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Watch NBC's 'Adele Live In New York City' Special (Taped at Radio City Music Hall) In HD Now!
Watch NBC's 'Adele Live In New York City' Special (Taped at Radio City Music Hall) In HD Now!About time, huh? Long ago, on November 17th to be more precise, Queen of Music and Music Sales Adele taped a concert for NBC at the legendary Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

From the dress she wore, the hairstyle she debuted, to the flawless and emotional vocals, Adele was incredible ‘last night’. This taped live show was part of the exclusivity deal Adele and her record label of XL Recordings had signed with the American TV network in terms of promotion of the album “25” on US television.
Adele’s Radio City Music Hall ‘gig’ was taped for later broadcast on TV at a date to be determined by NBC.

Box 156 DAVID EPSTEIN, ALISON JACKSON, OF MICROSOFT Celebrity Photo Syndication of Celebrity Personalities Pop Stars Rock Icons since 1962 Hearse Photo by Vince Flores Famed Civil Rights Attorney - Johnnie L.

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