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Not only am I impressed that the city has collected such a plethora of monikers, but I also find myself floored that after the first ten or so people were still determined to come up with more ways to reference the same city. In February, everyone was talking about Daniel, specifically, the viral video dubbed Damn Daniel by its fans.
Cheerleaders are part of sports at pretty much every level, barring some professional teams.
Arnold “The Brain” Rothstein may have done more to corrupt sports – and, inversely, encourage reforms – than any other single person in the early decades of the 20th century. Rothstein had a hunger for gambling, especially casinos games, cards and horse racing, but he also used an extensive network of advisers to limit the uncertainty in the results of his wagers. He was indicted but never convicted of fixing the 1919 World Series and always insisted that although he made some money gambling on the result, others, perhaps using his name, had actually compromised the Chicago White Sox players.
Rothstein was a major player in the growing East Coast Mob syndicates before and during Prohibition, until he was gunned down on November 4, 1928, at the Park Central Hotel in Manhattan.

Rothstein has inspired many characters in novels and films, appearing in Damon Runyon’s short stories, F.
Cities and States (2nd edition, 1970), New York City has 98 legitimate phrases that can be substituted for the city’s official title in everyday speech. Alexander, the names span the entire history of the city–some dating back to when it was a Dutch settlement.
Rothstein always denied it, but he was the man suspected by many of engineering the Chicago “Black Sox” baseball scandal, when players threw the 1919 World Series. Testimony from a number of White Sox players delivered to a grand jury mysteriously disappeared, and none of the players (eight of whom, including the famous Shoeless Joe Jackson, were banned from baseball for life) would testify during the actual trial, citing Fifth Amendment protections against self-incrimination. Rothstein was quicker than some of his mobster colleagues to see the huge profits that could come from illegal sales of banned alcohol. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel The Great Gatsby, the films Eight Men Out and The Godfather, Part II, and the television series Boardwalk Empire.

Our Streets Don’t Use a Schizophrenic Alpha-Numeric Naming SystemOh, you’re Apartment 125 at 145 East 35th, between 3rd and Lexington?
Notably, although Rothstein was often considered a professional, even corporate, member of the Mob, he was also unafraid to use his connections with violent New York City street gangs to further his business interests. Although it took Rothstein a day to die, he refused to tell police who did it, and the gambler was never charged.

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