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New York City is known as “The Big Apple” as well as “The City That Never Sleeps” among other things. If you are someone who does not live in a big city, you should be prepared to experience a heavy amount of traffic when you visit “The Big Apple.” In fact, many locals will tell you that they do not even drive their cars – that is, if they even have one at all – because it is much faster for them to take the subway wherever they need to go. Overall, making a trip to New York City is something that can be fun or it can be dangerous. If you have something interesting wish to share, you are welcome to submit your content for publishing at our site.
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According to new data produced by the Mayor's Management Report, traffic fatalities in New York City have risen 23 percent over the course of roughly one year from July 2011 to June 2012 -- the first increase recorded since 2007.
But advocacy group Transportation Alternatives previously dismissed the decreased number of fatalities as a reason for praise, as rivaling European cities have only half as many deaths as in New York.
In fact, several high-profile traffic fatalities --including the death of a 30-year-old artist who was struck by a truck in Brooklyn -- have opened the city to sharp criticism from cyclists and pedestrians. Wednesady's report also revealed felony crimes rose 4 percent, a statistic that mirrors a summer plagued by shootings in New York City parks.
The four outer-boroughs suffer the worst commutes in the country, according to the 2010 Census.

What is interesting is, that while the city, or at least the press, has been consumed with the bicycle backlash over the past year, New Yorkers polled for the the pain index said their commutes have actually improved over the past year. What makes New York fairly fortunate is our density: 60 percent have commutes under 30 minutes, and we top the list of micro-commuters at 23 percent. Make sure that you do your research about the places that you will be visiting, because it is not uncommon to go certain places and run into people who speak different languages than you. However, as with many other cities, New York City is potentially dangerous (if you do not know what to look out for). However, if you know what to expect and take the right precautions, you should have nothing to worry about at all. She has lived in New York City in the past and she occasionally travels back to visit friends and family still there. Content and links to external web sites are provided by guest bloggers for readers reference and for personal consumption purposes only. IBM found that 24 percent of respondents thought traffic had improved, compared to last year, when only 12 percent thought it had.
Not to mention the fact that there always seems to be so much going on no matter the time of year. Additionally, if you are someone who comes from a different culture other than the traditional American culture, you will find that it will not be hard for you to blend in at all. She recommends if you’re visiting the city for the first time, to read this article on ways to prepare.

Their nutritions are prepared from the finest ingredients, backed by scientific research and produced with the most advanced techniques to help you in achieving optimal health. That may not be a rousing endorsement, especially when 35 percent of respondents found traffic made them angrier, compared to 14 percent last year, and a whopping 45 percent said traffic increased their stress levels, compared to 13 percent last year.
The best options are smart street design—remember, bike lanes and pedestrian plazas cost but 1 percent of the DOT’s total budget—and technology.
And New Yorkers are voting with their feet: IBM found that 59 percent of metro area drivers survey are driving to work, opting instead for mass transit, compared to 90 percent of drivers last year. However, one thing that the media does not do such a good job of explaining is what one should expect when they are planning to visit New York City for the first time. You will also want to make sure that you follow any other protocols that you would when you are in a strange place that you are not used to. Lastly, it is always best to never travel alone, because the threat increases when you are by yourself. Criminals can see a solo traveler as far more vulnerable than someone traveling in pairs or groups.

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