playfield (home to the SummerStage concert series), the Imagine tribute to John Lennon and the Cleopatra’s Needle. They’re free and they makes it easier to keep track of who is coming and to keep them informed. But when they take another couple’s reservation at a nice restaurant, their date night turns into something much more than they expected. While reading you may discover that there are some places that you may have overlooked and that there are some places that have changed a lot over the years. In addition, there will be an All Star Fanfest which is always a ton of fun at the Javits Center July 12- 16th. This would be the last summer before Pier 17 will be redeveloped so it just may be the last time to see all its “old school” charm.
There is just so much history here and a walk around the stadium is like a trip down memory lane. Hilarious for a movie with such great comedians, terrifying for a real night out.Dates don’t need to be high chase to be exciting, and they don’t even need to be high stress or cost.
The High Line is a 1.45-mile stretch of park raised 30 feet above the Lower West Side of Manhattan.

My favorite thing to do is grab a few snacks from The Chelsea Market before heading up to the High Line, and staking out a spot on their oversized lounge chairs.
My boyfriend and I like to grab a loaf of freshly baked, handmade, organic bread at Amy’s Bread—I would recommend trying the artisanal seeded peasant bread.
We then head to Buon Italia for cheese, meat, olives, peppers, and our favorite artichoke spread. My boyfriend doesn’t believe any meal is complete without dessert—we even order ice cream with brunch—so we finish it off with cookies or cupcakes from Eleni’s.
If you’re looking for something easier (though I promise you, picky food is simple!) you can grab a sandwich from Friedmans Lunch, which sells comfort food at affordable prices. To set the mood, the bar is stylish and rounded, with a glittery, vintage three-tiered chandelier above. It’s bustling and talkative, which may not be the best setting for an intimate night, but is a perfect place for a first date. The quartini, the equivalent of about a third of a bottle of wine that is usually priced around $12, is served for $7.
With each drink, you receive a complimentary trio of bites from the piccolini menu: truffled deviled egg, shrimp-chickpea fritter with lemon aioli, and a tiny BLT made with pancetta over smoky tomato confit on an oily crostini.
Since then, we have gone on four more comedy club dates around the city, but The Comedy Cellar is unmatched.
Comedy clubs usually have pricey tickets, plus a two-drink minimum, so the bill can easily rack up quickly. But at the Comedy Cellar, the tickets are only $10, and the two-item minimum can include food from their tasty Olive Tree Cafe menu if you’re not in the mood to drink.
The options are mostly Middle-Eastern, with incredible Kebob Platters if you’re feeling hungry. The burger is one of the best I’ve had—and as someone who normally doesn’t order burgers, I find it hard to pass up here. The show runs from 9 pm- 1:30 am Sunday through Thursday, while Friday and Saturday shows run a bit shorter. A night out at the Comedy Cellar is a great first date and a great 50th date, and a great group date or friend date! It doesn’t get much better than a night out with guaranteed laughter, good company, food, and maybe a few drinks.

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