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The Riverpark Farm and Restaurant is bringing the ultimate farm fresh dining experience to the middle of the island of Manhattan. At the opening event, the Farm Table came out strong with a menu so fresh it felt wrong to be eating it in the shadow of the Empire State Building. The Riverpark farm is set on a stalled construction site at the Alexandria Center for Life Science on 28th street and FDR Drive. The tantalizing smell, the freshness of the food, and the magic of the setting make this place a real Manhattan wonder.
Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. You would never imagine of having the Riverpark Farm, a farm in the middle of tall skyscrapers supplying fresh produce to restaurants of New York City.
The Riverpark Farm is located at the Alexandria Center and is hailed as New York City’s most urban farm. As of Tuesday evening, the Riverpark Farm Table is open for business and boy will business be delicious.

Guests pulled up their chairs to plates of mixed baby greens with pickled beets, grilled kale, lentils and grilled squash, heirloom tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella all lined up alongside a whole roasted pig — one of the few things not born and raised on site. Ortuzar and his team work closely with Riverpark farmer Zach Pickens to get the right vegetables at the right time, but as Pickens noted farming isn’t always that easy. The farm is moveable, built from hundreds of black crates stacked on top of each other and lined with breathable material.
You should start believing and start to enjoy fresh produce offered by the Riverpark Restaurant.
The farm then produce fresh and local produce to its adjacent restaurant, the Riverpark Restaurant. If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, your cost will be the same but our site will automatically receive a small commission.
The table is a modern take on the picnic style placed in the center of the farm's 15,000 square feet of growing space.
They were treated to brews from Peak Organic Brewing Company and an array of local red and white wines while they dined.

But here if I say the wind just knocked out one of our crops they are finding ways to work with it. The crew actually wheeled the entire farm inside the nearby Alexandria Center Lobby during Hurricane Irene to protect the plants from the wind.
In this way, carbon emission produce for transporting produce will be minimized if not eliminated, which is good for the environment. Forget about the 100 mile diet, the Farm Table is the 20 foot diet, you'll be eating a delicious array of organically grown vegetables that found their roots just feet from where your wine glass is sitting. If the evening was a taste of what customers at the Farm Table will experience, we’d suggest getting your reservations right away. Other large cities, should take the Riverpark Farm in NYC as their example and go hand in hand in saving the environment.

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