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Solid hardwood upper body with magnetic connectors to play on all standard wooden railway tracks (including Brio and Thomas). The computer-generated image (CGI) for the NYCT system is the highest quality produced to date for mass transit training.
DynaLantic has developed driver license testing machines for numerous governmental agencies. DLC has also developed vehicle driver training devices, automatic measuring equipment, and special stimulation and simulated equipment for other skill developments.
DynaLantic's origin was in power plant simulation and plant monitoring supervisory system development for commercial utilities. It was that delightful time of year when freezing morning temperatures force you to layer yourself in clothing rendered useless underground, where the train platforms remain 89 degrees. It turns out, my friend was dating a guy she’d met on the subway, and once at my desk I thought about the similarities. Nothing like an 8 AM come-on from a guy your friend turns out to be sleeping with to remind you how small this city can be.
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The Train Operator Simulators provide dramatically interactive train simulation for a number of different self-propelled mass transit rail cars. DLC was the software developer and system integrator for nuclear plant simulators for Westinghouse, Combustion Engineering and General Electric Nuclear Steam Supply System (NSSS) Power Plants. I was unwrapping my scarf when I noticed the guy next to me was looking at me, and his mouth was moving. Fellow commuters watched, questioning my sanity for tolerating this guy with the nerve to speak to me. The systems are used to teach train operators normal and emergency procedures for full and short length passenger trains.
Questions can be selected randomly from a database structured to insure that a passing grade will be determined only when core elements of knowledge are demonstrated. I ran into the same woman from my office three days in a row last week on the L train, and every time we strategically avoided eye contact. I learned his name (Fernando), occupation (lawyer), and residence (Astoria) while the train sped from 14th to Wall Street. How’d he sidestep both the societal norms of morning commuting, and my tell-tale headphone usage?

The simulator includes a full six-degree of freedom motion system with large panoramic view of the railway and stations. The testing kiosks provide for multilingual testing for both written and archived record(s). I stared at the phone he presented me for an inappropriate amount of time before I decided to give it to him, thinking that I could at least get some free alcohol out of this in the future. I felt like I’d been sneak-attacked. I blame my chattiness on the fact that I was still half in the bag.
Sober Sam would never allow such a situation, but Drunk Sam would have a lively discussion with a rock.

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