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The construction of a brand new public school, PS 71, in the town of Staten Island, New York was recently completed with the support and industry leadership of Creative Office Pavilion. With an aggressive working schedule on the three-year construction site and only three weeks to install, Creative Office Pavilion worked alongside construction trades and overcame obstacles such as unpaved delivery roads and unexpected site logistics to complete the project before the start of the school year. New York City public schools began giving students report cards on their weight in 2005-2006. One of the study's authors, Syracuse professor Amy Ellen Schwartz (pictured) saysA 'it's not enough just to get the information out there'Although U.S.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. When asked why he signed up to volunteer at Career Day, Jose said, “Bringing the animals to teach brings joy and gets the kids to ask good questions. Our thanks to everyone who participated in Career Day, and we hope to see you again next year! Tagged Career Day, Change for Kids, Education Nonprofits, Elementary Education, Fauna, New York City Public Schools, P.S.
Tagged Apollo, Change for Kids, Change Jar Challenge, Charity Events, Children's Charities, Education Nonprofits, Elementary Education, Fundraisers, New York City Education, New York City Public Schools, P.S.
Tagged Campus Visit, Change for Kids, Children's Charities, Education, Education Nonprofits, Elementary Education, Field Trips, Fordham, Fordham Tutors, literacy volunteer, New York City Education, New York City Public Schools, P.S. Thanks to a generous donation, Jubi will be attending idTech Camp at Columbia University this summer.
JQ: An RPG game is a role-playing game, so you are a character in the game and there are usually monsters in it. Tagged Change for Kids, Children's Charities, Columbia University, Education Nonprofits, Elementary Education, idTech Camp, New York City Public Schools, P.S. We can’t wait for the Hackley students to come back, and hope to replicate this relationship in our other partner schools.
Tagged Change for Kids, Children's Charities, Education Nonprofits, Hackley School, New York City Education, New York City Public Schools, P.S. After students learned about some of the ways birds can be represented in art and what they symbolize, they got to make construction paper totem poles.
Using chalk, students drew three half faces on the left side of dark construction paper, one on top of the other. Then they folded and pressed the paper in half to transfer the chalk from one side to the other, creating three perfectly symmetrical totem heads, the top one, to be transformed into a bird. After decorating the faces with bright colors, students refolded their papers and clipped small chunks from the open edge, creating three distinct head shapes. They decorated and glued wings to their bird. Once attached to the repurposed arm of a hanging file, the totems could be attached to the edge of a desk and would stand  upright. When the glue had dried and they were lined up on the tables, the class’ totems were bold, eye-catching and totally fly. Once they had chosen their topics, some students were overwhelmed with the amount of information they wanted to pack into their piece.

On Wednesday, January 22, students and mentors alike braved 11 inches of snowfall to celebrate the newspaper’s publication with snacks and readings by classmates. Toward the end of the party, the journalists had a surprise visit from Assistant Principal Craig Monteverde.
Tagged Change for Kids, Children's Charities, Education, Education Nonprofits, New York City Education, New York City Public Schools, P.S. For the 19 fourth and fifth grade students he met in November, Chef Abraham Salum’s visit was a highlight of the year.
Chef Salum, who visited initially to meet the kids he would be representing at the Super Chefs event, was equally taken with the P.S.
Communicating through Skype will expose students to a 21st century technology they are largely unfamiliar with. Our tremendous thanks to Chef Salum for helping to bring these essential lessons in technology, listening and cooking to life for the students at P.S. This year was the inaugural Super Chefs event, and a step in a completely different direction from Bowl for Kids. In the weeks leading up to the performance, students have been putting the finishing touches on their stories.
Tagged Arts, Arts Education, Change for Kids, Children's Charities, Education, Education Nonprofits, Elementary Education, Elementary Schools, New York City Public Schools, P.S. Change for Kids partners with under-resourced elementary schools to create inspiring learning environments - providing fitness, art, literacy enrichment and other essential educational opportunities to over 2,500 students in New York City.
Our team worked directly with New York Public Schools to successfully complete the project in time for students to attend school in the fall of 2013. Creative Office Pavilion provided furniture for 1,100 elementary school students, for all administrative areas, and for the children’s library.
We were proud to have contributed to improving the learning potential for New York City’s youth. 15 opened its classrooms to producers, therapists, police officers, hotel managers, DJs, dentists and more. My brother found out about video games so after he finished his homework he would start playing them. 81 enjoyed a Saturday of arts, sports, music and fun with a group of fantastic ninth graders from The Hackley School in Tarrytown, NY.
The author of the Katy Perry piece said, “I didn’t know what Katy Perry song to pick. With a big smile on her face, she said,  ”Thank you so much for bringing this program to us.
In addition, Salum is also preparing special packages for each of the 19 students he’s worked with to keep them cooking after the lesson is over. But by the end of the evening,  it was clear to everyone that we would have to do Super Chefs again next year…and the year after that.

Here are a few pics from a past performance to give you a sense of the color, energy and fun the Pirates and their students bring out for their audience. The New York Public School system, looking to introduce collaborative and innovative working spaces within the Staten Island school, relied heavily on the knowledge and design leadership of the Creative Office Pavilion team. Many thanks to the amazing team of Fordham mentors who created such an amazing day for their students! He’s tried by himself and in school, but with a summer at idTech Camp, Jubi will be able to learn the programs he needs to make the games he loves. What started off as a volunteer opportunity for the Hackley students quickly turned into new friendships and an important relationship between two very different schools. On Friday, January 24, 23 kindergarteners spent a morning in the gallery at CMA, where the main exhibit, “Tweet,” features birds of all sorts rendered in different kinds of media—from MetroCards to found feathers to water colors.
Written by the Honors Fourth and Fifth grade journalists in the Fordham Honors Enrichment Program with help from their college mentors, top stories in these pages are Katy Perry, Astronomy, Kitties versus Puppies and, of course, several opinion pieces on school lunch.
Students left excited to try making their own snacks at home, and with new ideas about what it’s like to be a professional chef. 81′s curricular goals, and engaging with Chef Salum via Skype makes real and personal an otherwise abstract tool.
Seeing a fun way to get students to practice their listening skills, teachers have asked Chef Salum to read a recipe aloud at the end of his lesson.
Creative Office Pavilion met collaboratively with the project team, school principals, and architects to create furniture standards and develop a strong project layout.
The trip is an essential opportunity for our students, most of whom have never traveled beyond their own neighborhoods.
The bags included a book of puzzles and games, pencils, CFK temporary tattoos and sunglasses, sunblock, a toothbrush, hand-sanitizer, and a copy of the Dr.
The children’s library was equipped with many Herman Miller pieces, such as the Eames plastic chair and the Swoop lounge seating. Now, these students will celebrate their graduation with a trip to Club Getaway in Kent, Connecticut. Seuss classic, Oh, The Places You’ll Go! Finally, each visiting child wrote a personal note to a graduate. The competition may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop collecting change.
Several of our featured lines were also selected, including KI, Global, Egan Visual, and Hon. Collaboration and design came together to create a fun and high-performing learning environment.

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