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Every good thing you list is followed by a process that all but ensures they will never happen with any frequency, and NY summers are short. The summer always features concerts at Madison Square Garden; street fairs almost every week, and even free performances by famous bands for Good Morning America. The most happening areas in the summer would be East Village, Tribeca, and even the areas around Columbia and NYU. In conclusion, summer is probably the best time to enjoy the true New York atmosphere and is without a doubt, the best time to visit. To me, summer in New York City always meant Central Park, specifically the vintage carousel with its lovely calliope music. I have always found that Central Park itself is a perfect spot for tourists and city residents of all ages to visit during summer, especially since 1977 when the series of Art in the Park was begun.
Just enjoying the park’s twenty-five thousand trees and great variety of flowers is a treat. After about ten minutes an older gentleman sent down next to me, uncomfortably close, and asked me for the rest of my Shamrock Shake. People from all walks of life and from every corner of the world live here, who are all these people one may ask, are they all tourists? Some of course are, but the rest are New Yorker, and we are a unit in ourselves. Known to most countries in the world, New Yorkers are famous most everywhere, and we are one of the reasons why so many people flock back to New york time after time. Our beautiful park, Central Park, carries its own charm, such a vast park right in the middle of this bustling city. My favorite New York winter memory is ice skating in Wollman’s Rink in Central Park when it was an affordable place for families to take their children. One of my best friends and I decided to go to Manhattan close to one year after the tragic events of the World Trade Center. Summertime, when many people who can afford it head out to the Eastern end of Long Island or the beaches of Fire Island, my friend and I go to the carousel in Central Park. Because even rainy days in Manhattan can also be incredibly humid and warm in summer, sometimes we have to forego our carousel picnics in Central Park.
Central park - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Central park is an urban park in middle-upper manhattan, within new york city. Exploring new york's central park: a visitor's guide, Central park is new york's backyard, with a lush 843-acre patch of nature, including a lake, in the middle of manhattan. Free summer concerts in new york city - nyctrip, Enjoy new york city's free summer concerts, including performances by today's hottest stars and your favorite broadway shows!. Free summer movies : nyc parks - new york city department, Nyc parks is the source of free outdoor events.
New york architecture images- search- central park, Early in 1858 the board of commissioners launched a competition for an articulated plan for improving central park, offering premiums of $2,000, $1,000, $750 and. You’ll be schvitzing through that white button-down shirt faster than Sandusky at a Boy Scout sleepover. Shakespeare in the Park, outdoor movies, summer concerts, TV show tapings, and the best part is that most of them are free.

To do some of them, you have to stand in line for days and ain’t nobody got time for that. It is a time when the city really comes to life and if one is ever going to visit this city, and although I’m sure many people would argue that winter (Christmas) is the best time to do it, I think that summer is the time to do it. When I was in NYC in the summer I would often take a walk around central park, sample some street food before heading off to a bar or pub to enjoy the rest of the evening, a few times even staying in central park where they frequently have free concerts throughout the summer. The area around Columbia is rather uptown however there are so many students there who end up having more free time on their hands in the summer than during the school year, thus the bars and restaurants are always packed. If you are new to the park (or any other New York City park), there are visitor centers to help people who are not familiar with all of the parks offerings. I am married and I think I speak for several married people who have ever been there that this is the perfect location to relax. Sometimes I just take a walk on the walkway in the park when I feel down and my spirits are lifted. The pictures come out more beautiful because of the beautiful background nature has provided in the park such as the Shakespeare gardens. That and getting drunk in our bars and clubs and having sex with our many single citizens, both male and female. From Rockaway Beach to Manhattan Beach (which, ironically, isn’t in Manhattan), Coney Island and Brighton, and even Jones Beach or Long Beach on Long Island, a relaxing day of surf, sand, and sun is never all that far away.
Try telling me there are fewer people in New York when you’re trying to walk through Times Square on a hot Saturday afternoon. And with all those people, it just gets so hot, sweaty, and sticky and there’s never a cold drink around when you need one, so you definitely run the risk of passing out. There are so many college students around who are taking summer courses or doing internships, which makes the atmosphere even livelier. As I walk through the park I am lost in deep thought, and then all of a sudden, I am standing out in the energetic streets again, on the other side of the park, and it’s time to move on with my day. Whenever we hang out on the weekends we start off our day at the Starbucks on 7th Ave and 28th. The park is filled with various facilities such as the restaurants and vendors who sell various food. You get a fantastic sex story out of it and you help some of our rut-ridden New Yorkers out of their dry spells. If I get shoved out of the way while walking by one more Spaniard trying to take a picture with his or her iPad, I’m gonna introduce it to the pavement.
Sometimes it’s better to just sit in your apartment in your underwear in front of the air conditioner watching Netflix.
The weather can get hot and humid in the daytime however it is beautiful and pleasant by the time night rolls around. People often just hang out, enjoy the pleasantness and have a good time before heading on home. This one-hour session of taking in caffeine and sharing stories from the week that has passed is imperative for making it through the rest of the day.

The park is also a great place for me to enjoy my picnic and lunch on days when I am not working. You can take pictures with statues of Shakespeare, Robert burns, Alice in Wonderland and the beautiful Angel of Bethseda fountain. And there are so many fat, sweaty Russian men in speedos at these beaches, it’s almost not worth the trip. It’s mostly little inns and motels that are expensive as hell and not really on or near the beach because, well, all the good property is owned by the rich people. Anyone?) Also, restaurants open up their sliding doors to allow for outdoor seating, so tables and chairs seem to pop up everywhere so hungry diners can sit, eat a giant burrito, and drink an even more massive margarita. Street carts and food trucks peddling the finest that New York has to offer, from lobster rolls to grilled cheese and more?
Making it the perfect atmosphere in many bars and restaurants where they open outdoor seating and other seasonal areas. About two weeks ago after one such morning, we proceeded to walk up Avenue of Americas until we reached Central Park. The park is located in a safe environment which means I can hang out there at any time without fear of harassment. Sometimes when I want to get away I take a boat ride in the lake by renting a boat from the boathouse or visit the zoo museum. You’re better off taking the train out to Long Island or the Jersey Shore to spend the day at one of the beaches out there. We were blessed with beautiful 64 degree weather, and the sun set off the most gorgeous shades of gold and copper in the leaves of the trees. Making a pit-stop by the pond where all the kids can rent toy sailboats, we noticed that the woman sitting one bench over looked an awful lot like Susan Sarandon.
There is also the music part which I love as the philharmonics perform annually in Central park.
Our hopes were shattered within minutes however, as the woman in question began speaking in Spanish to someone on the phone. After a good amount of people watching (one of our favorite activities) we decided it was time to continue on with our day and started roaming around the Upper East side. After a quick lunch at Le Pain Quotidien we made our way towards my all-time favorite hotel, Waldorf Astoria.
An older gentleman struck up a conversation with me regarding the $50 bottle of Cabernet, and we agreed that it was rather disappointing.
The $250 version on the other hand was smoother than anything I’ve ever had, apart from Amarone of course.

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